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  1. The super loud state-run South Korean loudspeaker system used to blare western music and news into North Korea is being dismantled. Look at those speakers! https://www-m.cnn.com/2018/05/01/asia/dmz-loudspeakers-south-korea-intl/index.html I wonder what will happen to those massive green PA speakers?
  2. Where is Shawmut located in Maine? Is that upstate?
  3. This has to be the lowest price I've seen. Why do the Northern California guys get all the breaks? Not mine, no affiliation. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/pen/ele/5291918390.html
  4. Someone on this Forum seriously needs these; not mine, no affiliation: http://austin.craigslist.org/ele/5291481525.html From CL ad: Miniature LaScala Speakers For sale klipsch mini Lascala speakers 8.5x6.25x6.75" approximate they are more novelty than anything else. I built these miniatures just after I sold the best sounding speakers I have ever heard a very highly modified set of Klipsch lascalas. I sold tons of equipment demonstrating them on those speakers and finally the speakers. They ran circles around my highly modified Klipschorns and regret ever selling them and I miss them very much. I built these and although they sound like TV speakers they are pretty cool and I get lots of complements. they are to scale so the measurements above are approximate a little less here a little more there. For computer speakers they sound ok. The dog houses work the speaker above is ported below so the sound comes from the dog house as well .
  5. Gentlemen, the Klipschorns are indeed sold. They went to an enthusiastic fellow Forum member who drove through the snow this evening to get them. I enjoyed them while I had them, but it was time to let them go. Best, Andy
  6. We are downsizing. The Klipschorns are going, the H-700 Heresy's are staying. These are 1965 walnut with cane cabinets, type K.B.WR (Klipschorn, Style B, Walnut Raw). Consecutive serial numbers 1C986 & 1C987. However, the original horns & drivers were completely updated sometime in the 1980's or early 1990's by the prior owner with later Klipschorn drivers. In other words, these cabinets are essentially 1965 cabinets with later components inside. They also have removable false backs which allow them to be used in locations other than corners. See photos. They work very well. I've priced them competitively at $1500 to move them. Please PM me with questions. Best, Andy
  7. Thank you for your replies, very helpful. Dave, that's very interesting re: the K-400s. Are they date-stamped somewhere? I wonder when they switched away from the Jensen P15LL's also... Thanks, Andy
  8. Looking for more Forum members with mid-1960's Klipschorns. Mine are from 1965, I feel lucky to have them at all! I'd like to understand the changes to the midrange horn, tweeters & woofer in the 1960's time frame. PM me or post to this thread. Thanks, Andy
  9. Those are the nicest looking McIntosh bits I've seen in a long time. Honestly, they look like new. No chrome pitting, lovely.
  10. Mathematically speaking, the Wife Acceptance Factor (WAF) calculation on these monster EV horns would result in negative numbers. Located in the middle of a forest in South Carolina, apparently. https://columbia.craigslist.org/bfs/4772422470.html They have a strangely compelling effect don't they? Like some kind of Electro-Voice Stonehenge! Thoughts?
  11. On Craigslist: Pair of consecutive serial number ("H" = Year Code) Klipschorns. Also a pair of Eico HF-35 mono block tube amps and a large Bozak speaker. http://buffalo.craigslist.org/ele/4741633199.html Affiliation: I happen to know this Seller and I trust him -- I've purchased two items from him myself. He's an enthusiast. Best, Andy
  12. Well, I'm torn. I have a classic tube set-up driving a pair of '65 k-horns. Nothing in the path is newer than 1966 other than the Shure cartridge on the turntable. And I have lots of CDs from back in the day. So... I'm trying to bridge the time gap by choosing a best-of-class early-ish CD player rather than a modern Oppo or Rega. Something that will fit in as well as possible to this all-tube 60's system. I appreciate your comments regarding the improvements in technology, and I agree the newer gear + music streaming make sense. It's just that in this case I'm leaning backwards rather than forwards. I suspect Derrick is right: I need to select based upon price & condition.
  13. How would the Denon DCD-3520 compare to a McIntosh MCD-7008? I ask because that's what I'm considering buying. I have a very high opinion of both Denon and McIntosh as manufacturers. That said, I've owned both Denon & Mac amplifiers but not CD players. Has any Klipsch Forum member heard both the Denon and the McIntosh and could offer an opinion? Thanks, Andy
  14. Looks like they will work. I'll take them. Please contact me via PM when you get a moment. Best, Andy
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