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  1. Here is one speaker with the grill that I made. You can see the magnets with the flash...the 2nd one I made I painted the magnets black...even though the magnets are not visible like they are in the picture. 826ce1294efbb063b0353d8ed218934b.jpg


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  2. I found out what blew on the amp...pics of old amp you can see what blew, and pic of new amp shows how it should look. It looks like 4 pieces are blown. Now I need to find out what the parts are, and where to get them...so I will have a spare amp. Amp is curently working fine with the new amp.a73bf5f33da85a4b00cc92aa08bc96c9.jpg1b24759b3833857d314650e5eaec0088.jpg04df85b03bc62748da6138c57fc629f3.jpg


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  3. That's the beauty of things like the Xilica. Technically you have only 30 presets possible but you save your files and you can have hundreds if you wish. I am kind of a minimalist with how carried away I will get with fine tuning but I have wondered about setting up files for specific genres of music. It would take no time at all to load them and for instance Cello does need differing things than say heavy pipe organ music.
    When I had Dirac I saved room tunes for mlp, 2nd row map, 1st row and another for both first and 2nd rows.

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  4. You should have a flash drive with the factory default settings to reload. If you saved your XDAT files from a known good setup, something I always do when I am happy with the result, reload them after software reinstall and you should be good to go. It is also easy to turn things off accidently while fiddling and sometimes it can be hard to figure out what you did.
    I have now saved it as a preset and to my HDD.

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  5. I have to assume the ground from the amp fed back down the XLR, and caused the problem on input 1... I have not tried input 1 since I got it working properly again. I think the mess up on the other channels was purely my fault when I was trying to copy the settings, and not knowing how to link via the software. Doing the 2nd factory reset and then manually inputting everything seemed to be the correct way for me. I was able to input almost everything as it was. I was not able to change the limiter to 2x for some reason...so it is at 6x now. The other thing is I could not change the crossover filter name so it still says none, but the settings are the same now as they were before.


    Interesting thing is the cabinets have a brighter top end than the cabinetless version does now...it is not overly bright, but def brighter than the cabinetless version.

  6. I setup all the settings the way they were messed up and it sounds good again. Now I have to see when Chris responds so we can decide if we should tune now or wait until the 3rd cabinet is done...which will not have the same area inside as it will not have curved sides. I highly recommend building these MEHs.

  7. This was the reponse... 

    The other difference I saw was that Output 4 has - Polarity. Outputs 6 & 8 are + Polarity.

    If the problem still persists, please save the file to your computer (in case you wanted to pull up the file again later) and
     factory reset the processor.

    When all parameters are clear, re-route the channels (using the software Mixer) and check the input and output meters. See if there is audio passing through to your output without any processing.

    I have changed the polarity via the Xconsole, and will try a factory reset as instructed, and then set the mixer up again.

  8. 2 minutes ago, RandyH000 said:

    could be a Software related issue , Firmware could be partially corrupted -----did they mention that ? 

    No, but that makes perfect sense. I will see what they send back, and if it doesn't solve it I will ask them if it could be corrupt firmware. Firmware that is corrupt could even be the problem on the 1st input.

  9. Xilica Tech support got back to me with a revised file. I tried it and the left channel appears to work fine, but the center has no bass, and the right has no highs. I even swapped the input XLRs on the channels at low volume to verify it was not a cable (it wasn't and it appears to still be messed up...just not as bad as it was when I sent the file. Keeping my fingers crossed they will find the problem.

  10. 1 hour ago, babadono said:
    WTF? How does or did hooking up LEDs to your IcePwr amp modules ripple back into the Xilica? Something popped on the Ice and sent a transient down the interconnects that got all the way back into the control portion of the Xilica? The ethernet interface with XConsole no longer works either? Or did you ever have it working?
    This is like the magic bullet that killed JFK.

