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  1. Good high end avr's have discrete amps and can perform as  well as most amps of a similar price range. A higher power amp will only benefit if the speaker can't reach the desired SPL .  The sensitivity of the Cornwall is over 100 .  A speaker of 89 db sensitivity can reach 99 db with just 50 watt.  I have heard Cornwall on low power tube amps and sound good.  Maybe this amp hunt, won't solve the problem?

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  2. I have had many different center channel speakers from Klipsch.  As far has the sound, I don't worry about having the exact series speakers.  I do try to keep speaker from the same line.  With the avr, I can make an RC 62, RC 62 II and the third generation pretty much sound the same.  The big money in the avr is for room/speaker EQ.


    All the talk about timber matching is overblow IMHO.

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  3. Connecting playback devices to the system may also make a difference.  When playback device are connected to the TV(monitor), it runs the show.  When playback devices are connected to the avr(network receiver/HT), the avr runs the show.  The point is that the avr can decode more format than the TV.  


    Concerning  more power, I have not seen where having excess power improved the sound quality at low or high levels unless the amp is under strain.  I use my low watt tube amp sometimes for HT. 

  4. I have used an avr and integrated amp with pre-outs for HT and movies. As long as I am in the acceptable power range of the avr and or second amp, thing should pretty much sound the same. The power rating of the avr and power amp are close enough in your system, it should not be noticeable except at high volumes, maybe.


    How thing are handled depends on the various connections.  If I plug everything like the BD, CD, etc. into the  TV, things are processed differently compared to connecting the BD, CD, etc. to the receiver. I have use the pre-outs with my 200 watt/channel Acurus amp and my 45 watt tube amps.

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  5. Why the Oldchen, ask my 4 y/o grandson, lol.  The rest is history.  I have previously owned a tub hybrid amp and two EL 34 amps.  The previous amps were the Yqin 2100, and the 13S respectively.  I like all of the amps but, the hybird amp was to much like SS.  The EL 34's were excellent: clear highs, good tight bass and plenty of headroom. It was time to try a 300B or KT88.


    I only use digital media and wanted a streaming source and HiFi audio. After reading up  on both types of amps, I thought the KT 88 would better suit my living space due to the added power over most 300B amps. I have had good luck with my other amps and decided on the Oldchen K3 KT88 BT.

    It is a push-pull amp capable of 45 watts in class A and can be push up to  a round 90 watt.  The amp came with Psvane KT 88 X4 and CV 181 tubes.


    Initial impression was that the amp looked and felt well built.  Nice gold binding post with a 4 and 8 ohm connector for the speakers and 3 analog inputs..I replace the stock tubes with Shuguang black treasure CV 181z in the preamp and Shuguang black treasure KT 88z.  The KT88 has a nice warm low end and detailed midrange.  The Hi's are not has pronounced, or bright compared to my EL 34 amps.  Realism describes the presentation with good imaging and crystal clear music.  This is a very budget friendly amp that easily qualifies as a good Hi Fi tube amp for home use.




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  6. I have an Oldchen K3 KT88 amp.  It uses four Psvane KT 88 tubes in the power stage and the preamp has 6NS7 X 3.  If I replace the power tube with another matchd quad set, does the bias need adjusting?  The new Shugang Black Treasure KT88 tube has mV 35.  The current Psvane tubes are mV 45.

  7. I own the Icon VF 36 HT and loved it.  The Icon W and X  completed the Icon line.  Thee VF series was sold in BB and was considered cheap and not as good as the Reference line. Later I switched to Reference speakers. I still own the Icon VF 35's.  I have sold off most of the Reference line due to downsizing.  There is no dramatic difference in SQ, people have used earbuds and Ipod and you can make out the music, lol.  Speaker tech advances but, not gigantic leaps that the speaker makers use as selling point.  You may only need a sub.  Hard to get rid of the itch....

  8. 20 hours ago, wuzzzer said:

    So if your sub is working with movies and not music, there’s a 99.9999999% sure chance that you either have your main speakers set to Large or Full Range.  If that isn’t the case, then you’re listening in Direct or Pure Direct mode.


    The reason why the sub doesn’t work in those modes when listening to music is you’re sending a 2 channel signal with no discrete LFE signal for the receiver to process.

    The sub should take over at the XO.  I use my Pioneer SC 99 with a sub  and speakers set to small.   The sub works for music and movies.  The XO is set to 80.

  9. Fourth choice, RC 64. I used it in my HT with both the RF 7's abnd 7II's.  Room correction left no issues with timber matching in a 9.4.8 system. Just sold the 7II's and will list the RC 64 soon for local pickup, lol.  It is a robust speaker and can keeping with almost any setup.

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  10. I looked up the amp and it is 9 W.  How large is the room? With bookshelf speakers and small towers, a subwoofer is needed and not an option if you want good bass and add some headroom for the midrange and Hi's.


    I have an all digital setup and the source can make a difference like, 24 vs 32 bit recordings.

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