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  1. Since making changes to my setup in my home theater I no longer need the two speakers that are listed. I decided to go with towers for my front left and right speakers and keep one 7800 as my center behind a AT screen. $300 a speaker you pay shipping. The speakers are in good condition with some paint on the edges of the frame. The grills no longer have the white material that were attached to them when I purchased them. They are painted gray.
  2. What did you not like about it? Also, what speakers did you use with it?
  3. Here is the states I was able to purchase three R-610f speakers for $267 from Adorama. They are good for $89 a speaker. Nothing compared to the Heritage line or RP but a good entry point for Klipsch.
  4. Sorry, I have not heard the R-12.
  5. Welcome to the forum, Of the speakers you have listed I have only heard the Klipsch R-610F. My father made some changes to his media room and wanted to change his front three speakers in a 5.2.2 setup. I was able to find a good deal on the R-610F so I purchased three for his LCR speakers. After setup and calibration I cannot believe how good they sound considering the money spent. I set the crossovers to 80hz so anything below that goes to his subs. Sounds great. Hopefully others will chime in that have heard the Polk of JBL systems you mentioned.
  6. I have added a few photos.
  7. After years of enjoyment they went to a good home for someone new to the Klipsch sound. I replaced them with the Klipsch RP 8000F.
  8. KG 4.5 are no longer available.
  9. Attached is a pic of the top woofer. The woofer from both speakers is the same. I have also attached a pic of the rear of the Tangets. Looks like one of the speakers has had the binding post replaced. After looking at the Tangents closely the price has been updated.
  10. I think they are. I will pull the top woofers on Friday and snap a few photos of the model #.
  11. I have a single KG 2.2. I do not have the original boxes so pickup only. KG 4.5 $ 400 SOLD Tangent T-5000 $ 300 SOLD Single KG 2.2 $ 50
  12. At one time I owned a pair of 2ce and found them polite also. Not a bad sounding speaker they just lacked the excitement that my Forte's produced, IMHO.
  13. Are you still enjoying the Cambridge CX60? I own two Cambridge receivers and enjoy them greatly.
  14. Welcome to the forum, I have no doubt that you will receive plenty of good suggestions. In my setup I have tried a few different receivers with my Klipsch forte's. If this is for 2ch I suggest you look into a integrated amplifier or stereo receiver. I own your exact speakers along with a pair of updated Forte's and use a Cambridge Audio 851A. To my ears I love the sound produced. Here are a few that I would consider. Cambridge Audio CXA61, CXA81, or one of their stereo receivers. Outlaw Audio RR2160 Emotiva BasX PT100 + Emotiva BasX a300 Yamaha, Denon and Marantz also have some solid offerings also.
  15. The grills are the same color. Its is a lighting issue.
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