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  1. I hooked up my G17 last night and the only way to control the volume is with Itunes , the remote wont work and the buttons on the G17 wont work either
  2. How do you like it I orderd one today for the wife in the kitchen
  3. Im sure it will be atleast a month , I will have to take the parrots and dogs out of the house []
  4. I like the D2 allot and cant wait to run ARC , I just want to make sure I got everything correct first .
  5. Looks great reference_head []
  6. Thought I would take a picture before the dust comes back . No klipsch stuff sorry . Replaced the MRX-500 with a Anthem D2
  7. Hit the ceiling and youll be all set , looks very nice .My room needs a makeover
  8. It might be best if we drop the subject “How young is too young" It’s going to get way out of hand And you can’t blame parents for getting offended about these comments very bad subject
  9. They come with size wedges you can add
  10. They come with size widges you can add
  11. I know you ment nothing by it , I was just giving you hard time .
  12. You should rephrase that joshjp "There never too young for me" "I dont think they will let you bring your system to jail"
  13. These worked perfect and came 4 in a package http://www.ebay.com/itm/Auralex-MoPad-Isolation-Iso-Pad-for-Studio-Monitor-Pair-/390420173282?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5ae6db11e2
  14. I have a pair of RF-7ll black ash withorg boxes , about 16 months old . What would be a fair asking price ? I dont want to give them away
  15. Chase got me also , I got a new cc from them 30k line 0% for one yr I ran it up for 11 months to 26k and 2 weeks before it was due I sent a cashiers check to them . And 1 month later they dropped my credit line down to 2k and wont increase it . And no I didnt have 26k handy I took out a loan
  16. I hear you that can happen .
  17. My parents have a LED set and I cant stand it , I like plasma .
  18. Okay a partial lecture is due. 36 months no interest but we are shooting for 3 months. I buy almost all my stuff this way , but what I do is take the amount due and divide into how many months Ihave to pay it off , and make sure I dont miss a payment. If I have extra $ I dump it on there also because I cant stand to owe . I just did some furniture for 36 months and paid it off in 6 months.Nothing wong with 0 % interest .
  19. I was hoping to get close to 3700 for the works
  20. What would be a fair price to ask on a pair of RF-7ll's mint less than 1 yr old A stock includes org boxes ? Also RC-64ll and pair of RC-62ll's all less than 1 yr old with org boxes
  21. Panamax Tech Support It is perfectly normal on this unit to have some humming noise, this is due to its internal voltage regulation transformer. Any model with voltage regulation or an isolation transformer will generate this noise.There is nothing to worry about your unit is working fine Thanks,
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