    Yup, it took out something input 1 or output 1and 2. The ethernet still works as do all the other inputs and outputs, AFAIK. Everything was working prior to this foobar problem, and even afterwards the other inputs and outputs worked. Xilica tech told me how to do the linking via xconsole, but I still have something wrong from when I tried to copy the outputs over to 7 and 8. Hopefully they will be able to solve the problem.

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  11. PM'd. Chris A


    Does this make sense? When I hold down the Menu button I do not see anything popup at all to allow me to select any channel linking, nor do I see any green LEDs lit.

    "Channel Linking While holding down the < Menu > button, more than one channel from the same input or output group can be selected to link the channels together. The green LEDs below the for the mute buttons are lit for the linked channels. Any modification of the data will be applied to all linked channels. To cancel linking, simply deselect the desired channel while holding the > buttons, or press the Exit key to deselect all channels. When a channel(s) is selected, the front panel menu will display the settings. Use the Menu buttons to navigate menus, Cursor buttons to navigate parameters, enter to save to settings and exit to close the menu." 


  12. I major screwed up on my setup the other day. I wanted to hookup the LEDs for my poweramp, and I went and hooked a 24v to 12v (advert said up to 35v to 12v). I hooked it up to the aux output on the icepower amp which is a25v unregulated output. I hooked up + to +, - to -, and ground to ground... I heard a pop, and cut the power. I disconnected the converter and powered back up, and had a garbled sound out of the amp. I swapped the amp with another and it was fine, so I bought 2 more, so I would have a spare. I then went to listen to the other channels, and found out channel 1 had a mid/high tone coming out. I tracked it down to the Xilica. I then decided to just run the left and right off of input 2 and 3, and use the corresponding outputs for them, and it worked fine. My amp shows up today, and I install it. I then try to copy the output settings for the right channel (output 5 and 6) to output 7 and 8. It shows up properly via the windows app, so i proceed to work backwards and copy the center (output 3 and 4) 5 and 6. Next I copy outputs 1 and 2 to 3 and 4. Next I move the inputs. So I copied input 3 to input 4, input 2 to input 3, and input 1 to input 2. I figured it should then work properly, but I had zero sound. Next I did a factory reset, and now I am getting left and right as left.!
    I am thinking I fobarred the linking... I looked in the manual and I cannot figure out how to change the linking nor how to change the name of the inputs, and disable the #1 input, and #1, and 2 outputs.
    Can someone please help me get this back up and running so I can get the tune completed and enjoy my setup again?
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  13. Interesting...and predictable.  Disney has always made its living on its "back catalog" (selling you the same thing over and over again) and doesn't really own a lot of skin in the cinema marketplace--other than getting more money for its new releases.  The video that follows the one that you posted, hosted by the same fellow, shows that Disney and other studios are doing what the record companies are trying to do with SACD, DVD-A, and Blu-Ray Audio--they're trying to sell you old movies shot on 35mm film at 4K resolution.  Blu-Ray quality is about it for most movies shot before 2008, unless they were shot in large format film--like 70MM, etc. 
    The fact that Disney is now cutting out the major cinemas is not very surprising, since no one is really going to big screen movie theaters nowadays. They will try to survive this, so they are going to the marketing channels that will pay them the most money, and digital streaming is that marketing channel now.
    True, and they only make 50% from theaters while they make 80% from streaming. I just wish they would keep making physical media.

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  14. I know a thing or two about this.  I work as an inventory control manager for Vistar/PFG and we distribute to all(most) of the large theater chains(AMC, Regal, Cinemark, etc.) and let me tell you, the industry is hemorrhaging.  As of 10/5/20, Regal has shut down all 500+ theaters nationwide due to no major studios releasing any blockbuster type movies until 2021 which of course is due to Covid19.  AMC was hurting before Covid19 but continues to operate.  As crazy as this all is, I am still very optimistic about it things getting back to "normal".
    I hope you are right, but I tnink when this is finally over it will not be the same as it was before, but could very well be a new normal.

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