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  1. On 3/10/2022 at 4:39 AM, jwc said:

    Need more pics of the setup!


    What are your thoughts on the sound quality of the Crown CT8150's vs Crown D45?

    I wish ! the system is currently disassembled due to having to move it . I will get pictures up this summer when I finally get a chance  to set it all up again.

    Unfortunately I have not been able to use the CT8150's yet ,so that will also have to wait until this summer.

    Sorry I am of no help at this point in time and even sorrier I haven't been able to utilize this system as of late.

  2. FWIW I think buying a 2 year old vehicle is probably the smartest way to go. Letting the original owner take the big hit . The hit isn't as much as it used to be but its still considerable . You do lose out on some warranty , which all you have to do is answer the phone the next time it rings and someone will be offering you one.

    I personally prefer the more optioned vehicle and once you've had it a little while no one will be more impressed with a 2022 vs a 2019.I tend to drive the wheels off a vehicle so for me , the enjoyment of the additional options over 10++++ years far outways the additional cost spread out over those same years.

    That being said I bought a new 2020 Duramax Chevy HD in 2019 but I really wanted the 10 speed vs 6 speed Transmission .I use it mostly for towing and it is amazing ! I started looking at used vehicles but it ended up at the time that I could go new for only about 5K more, gain a few new features and a new warranty.The market was different then.

    If you buy the used one just make sure you can get your money or most of it back out of it if you decide you don't like it . This way you can move on easily , won't be as easy with a new one .

    Bottom line .....Even I don't listen to me but those are my thoughts  .


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  3. 11 hours ago, NBPK402 said:

    . I would have loved to have Chris tune it, but it appears he is no longer here

    I certainly hope not. He has a wealth of knowledge and is always so helpful  here.I even bought a Xilica and and a XMC-1 figuring if it was good enough for him it was certainly good enough for me. I was selfishly hoping I could lean on his expertise when I get around to setting it all up.It would be a huge loss to the forum.

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  4. I should probably clarify. 

    For Music they are awesome for Home Theater when there are long gaps between lfe they will go to sleep and they don't come out of the sleep mode for a couple seconds after the initial lfe signal. Doesn't seem like much but it is a little annoying . The sleep mod will cure that. So for the  K2's  I'm going  to use for Home Theater Sub Duty I will and I suggest the sleep mod.

  5. 1 hour ago, Audible Nectar said:

    Wow, that's nice. I'm thinking about finding a K2 to run my HT subs that doesn't look like it just got off the tour bus. That "No fan" plus the auto-power-off in the absence of signal might well prove itself useful here......

    They are great for subs , the dampening factor is phenomenal but the auto off can actually be a nuisance, the subs don't come on in time during lfe. There is a mod which I keep meaning to do to overide the sleep mode. It is just one jumper and if you google it its easy to find

  6. 23 hours ago, ClaudeJ1 said:

    Only 5 Grand? You got away CHEAP! LOL


    22 hours ago, Dave A said:

    He sure did heh heh.

    I think you guys are misunderstanding , thats on top of the THX Ultra II system , 3- MCM Stacks, 2-LSI Splits,2-LSI's, 2-LaScala's, 6-KI 102, 4-KPT200's ,and whatever SSP's ,X-Overs,Amps,etc 

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  7. 14 hours ago, ClaudeJ1 said:

    Was the first time your heard K-402's at my house in Indy?

    @ClaudeJ1Yes ..... It was an expensive day 

    I was there to purchase your Lab 12 .I got to hear the THT that you had already sold and it was impressive.

    We went upstairs and listened and I was blown away by the pair of DTS10's you had. Decided at that time I was going to get some one Day. I finally got one several years later but still would like another one.

    The K402's Well......... I was mesmerized !  I had my MCM 1900's for a short period of time and nothing even came close until I heard the K402's . My jaw hit the ground and I drooled so much you joked about getting Lobster bibs for the next time you Demo'd your system.

    Like @Dave A says .Blame it on Claude well that day has cost me about 4K so far and will probably end up closer to 5K in speakers alone , never mind crossovers , amps ,etc 


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  8. Those are impressive !

    I've never heard those bass bins but I would love to hear them someday .

    Anybody who has heard K402's will tell you how magical they are.


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  9. @Dave1291 Thanks for the heads up they are very talented . Never heard of them but I would have wondered down the street to see them (Bath/Fairlawn Area) . I see they are playing in St.Charles at the Arcada 4 days before I go there for some medical tests. St.Charles is my hometown and the Arcada Theater is where my 3 MCM 1900's and 2 MWM bins came from. It's pretty cool that my Home Theater and soon 2 be up and running 2 Channel Speakers are the very speakers I saw all my Movies from about 1975 -2000 on.If I could sneak out early to see them I would.

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  10. 12 hours ago, nickyboy6100 said:

    How does the K1 compare to the K2? I see it’s less power. What about the sound?

    I have read where the K1 sounds better on mids and highs .I personally have not noticed this. They sound almost identical to me ,if not identical. However I never set it up where I tried to compare them head to head.

