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    Usually on a ship somewhere off the coast of Nigeria. All prayers are welcome.
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    Pair 1979 Belle Klipsch
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    That's about all I need, so far

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  1. I would just get a decent middle of the road CD player and connect it by optical cable to a decent DAC. I'm actually using an old Panasonic DVD player connected by optic cable to a Peachtree DAC and it sounds great, I think, for my CD's.
  2. I appreciate the advice. I haven't found a killer deal yet. I haven't really been looking. Just that sometimes i yearn for a little more bass from the Belles than it seems they can deliver. Maybe that is the sound and I shouldn't expect more. I don't know. Maybe i just need to get out and audition other systems to compare.
  3. I would build a new room and keep them all. lol :-) I might go this route. (I only wish)
  4. Maybe new crossovers. I tried the roadshow pair that traveled around,and yes, they seemed to improve the sound, but the bass still felt like it's missing a little something. The crossovers are original. The silver cans.
  5. I appreciate all the advice. I love the looks of the Belles; I agree that I believe they are the best looking of the whole bunch. But, I would like to try the bass extension of the Khorns. I just don't know. Maybe an added subwoofer would give me the feel that I want.
  6. i'm sorry but i don't have picture to show. I'm away at work. The room is about 13' X 19". An bonus room above my garage.
  7. Should I get rid of my Belles to go to Klipschorns? I'm thinking about t, but I just love my Belles and the way they look. Would Khorns sound that much different? Please advise.
  8. I saw him a couple of weeks ago. He is still great, but he does kinda have the Bob Dylan talking blues thing going. But, he wails away on that guitar of his. Still puts on a great show and doesn't miss a beat.
  9. Welcome to the club. I'm listening to my pair right now. A pair of 1979 with original X-overs. Just like Tasdom, I want to really appreciate any upgrades. But, for me, they sound beautiful as they are. I sometimes use the subwoofer; it depends on what I'm listening to. I'm not sure if new crossovers would enhance the bass or not. Can anyone give me an answer?
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