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  1. So dude never replied to any of my communications and appears to have not logged in since 11/26 (day after he joined and PM'd me) so I guess he wants to hold out for 402's? In any case, I think I'm going to put this sale on hold until after the holidays, when I'm not quite so busy... If anyone else is interested in these, please feel free to PM me, I just can't promise a quick reply with everything I've got going on in the coming weeks.
  2. Not sure if it helps or not... but here is an old pic of one of the K64 motors I sold
  3. How can you tell the magnet is larger (deeper)? I never noticed this? I would also note that this may still not be a difference between the 63 & 64... and may actually be a revision to the motor (magnet) or manufacturing variance. The CF line is obviously known for its "versions".
  4. I mean part of speaker design is aesthetic...? I guess if you leave the grille on it doesn’t matter what you do under there but for me/to me it feels crowded? I’m also not sure hearing the speaker will completely explain the rational I was seeking insight into as well... I mean I’m sure they sound nice but they made the cab taller to fit both the ports and the 603 horn, why not one or the other? Why go to the trouble of making it taller? I know that the 603 generally sounds better than the 703 but sometimes there are reason you don’t go bigger? Sometimes something is good enough for the problem you are trying to solve? I mean the 402 is amazing by all accounts but I can neither afford them nor fit them in my home so despite their awesomeness they are not the solution for me. IDK?
  5. Can anyone tell me, does Klipsch allow owner to buy replacement M models of the 703, 603 & 510 with valid serial numbers? I know that at times they have allowed such replacements/upgrades (think TI tweet/mid diaphragms or K28 woofers for the Heresy) but was unsure what the current policy was? Also, how many members here have actually heard model variants with and without the M horns and what were your thoughts? It has always seemed like such a minor alteration to me, is it even worth bothering with? I am actually most curious about the 510 because I have been the least impressed with it in its stock/original form. Thanks
  6. I'm kinda curious why the K603M over the K703M on the CW4... that motor board is CROWDED!?! 703 would have allowed a bit more breathing room and likely would have performed just as well? It seems to do fine in the FIII? Also, if you are throwing the kitchen sink at the thing why no K771? The H4 upgrades look nice but I have never cared for the 704 horn... it's always seemed like a weird series of compromises? I have like 4 of them in my garage and every time I think about using a pair they end up back on the shelf. I'm personally curious if there have been any talks about a 2way Heresy with a 703? The ones I built look like sh!t but I very much enjoy the way they sound...? There have been a few KPT models built this way over the years but none that I can think of that come in a standard rectangle shaped enclosure? Also, is the polyimide midrange driver just a new diaphragm for the K70? If so, is this something the KPT guys could use in stead of the titanium or was it produce specifically for the midrange application?
  7. My guess would be that the one w/o the screen is likely just a very early production model? Possibly a different supplier/vendor??? The old spec sheets have the CF series produced from 94-96... it's hard to believe there was so much variation in such a short amount of time?
  8. Thanks. I'm currently running some shipping numbers for a guy in NV... I don't know if it's because I'm out of touch or what but I swear every time I go to ship something like this out it always ends up costing like double what I was expecting?!
  9. I don't tend to listen to music all that loud so I would say that most of my impressions are going to by at low or moderate volumes... I'm pretty rubbish at describing stuff like this too... Overall I just felt like the 3way 335s sounded more natural and had/has slightly better top end? But my preferences can seem to go against the norm, or at least what I see most everyone else doing. Obviously I prefer the 3way over the 2way with the 510. I definitely preferred crossing the 510 higher (800-1kHz) rather than lower (500Hz) when I did try the 2way. I actually even preferred the K603/K70G combo in 2way over the K510/K69 too?
  10. 1. What do you mean by "silver (not black)"? If it's just painted vs unpainted then I wouldn't worry about but if there are other, more extreme, physical differences then I would maybe hold off? 2. The screen is basically a bug/dust shield. It isn't needed but I have never seen one of these drivers without it? I have seen the K52H with and without a screen though. The difference is audible but not drastic and only really affects the very top end. 3. I have never seen any released specs for the driver but I also have never seen a part number for the driver on it's own.
  11. Bought these to compare them to the KPT-335 HF/MF’s I already had and preferred the 3way 335’s... figured I would list them here before going to eBay. I would say that they are in very good shape but they have obviously been used. Tried to show any blemishes in the photos. Located in south Kansas City and asking $500+shipping. Will be boxing them up as soon as I’m done with this listing. Oh, I do also have a pair of K703 horns and Paudio BM-D440S drivers if you want to make your own 3way? Don’t have a box lined out for them but I can figure something out if you want to tack them on?
  12. Either this guy had more than one pair or the 1st buyer didn’t work out... listing is $380 buy it now w/ $60 shipping https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F123972481341
  13. CANT

    Single KPT-335-B/M

    I had wondered about an Eminence H2EA as an in-a-pinch sub for the K510 for this application... haven't gotten around to buying a pair though If you wanted to go 2 way you could use the K703/K70G on top of a K48 in a Chorus enclosure with a simple KPT310 crossover, until another 510 materializes? I did something similar for a while? I personally wouldn't suggest a K510/K69 2way unless you were using a K691/DE750 though even then I would say I preferred the 3way.
  14. CANT

    Single KPT-335-B/M

    To support what I was saying about he midrange being the low point, here are the active setting per Klipsch. This also, pretty adequately, displays the difference I was referring to in the bass bins (904 v 315). I would still keep in mind though that preference and application do still play a roll...
  15. CANT

    Single KPT-335-B/M

    I am going to disagree with this on a few levels... from what I could tell, the tweeter was left a bit hot to compensate for the intended screen but only a few dB. Replacing the 2ohm resistor in that circuit with a 4.5-5ohm (2-3dB reduction) does the trick just fine. Also, the KPT335 (or at least mine) had a sticker on the back stating that, when used with a KPT-904/940 LF cab, the 904/940 cab would be 3dB louder and that output difference would need to be accounted for? In theory this would mean that when used with 904/940 you mid band is actually too low, though lowering the tweeter output may still be all that is needed, preference depending. Also, knowing what I know about the stock network and the ALK CSW you referenced, I would NOT in any way recommend the ALK as an adequate sub. 335 Spec sheet:
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