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    Brad Allen's team to officiate the Ravens-Steelers game on Saturday ,   the Ravens better watch out for major penalties

  1. 15 minutes ago, Klipschtastic said:

    I’ve had my eye on that one as well. Accessories 4less has them for $1900. I think they’re refurbished. 

    yes , Accessories 4less are refurbished amps ,   it could be an open box , a customer return  , repaired units , who knows  ?    these amps pop up on Ebay for 2000 $ from time to time  , sealed brand new  , you just have to keep an eye out for the right deal 



  2. 4 hours ago, Stacey Wilsman said:

    Everything is original. Worked great until 2 weeks ago.

    the capacitors in your 49 years old crossovers are pretty worn out ,  the muffled sound may indicate a bad /defective capacitor or a worn out diaphragm in the HF drivers   


    -1st step  , check all the connections in the bad speaker to make sure nothing has loosened 

    -2nd step  ,  take an ohmmeter and check the resistance for the tweeter  + midrange driver  , tweeter is 8 Ohms  , the midrange driver is 16 Ohms   .


    -if all is fine   ,  3rd step , .contact   @JEM Performance  they sell klipsch capacitor kits to restore you networks back to klipsch specs  .  


  3. 37 minutes ago, liquified said:


    The issue was wanting to add Atmos as well as bluetooth and 4250 isn't compatible with either. 

      your current speakers may not be Dolby Atmos compatible  .


    -you would have to replace the receiver and purchase this Atmos system from klipsch  or check out the klipsch Atmos speakers page and build your own klipsch Atmos system  .



  4. 10 minutes ago, liquified said:

    Is that receiver really going to change a ton between the S series and the X series? Right now with the 4520 the system is so loud in the room you cant go above a quarter of the way up.


    I checked the specs of the Denon AVR-4520CL  , the Power Output (8 ohm, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, 0.05% 2ch Drive) 150 W  ,  you're saying the amp is loud enough with all your speakers at 25% , the receiver has plenty of power as-is  , you're all set  

  5. there 's a Canadian EE in Ontario who has a lot of experience building SET amps with the Russian 6C33C-B power tubes ,  with 4 tubes , his base model SET amplifier delivers 12 wpc although it sounds like a 4x more powerful tube amp ,  he also builds custom designs 


    email   fluxion.biz@gmail.com

  6. 16 hours ago, Delicious2 said:


    K-762-KP diaphragm.jpg

     the mylar dome diaphragm in the above picture has 3 terminals instead of 2 ,  klipsch did manufacture a mylar diaphragm for a short period of time  , it was an advanced design with Ferro-fluid in the magnet gap to cool the diaphragm 's VC   ,   without FF , the diaphragms did not sound as good + durability was lowered .


    -   if all your KP-102 speakers have the same mylar diaphragm,  it is crucial to clean the VC gap to remove any residues and to top up with FF for optimal sound quality .


  7. 22 hours ago, Invidiosulus said:



    as you can see, both drivers show a peak in the 150Hz region with the 15C showing less of a drop in output.


      1 simulation cannot reflect all the Lascalas since 1963  , it's a bit more complicated than that   






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  8. 2 hours ago, gspetrou said:

    Hey everyone, thanks in advance and apologies for any ambiguity as I'm trying to learn/troubleshoot.


    I am having an issue with my R-51PM speakers where the powered speaker's LED is stuck displaying either white (with a blue-ish tint?) or a yellow-ish color. I've seen both in my testing. The speaker is completely unresponsive to any knob or remote input. The speakers have not been used, and were not plugged in, for a few months. I discovered this issue yesterday. Where the speakers were stored at one point had ~1-inch of flood water. Looking at the speakers I see no indication of corrosion or water damage (on both electronics and the wood). I took out the amplifier to inspect it and also didn't see any indication of damage. The speaker being fairly dusty indicated to me it probably wasn't even involved in the flood, but it may have been. With the LED primarily being white I assumed it may have been stuck on USB mode, but the speakers were not appearing when plugged in to my Windows machine.


    Any suggestions on what these LED indicators could mean or steps to troubleshoot? I'm thinking of finding a friend with an amp and testing the speakers in 'phono' mode to see if they work when bypassing the amp. I am however unable to change the input to try that.

    water flooding is never a good thing ,  try to do a factory reset of the speakers  . if the reset works  ,  great , if it does not , the amp may have sustained damage 




  9. On 12/25/2023 at 2:44 PM, Angel Baez said:

    I have a set of cabinets with serial numbers 122W952 and 123W078 can someone please tell me what these numbers and letters mean. Thanks in advance. 


    Angel Baez 

    based on the serial  # , you have 2 non-consecutive  serial numbers for klipsch speakers Made in 1981 at the klipsch  Hope Arkansas plant  ,  as for the model of the speakers , please  post a picture of the tags at the rear of the speakers , or write the information that you see .

  10. On 12/29/2023 at 4:36 AM, bobofgold said:



    The seller is very open to negotiation and is keen to be rid of them. Again, I know the UK is a different market, but I would be interested in hearing thoughts on an opening bid either assuming everything is good, or assuming the worst. 

    these are 1979  Lascala   , the items that will require a refresh are the capacitors of the crossovers  .

    -take some time to test the drivers   , tweeters are 8 Ohms , the mids K-55V are 16 Ohms , the woofers are 4 Ohms 

    -assuming the drivers are in good working order , you should clean the voice coil gap of the HF drivers as a minimum 

    -the value of the speakers is about 1500$  if all drivers are operational   , the rarer parts are the klipsch copper badges , so make sure not to lose them or damage them during transit .

  11.  1 inch MDF  panels all around  is more than enough to eliminate any remote possibility of resonance from an AL-5 wood cabinet ,  this thread is about a bad recording with noise   the OP 's issue has nothing to do with the cabinet of the AL-5  ......0

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      1 inch MDF with the AL-5 = 0 resonance , klipsch can back it up 100% , no BS 

     if you have a lousy room or a lousy recording , dont blame the LS-AL-5 -LSI  , blame yourself  for using a crappy sound track in a lousy room using top of the line klipsch speakers 



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