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  11. On 1/30/2022 at 2:01 PM, rplace said:

    What are they powering?

    My Home Theater has been uprooted due to my fathers poor health and me taking care of him now. But soon

    It will set up like this 

    I have 3 MCM 1900's for my Left ,Center , Right, If you look at the rack from the top you will see a D45 which will run the MMTM, a K1 which will run a MSM and a MSSM, and a K2 which will run a MWM .So times 3 that will chew up the first 9 Amps.

    Next will be the 2 Crown 8150's they will run the Front Wide  Split LSI's , Rear LSI's . Sides 4-KPT200's , Atmos 6-KI 102's

    The last 4 K2's will run Subs , I have 1 DTS10 and would like to add another , I am also thinking I will add 2 Devastators to go with.

    I have 1 Xilica XP 4080 and will need to add another along with an Atmos Processor




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  12. I have been amassing these amps since October of 2013 and just received the final one last week.

    The tower consists of 7-Crown K2's , 3-Crown K1's , 3-Crown D45's , and 2-Crown CT8150's.

    It also has 2-SurgeX SX-1120-RT's to protect the amps and an ADJ switch to control some external server rack fans in back just in case it does get a little warm in there .


    Tower of Power.jpg

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  13. On 7/9/2014 at 12:06 AM, Chief bonehead said:
    On 7/8/2014 at 12:47 PM, Chris A said:

    This Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) thread discusses some reasons why horn-loaded loudspeakers sound more realistic than direct-radiating loudspeakers, such as cone-type and planar type drivers.

    Several manufacturers currently make or have made horn-loaded loudspeaker designs: Klipsch, ElectroVoice, JBL, Altec, and several smaller manufacturers.

    "Why do horn-loaded loudspeakers sound better than direct radiating loudspeakers?"

    Chiefly, the reason is due to low modulation distortion (i.e., not harmonic distortion). Horn-loaded electro-acoustic drivers typically have 25 dB lower frequency modulation (FM) distortion levels and 15 dB greater efficiency than when using those same drivers without horns to produce the same sound pressure level (SPL).

    "What is Modulation Distortion, and Why is It Important?"

    Frequency modulation (FM) distortion, sometimes called Doppler distortion since it is largely caused by the movement of the driver's cone/diaphragm at lower frequencies, is caused simultaneous modulation of higher frequencies that are also being reproduced by the same driver at the same time.

    Amplitude Modulation (AM) distortion is primarily due to driver nonlinear response when the cone/diaphragm is operating near its extent of maximum movement under high-load conditions. Figure 1 gives a visual representation of the two components of modulation distortion vs. time:


    Figure 1 AM and FM distortion visualization

    Both of types of modulation distortion are very objectionable for listeners due to their non-harmonic frequencies that are produced.

    Many people are familiar with harmonic distortion. This type of distortion is due to integer multiples of input frequencies greater than one than the input or recorded frequency(ies) being reproduced on the output of the loudspeaker under higher load conditions. Figure 2 gives a view of frequency harmonic amount vs. relative input frequency:



    Figure 2 Harmonic distortion visualization

    Harmonic distortion is not as audible as modulation distortion due to the internal signal processing of the human hearing system, particularly the lower harmonics like second, third harmonics. Higher-order harmonic distortions (fourth, fifth, sixth order harmonics, etc.) are more easily detected by human hearing. Some sources call this human hearing effect "harmonic masking".

    Contrasting the above harmonic distortion, modulation distortion (AM, FM, intermodulation, etc.) produces non-harmonic frequencies not found in the input signal driving the loudspeaker. Because these modulated frequencies are not related in integer multiples of either the lower or higher frequencies being reproduced, these distortion-produced frequencies are much, much more audible and objectionable than typical harmonic distortion. Figure 3 shows a visualization of both major types of distortion (harmonic and modulation distortion) versus frequency.




    Figure 3: Visualization of harmonic and modulation distortion

    Note that modulation distortion shows up on the higher frequencies reproduced, which is typically more audible than lower frequencies due to the frequency response/acuity of the human hearing system.

    Additionally, the modulation distortion frequencies shown in figure 3 are not integer multiples of either the lower fundamental frequency or the higher one. These non-harmonic frequencies are much more objectionable to listeners compared with harmonic distortion at the same relative amplitudes.

    It can be seen that harmonic distortion will also modulate the upper frequencies making the effects of harmonic plus modulation distortion much more objectionable to listeners. The effect of these types of mixed distortions can be described as the speakers sounding "loud" and "opaque" while responding to high input signals.

    "Why is Modulation Distortion So Much Lower in Horns?"

    Modulation distortion is produced when the acoustic driver's cone or diaphragm moves - and the more it moves, the greater the modulation distortion. Horn-loaded drivers reduce the amplitude by a factor of ~10-30 (relative to using that driver as a direct radiator) that the driver has to move to produce a certain SPL output level. Less cone/diaphragm motion equals less modulation distortion.

    Any acoustic driver that is horn loaded will experience a dramatic decrease in required motion in order to produce output SPLs.

    You forgot one word in your last statement.....properly.




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