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  1. CANT

    Single KPT-335-B/M

    I had wondered about an Eminence H2EA as an in-a-pinch sub for the K510 for this application... haven't gotten around to buying a pair though If you wanted to go 2 way you could use the K703/K70G on top of a K48 in a Chorus enclosure with a simple KPT310 crossover, until another 510 materializes? I did something similar for a while? I personally wouldn't suggest a K510/K69 2way unless you were using a K691/DE750 though even then I would say I preferred the 3way.
  2. CANT

    Single KPT-335-B/M

    To support what I was saying about he midrange being the low point, here are the active setting per Klipsch. This also, pretty adequately, displays the difference I was referring to in the bass bins (904 v 315). I would still keep in mind though that preference and application do still play a roll...
  3. CANT

    Single KPT-335-B/M

    I am going to disagree with this on a few levels... from what I could tell, the tweeter was left a bit hot to compensate for the intended screen but only a few dB. Replacing the 2ohm resistor in that circuit with a 4.5-5ohm (2-3dB reduction) does the trick just fine. Also, the KPT335 (or at least mine) had a sticker on the back stating that, when used with a KPT-904/940 LF cab, the 904/940 cab would be 3dB louder and that output difference would need to be accounted for? In theory this would mean that when used with 904/940 you mid band is actually too low, though lowering the tweeter output may still be all that is needed, preference depending. Also, knowing what I know about the stock network and the ALK CSW you referenced, I would NOT in any way recommend the ALK as an adequate sub. 335 Spec sheet:
  4. CANT

    Single KPT-335-B/M

    I would say that the 335's are everything I had hoped to achieve in all of my attempts to modify my Cornwalls... though I do wish they were more aesthetically appealing and came in a slight smaller footprint.
  5. CANT

    KPT-335 HF/MF

    Looks like it’s now $225...
  6. CANT

    Single KPT-904

    Appears to be an old version? The K510 looks a bit odd/off? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-Professional-Cinema-KPT-904-THX-Dual-15-Audio-Video-Subwoofer-B-C-Dri/202650834932?hash=item2f2eee57f4:g:XFcAAOSwOZNcrlBH
  7. CANT

    KPT-335 HF/MF

    KPT-335 HF/MF ~ HF = K703 w/K70G, MF = K510 w/K69A https://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-K-510-Tractrix-Horn-K-703-Tractrix-Horn-Setup-from-KPT-335-KPT-904/303130024666?hash=item4693f51ada:g:xMIAAOSw7SRcuNaW Also, even though he doesn’t appear to be taking offers I bet if you emailed him one he would consider it...
  8. I personally gave up on Crown a long time ago... I’ve owned several including various XLS, D150, DC300 and a PS400... didn’t really care all that much for any of them
  9. Something else I forgot to mention... while I was playing around with the 2way setups I did also test out a few different crossover configurations/points... again, the stock 800-900ish Hz won out. I absolutely did not care for the output when either driver was pushed to the horns 500Hz limit.
  10. Per the Chief, the K691 is a DE75 with a slight mod to the diaphragm... though not confirmed, what I’ve heard is that the diaphragm is hardened? I’m not sure exactly how that affects the output/response of the driver but the DE75 is a fairly well regarded driver in its own right so for my purposes I considered it close enough.
  11. For my part I will say that I did end up buying a preowned pair of B&C DE75s. I now know that they aren't exactly K691s but they were cheap and I was really only using them for testing purposes, so they are close enough. Switching back and forth was a HUGE hassle and I really wanted to enjoy my new speakers so I only did so much testing but here are my notes: *The K69A had significantly more energy/output above, we'll say, 5K... I don't remember the exact #. This would absolutely affect the crossover design so right off the bat I would say that the K691 isn't a plug and play replacement in this application. This increase in output/energy had a definite impact on the driver assessment in a 2way setting. *I didn't much care for the K69A in the 2way test. It needed a lot of EQ for the response to flatten out and to start sounding ok. *The DE75 absolutely looked/sounded better than the K69A in the 2way test but after all was said and done, I preferred the 3way... *I did try the DE75 out in the 3way but didn't like it as much as the K69A but that is to be expected since the crossover network was designed for use with the K69A. With a corrected network it would likely work fantastically but I'm not going to get into all that at this time. *KPT-335 with stock drivers was my preference at the end of the day. Though I did make one change... I'm guessing that because this speaker was designed to be place behind a screen the tweeter was left a bit on the hot side, so I replaced the 2ohm pad resistor in the tweeter circuit with a 4.5ohm I had lying around.
  12. Thank you for the info
  13. CANT

    Single KPT-335-B/M

    So, this listing was pulled because one of my cabs was damaged in shipment and they are sending me the cab from this unit to replace my damaged one... I'm not sure how they'll list them but I would be on the look out for the crossover, woofer and horns/drivers.
  14. I have posted 310 and 942 in the crossover thread... still looking for 325 mostly but all varieties are welcome
  15. Nikki Beta II is an awesome pre! I have 2 and both have been completely refurbished! The Beta 40 is also very nice if you see one! Had multiple Crown amps and never enjoyed any of them with my various Klipsch... you could check out a Nikki Alpha II but everyone I’ve seen recently needs extensive work... if you really think you need the wattage there is also the 440/450 though the internal wiring on the odd series (230/450) isn’t quite as good.
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