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  1. I have not had a chance since I was at work and trying to get the ce player cheaper lol
  2. Yes it was back and forth 3 or 4 times. But it worked out good I think
  3. Ok just picked up a basically new Maranrz cd6006 with everything plus the box for $201. Now to get home and hook it up. Thanks for the help all
  4. I think I found a Marantz CD6006 locally for a good price. Think I will snag it up?
  5. Yeah I am open to them for sure if they will sound pretty good. Ok so stupid question for you. Is it the Dac in my amp or the Dac in the cd player that is making it sound better? So if my SC05 has a good Dac is the Cad player as big of a deal?
  6. I apologize they were not ripped from the internet but I made copies of the cds I had via the computer. What's your thoughts on that Parasohnd I mentioned?
  7. So if 90% of my cds are ripped on CD-rs will it make a big difference sound wise?
  8. Thank you sir. I seen a Parasound Zcd for $140 looks like it gets decent reviews. But didnt seem like anything else decent in the price range on craigslist, facebook, or offer up
  9. Hey there guys I am trying to track down a decent CD player for my little 2 channel system upstairs. I have 2 Klipsch RB81II'S sitting on some Pangea Audio LS300 speaker stands. I am running them off of my old Pioneer Elite SC05. I had a PS3 that I was using to play the CDs but it bit the dust. So just curious if anyone has any recommendations on a cheap but good stand alone CD player. It would be cool if it had wireless or bluetooth that way I could also hook up to pandora or something similar. I would I be just as well off buying a cheap wireless blu ray player and call it good. Would there be a big difference in sound quality? Thanks as always for your help
  10. So I assume I hook then up to the front height jacks correct? The 500sa's you can actually switch on the speaker from atmos the height. Which ones do you have now?
  11. Is there actual sound seperation for those channels if I hang them towards the ceiling about the front towers?
  12. Hey there guys looking at possibly getting some atmos speakers to go with my system. My current system is RF7iii's and rc64iii up front with an Emotova XPA3 running them. Running RS62ii's for side surrounds off of a denon 4400h. And a SVS pb13 ultra. Now I am currently looking at possibly adding just the fronts for now since I dont have a wall in the rear and dont want to hang them either. Later on I will get rears if needed. So my question is is it worth going with a pair of Atmos speakers up front? I was looking at either the r-41sa or the rp500sa. Looks like between the 2 the 500's are the better speaker. But any opinions would be awesome. Thanks as always.
  13. Yeah it will go with the RF7III'S and RC64III and a pair of RS62ii's and the pb13ultra. I can get the rb81ii's for about $50 or $60 less than the rp600m's at their very best price. Would not get a ton of use as a 2 channel setup but occasional use until the theater room is finished.
  14. Looking at buying a used but very nice pair of Klipsch RB81ii's or a new pair of Klipsch RP600m. Would eventually be surrounds once basement is finished but will be a 2 channel setup for now. Which one and why. Also the price is almost identical on both. Thanks as always.
  15. I have a pair of RS62ii and a pair of rs52ii for sale in denver colorado
  16. I have the box to ship them for ya
  17. Okay that's good to hear and also glad you mentioned putting the 62s on the sides not the rears. It looks like the specs of the 52s and 502s are pretty similar. I wonder if there is any difference in the tweeters then? Thanks for the input
  18. Hey guys need some opinions please. So I currently have Klipsch RF7III'S, RC64III, and I currently have the rp502s. I am currently using them as side surrounds. I had been hoping to find some used rs52ii's or rs62ii's for rear surrounds. So I got lucky and found a pair of each for a GREAT price and picked them both up. The dilemma now is do I sell the rp502s' and use the 52ii's as sides and the 62ii's as rears? Or should I keep the rp502s as aide and use the 62ii's as rears? Or sell both 52ii's and 62ii's and buy a 2nd pair of rp502s for sides and rears? Any help would be awesome.
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