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  1. Thank all - just wasn't sure if there was some sort of gentle adhesive film I wasn't aware, like there is for glass. I'll probably go with glass tops and just keeping my dual subs on the flanks. As for the unconscious guests - it perplexes me, too. Sometimes people come to the house - usually relatives of the wife, and start practically doing gymnastics and jumping jacks next to the most expensive items in the house. It gets exhausting to have to explain to every single guest not to do that. I'd rather just have them protected. I couldn't imagine going into someone's home and resting a drink on, or leaning on a piece of stereo equipment... but apparently I'm alone on that (outside of this forum, of course lol). Thanks again, everyone.
  2. Hi all - I'm getting a new pair of floorstanders soon, and want to protect the finish. You never know when someone is going to bump into the side of the speaker, or a guest unconsciously puts something on top, and want to be able to rest knowing there is at least some protection. Does such a product exist? Preferably a film that I can cut and apply, and remove without leaving residue behind - safe for wood finish, not causing damage upon removal. Please let me know if any of you have any experience in this regard. Thanks, Pat
  3. Yeah for sure! Lol omg the tweeters give me anxiety because of how expensive they would be to replace. Thanks again
  4. Thanks man - I ended up with the B&W 803d3's. I found an excellent deal and couldn't pass it up. Klipsch and B&W have always had my heart since I walked into my first stereo store as a kid, so I always wanted a pair of each. The P37f's are indeed beautiful. Funny you should say that about holding on to them for a year - that's exactly what I did! I think if I had more room I would just keep them, but it makes me feel bad that they're just collecting dust. I'd rather they find a good home - if someone wanted to trade for RF-7 III's then I'd have some of the best of both worlds. Glad you still have yours - they're really great. From a pure sound standpoint I really don't think the B&W's are even better, per se - just a little different. You're getting most of the sound of the 800 series with the 805's - it's all about that tweeter and midrange woofer anyway.
  5. Looking to sell a pair of moderately used, Excellent condition gloss black SVS ULTRA Towers. I've owned these towers since 2014 in a smoke free home. They've served as an additional pair of speakers in my man cave, but have begun collecting dust so I figure it's time to re-home them. These towers originally retailed for $2,000. I'd be willing to part with them for $750, but I'd also be willing to make a trade for an RSW 15 if anyone has one lying around (I can always use another sub!). The speakers are in near-perfect condition. Just a couple of minor callouts for those who are interested: No boxes. When I purchased these I was living in a studio apartment in New York City, so I had nowhere to store the boxes... so they had to go. Minor wear on the metal grill covers on the SIDE woofers. Barely noticeable, but these can be easily removed and replaced. LOCAL PICKUP ONLY. I live in South NJ, and would be willing to make a trip within reason to meet the buyer closer to the Philadelphia or North NJ area (any further up than mile 130 on the parkway might be pushing it as NYC traffic stresses me out Lol.) Naturally this would mean the speakers can't be demo'd, so if you want to demo you'll have to make the trip to my house (I can provide a video to show they're in working order if desired).
  6. SOLD 7/1/2019 - Thanks for your interest! I have a forum member making a trade with RF-7 III's. If anything changes I will re-open the sale. Looking to sell a pair of barely used, Good-to-Excellent condition Merlot Palladium P37f Floorstanding Speakers. These are absolutely fantastic speakers. My reason for selling is these beauties have filled the role of the super precise, refined, audiophile sound, but I recently purchased a pair of Bowers & Wilkins, so the two pairs are a little redundant. As such, I'd be willing to trade for a pair of RF7-III's since their sound would create some variety. I'd also be willing to part with them for around $3,000... make an offer! The speakers are in great condition, there are just a few very minor, correctable imperfections that I will call out: I only have one of the boxes. The other box was the victim of a flood in my storage room. The horn portion of the silver Klipsch logo, which turns out to just be a sticker, came off of each tower. These can probably be re-applied but doesn't really detract from the appearance unless you're aware they were originally there. There are two very minor scuffs on one of the metal bases (picture attached). These can probably be sanded down as they are on the smooth edge. I'm located in Southern NJ. Since I'm missing one of the boxes, this would be LOCAL PICKUP ONLY. Palladiums are becoming harder to come by! First come first serve - help find these puppies a good home. I'd be happy to provide bubble wrap or some other material and help pack up for transport. More pictures available upon request.
  7. Hi, sorry Margaret, this is local pick-up only. Thanks
  8. I also have an old RSW-12 I would be willing to throw in for an extra 100 bucks. It works well but is missing its grill.
  9. Hello everyone, Purchased this set of speakers just under one year ago, and have since moved into a living arrangement in which it may be just a little too much speaker. They are in great shape with the exception of a dent on one woofer that does not effect the audio quality at all. I would be looking for 1,600 for this pair of bad boys. If you'd like the RC-64 II, I'd, be looking for 600 for it. I am located in South Jersey, just outside of Atlantic City. Local Pick Up only. Feel free to message me and I will send pictures. I don't see a tab on here to upload.
  10. Here you can see the dent on woofer. Not a perforation, just a dent.
  11. Hello, everyone. I'm interested in parting with my RF-7 II's and RC-64 II. I want to sell all 3 pieces as a package deal. All 3 piece are in fine condition with the exception of a small dent on one of the RF-7 II woofers. This does not effect audio quality. I'm located just outside of Atlantic City, NJ. Local pick up only. I also have an Yamaha Aventage rx-a2020 9.2 channel Receiver for sale. 1 Year old, never pushed. MSRP $1,595. I am looking for $1,000 for this piece.
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