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  1. Well my motivation was to change the cloth. Perhaps (after removing the grills) I'll just build a new set with alternative fastening from the front like velcro or the double stick stuff. BTW this begs the question. Do they have to be "V" shaped? How about flat and flush? I've wondered if the V-shape might be an aesthetic design reminiscent of the Klipsch logo.
  2. Is it easy to remove / replace the grill pieces in the bottom bins? Looks like the tops just have a couple screws on the sides? Thanks.
  3. My belle klipsch have Crites AB-2 but I ordered ALK CSW so I'll be comparing soon.
  4. I own several klipsch heritage model speakers including heresy 1. I'm not technical. And I'm old so anything remotely technical will likely go over my head. I can slop solder. My Dilema: Bought Speakerlab Super 7 speakers used. The mid horns weren't getting a signal but I tested them and the drivers are fine. The SLcrossovers were allegedly rebuilt but I'm skeptical since they aren't marked x7. rather x4 with a magic marker 7 over the original 4 Wondering if Heresy crossovers would work. I could borrow one from one of my heresy cabinets. Or as it happens I'll be replacing the crites crossovers from my belles with ALKs and I'll have a spare pair of AB-2 in search of a job. I've found what I think is the Speakerlab schematic for x7 crossovers so I'll be able to get them replicated but looking for short term bandaid. Any input appreciated.
  5. Well I just connected to a Fisher reciever and they do sound better. Bass still a bit thin unless using loudness countour. This isn't really an appropriate topic for this forum. Apologies. I'll keep working. Would just like to know if PWK heritage horns ever used any sound dampening mat or fiber or any such stuffin https://drive.google.com/file/d/1v7K_9InmApX0z3NAL5Pqo6aC5c_f2G1ldg/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bYEDlpyRx13K3JWVnChaQ0X9yRAVoAE8xw/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CNKzAGzY2XNO4NeUPayzr47aRFpbgh0smg/view?usp=sharing
  6. Inside showing dynamat Pics coming. Photobucket is flaking out on me. I use tube amplification. The audition was with a my ST70. tried and true. Now that I have them home I'll try another amp. The mids were fine. The Bass response was weak. My main concern is with the dynamat "sound deadening" material. Anyone ever heard of this? It's not in my khorns or cornwalls or shorthorns. I did put a bunch of it in my '67 ford pickup and a couple turntables.
  7. I was happy to acquire a pair of Belle Klipsch. I thought they had been modified in finish (painted satin black) also the crossovers are Bob C's type AB-2. rewired with some 10ga speaker wire. I wasn't happy with the bass response, but convinced I can correct it if possible. While I can see the K77 and K55v / K-500 components, I wasn't sure which woofer so I popped the bottom panel on one to see the K33e. (cool looks like an eminence) What I didn't expect to see was the inner chamber was covered with foil backed "dynamat" product stapled on all inner surfaces, but not the top. Is that something done in Hope? Or perhaps a previous owner trying somehow to improve the sound. BTW the only stamps on the tailboards of the lower on one cabinet is "J". That speaker's top has a "P" stamped on all four inside panels. The other lower cab has only a prominent "W1" but no other numbers visible on anything but one of the top's cleat. (a B2 stamp) Is it possible this pair is a "second" quality issue that was painted because of flaws that didn't pass someone's inspection? Kind of alot going on here so I'm very appreciative of any attention.
  8. What are the dimensions of a Belle? (Width - Height - Depth) especially.
  9. Who were they made by? CTS? EV? there were different mfg'rs. A photo would do the job!
  10. Does that make them a Heresy ONE or a TWO? Or just odd?
  11. Thanks Very Much people! so kind of a late "transitional" Heresy One.
  12. these are the odd heresy with the k53 instead of the k55v -and the E2 network - is the midrange horn a K700 with the screw on adaptor for the k53 or is it a k701 plastic midrange horn - Plastic mid horn. What year are they?
  13. K-77 / K 53 K / K 22 K Crossover type E-2
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