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  1. 1. Ti tweeter diaphragm - #1 most noticeable mod without a doubt, in nearly any classic Klipsch this update is available for 2. Ti midrange diaphragm - Some people think this can make their speakers a bit too bright, other find it brings clarity and detail. I thought my KLF20's were already kind of bright so I'm not sure I would go Ti in those but that's just my opinion. If bright is a concern in either application you could also try new phenolic diaphragms? Some people might also suggest a K55V or A55G swap in the KLF's, I'm not a fan of either idea but again that is my opinion. I do believe, no matter what you might choose to do, that changing the midrange driver or diaphragm is absolutely #2 in the scope of noticeable changes 3. Updating Capacitors - I'm mostly referring to the one on the mid and 2 on the tweet. I believe changes to these can go in all sorts of directions, good and bad. I've swapped all sort of things in for the one cap in the LF network and never noticed a thing? My general rule of thumb is to keep the values at or under the original for the tweeter and at or over for the midrange. I also tend to keep things pretty reasonable in this category... there are lots of great caps that don't cost as much as the speakers themselves... and you can also always just add bypass caps 4. Replacing the Tweeter inductor & resistor - If you can fit it or are going to move the crossover to a new board a better inductor and resistor can be nice but you are starting to get down there in the scope of what you will really notice 5. Replacing the autoformer? - I thought the T2A sounded better than the T7A in the KLF's and the Crites pieces were better than the T2A but the change wasn't huge so...? 6. Replacing the LF network components - As far as I'm concerned you only do this if you are a completest or just for fun. If there was a change I've never noticed it.
  2. I know this is a slightly older thread but I have to say I was really happy to see some Nikko love! I've been collecting their components for some time now and have been very happy with an assortment of their equipment!
  3. Yep, same plug. While the main apertures are basically drilled straight down, those smaller ones are practically drilled straight through the side. A few years back I actually came across a one piece molded phase plug/diaphragm that had that same plug variation, not sure where it went though? If I remember correctly, that plug has slightly higher output above 5kHz but nothing too earth shattering.
  4. I almost forgot about the Magnet... The black one is an original Heppner which was potted in a metal bowl/bell/not sure what to call it? The first Klipsch parts where produced with the same flat pole piece but structurally looked more like the current part. Then at some point they moved to what you see in the second photo.
  5. The K703 (1-3/8"-18) is also used pretty commonly in the larger Pro/Cinema 3-way systems (KPT335, KPT435, KPT445)
  6. Yeah, they are the same horn basically... but the KLF10/CF1 tweeter horn only allows a standard 3 bolt Klipsch tweeter motor to be attached to it where as the KLF20/23/CF2 horn has an industry standard 1-3/8"-18 mount
  7. And here are some close ups on VC former variations... 1. The standard and most common I've seen. Definitely Klipsch 2. Possibly a later variation or maybe aftermarket? 3. Crites replacement part I've seen others but
  8. Between the two I would likely vote Quartet... I had a pair of KLF20's and wasn't a huge fan? Though many people enjoy them... That said, if I ever came across them for the right price, I have still considered buying a pair of KLF10's and swapping out the K100K tweeter assy with a K703 horn and the driver of my choosing...
  9. Pretty sure they made a Tangent that used the same tweeter and drivers but had ports instead of the passive radiator... can't remember the model though
  10. I should also add the H in K52H is for Heppner just like the E in K33E is for Eminence. Those K52H's are the earliest usages of that driver/motor.
  11. Well K52 is basically the designation for the 1.5" motor (phase plug, diaphragm, magnet) assy used with various horns in the K-52-K, K-53-K, K-57-K, K-58-K, K-59-K, K-61-K and K-62-K. The K52H refers to that motor coming with a snout that allows you to mount it to a 1" horn. There are also, to my knowledge, 2 versions of this snout... the older metal one that allows it to be mounted to the early horns with a 5/8" throat/inlet (K600, K700) and the later resin composite/molded one that was used when mounting it to horns with a more current 25mm throat/inlet (K703 in the KLF and the K604T in various Pro speakers). Most of the old diaphragms with the dual spade terminals are all about the same though I have noticed slight variations in VC former material. You have to go WAY back to when the phase plug was separate from the diaphragm to get some very obvious differences. Oh, and there were also 2 versions of the phase plug and the motor it self changed some time in the 90's (I think) to add some volume to the area behind the diaphragm (I can't for the life of me remember what that space is called right now). I should take some pictures...
  12. If you are building a new box you should try to pick up a pair K90 or K100 tweeters out of the CF-1 or KLF-10 respectively. If you can get them cheap enough they have a way better horn. Obviously switching to a Ti diaphragm is always suggested though some still prefer the original phenolic.
  13. These are new OEM product being offered online through SimplySpeakers same as the Ti replacements 127122. They actually seem to be built the same as the Ti diaphragms just with a phenolic material. Same terminals, same flat copper ribbon leads, same VC former... these may be negligible changes but I was still curious? I should also point out that I have no idea how long they have been produced like this, it may and likely has been for some time? I just recently noticed.
  14. Has anybody purchased these to replace their old diaphragms? It looks like they've updated the build (vendor?) and was wondering if it has any positive or negative impact on the performance? Thanks
  15. I apologize for the (very) late reply... I do not get on this site a whole lot and only get sporadic/inconsistent email notifications from it... Yes, these are still for sale
  16. I actually use one of these in between my CD player and preamp because the output is on the hot side... it's a handy little thing to have
  17. Not sure if this was understood from the way everyone's talking but this auction is for 2 of the assemblies pictured... so 2x K510/DE75, 2x K402/K1133 & 2x HF crossovers... I did also ask the seller about the crack seen on the K402 pictured but didn't get a response as to the condition of any of the other 5 assemblies....?
  18. Haven’t had much time for these lately but I did remount the mid horns flush and there was a noticeable improvement in sound... I also ran the tweeter signal to the old input terminals and a put a K704T/D202TI combo on top
  19. Just as another an update... I ended up making this a 2-way with a K703+D202Ti Tweeter and K28E woofer... used the crossover from a KPT-1201 as a starting point Sounds quite nice, better than I expected
  20. With a little crossover work you can make anything work, though you would still have to tackle the mounting issues? The original question was in regards to whether the K76 (by extension the K75/K79) could be used as a direct swap/drop in for the K77 so that was really more of what I was answering... I put K79's in a pair of HII's that had K22's and I'm pretty sure it sounded just fine? I don't remember what all I did to the crossover though? I currently have pair of junk boxes that are running D220TI's on K704T horns, K55's on K703 horns and have K28E woofers, so there are lots of possibilities.
  21. Unfortunately no, they are also quieter... If I remember correctly the K75/K79/K107 is roughly 3db down and the K76 is 6-7db down. This is likely one of the reasons they never replaced the K77 in the La Scalla or Klipschorn, because the above mentioned tweeters definitely cost less to manufacture.
  22. I've found some info scattered in various posts but thought it might not hurt to try and collect it all in one place... Basically I'm looking for contact info for Klipsch Pro/Cinema vendors/distributors people know of or have dealt with personally. I myself would like to purchase a pair of KPT-310-HF some time in the near future. I know this isn't much but it is what I am looking for at this time and I'd have to imagine that there are/will be others like me that are curious about purchasing various new components and could use the information as well.
  23. Where did you get the diaphragms? I've seen QC issues like excessive glue cause stuff like this to happen.
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