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  1. I like seeing a lot of schools go bowling.  Teams have a whole season to make a statement.  Teams can join another conference to be able to play the more competitive schools.  Nebraska, Maryland and Rutgers  all join the Big 14......Oh,  I mean Big 10.

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  2. 18 hours ago, King Kong said:

    Would these surrounds be better/advantageous to use than say a floor standing speaker(RF82II) for surrounds?

    It all depends on the room but, if is nice to preserve floor space and wire management. 

  3. This is an interesting discussion.  AVP vs Multichannel are just two different ways to audio nirvana.  Music vs movies, no different, it depends on what the individual is looking for, accomodate, practical and fitting for the listening environment.  All of us are truly looking for something to our liking. I've experienced various setup and liked most of them because they were tailored to the environment/room or use(HT vs Music).


    I just got back off vacation and the resort had a very nice small HT, 80 in. 4K TV, and surround system with one subwoofer.  For  movies, this was great.  The rows of chair and lack of a multipurpose floor did not lend itself to music and entertaining.  This is not a negative of the system but, it was not a multipurpose room or design for music.  The recliner chairs is something I wish I had but, would certainly not fit my environment.


    Utopia is all in the eye of the user, desaire, and goal of each one  of us.

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  4. The most interesting thing for college football this week will be changes in the top 10. Clemson got a last minute win over unranked Syracuse, Ohio State squeaking out a win, Notre Dame rolling along  and Oklahoma and LSU looking to move up.  

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  5. You are in a large room.  These speaker work well in a sheet rock ceiling.  They will also work with a tile ceiling commonly used in basements. Make sure to run auto EQ, angle the speakers correctly.  Your speakers are not a bad choice and don't have to be Klipsch.  Mines are not Klipsch.  Atmos speakers deliver ambient sound.  This sound is glass breaking overhead, rain, footsteps upstair, etc.  These speakers are not that active and also, lower volume than most of the other speakers.  Many people think they should be more active but, they are not.  Try to listen to some other peoples Atmos setup and compare.  Also, surround speakers(side and rear surrounds) higher up on the wall will help with the overhead effects.

  6. Using center speakers as L and R front speakers can be done.  There are some considerations, center speakers usually have two woofer and the tweeter needs to be rotated 90 degrees.  Using the bookshelf speaker as a center needs the tweeter also rotated. Center channel speaker will anchor the dialogue so it does not appear to come from the L or R speaker.  For a small room that only one or two people will use, a phantom center can work as well and more money can be spent on the main.  What type of room are these speakers in?

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