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  1. I've been enjoying it SA-XR700 for a few years now. If mostly used it connected to my PC since it's good myopia HDMI inputs, I can switch between work and personal computers, and it connects well to my Quintets in the office, and my La Scalas in the garage (multi-zone). Very versatile receiver. Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  2. Capacitance Filter Question

    I understand the input voltage changing the output, but now I'm going to have to look into how to wire up the board (or the caps/rectifier that I build) to make sure I do it correctly. I looked on the site for any sort of instructions, and it's got a positive, negative, and a ground for the outputs, and two AC inputs (at least that's what it looks like). Do you have any pictures of your build (with the caps)? I've looked around for anything I can find on the TPA325X and there's a lot of information, but not many pictures. Just the responses on here have made me consider building the rectifier and using better caps. That's what I'm expecting the voltage to be--around 50v. I'm not trying to hit 53v, just want to get close to get as much power out of it as I can.
  3. Capacitance Filter Question

    Thanks wdecho. I've read that entire thread twice already (that's where I got the most information on this board and had all my other questions answered). I wanted to get as close to 53V as possible without going over, because I've read the instructions that TI put out that says it has overload protections. I definitely won't mind going with a smaller transformer, but eventually, I want to build a rig like Cantilope's if I like the sound. I'll look into building it myself. I know it's not difficult, and I can solder, I just don't want to spend a ton of time (meaning my wife doesn't want me to spend a lot of time) assembling this.
  4. Capacitance Filter Question

    I've been a member on here for a few years and have thoroughly enjoyed my Klipsch speakers. I recently picked up a set of La Scala Industrials that my father in law (CECAA850) rebuilt the crossovers and helped me source parts to get them in pristine operating condition. They are hands down my favorite set of speakers I've listened to and I'm looking to build an amp to drive them (200W Max/Ch). I've been reading in this section of the forum and there's been a ton of very useful information. While I wait for my TPA3255 (backordered until roughly Christmas), I'm trying to do research for all of the other necessary pieces. I know there's a ton of knowledge from others who have built amps and I'm hoping someone in this forum could help me out. I'm looking to do a linear PS, and I'm trying to right-size the transformer and filter cap/rectifier. My big questions are: 1) Can I overdo thing on the cap filter and what effect would that have? I've read it can alter the sound and I'm aiming to make this as clean and crips as possible. 2) On the website it mentions that the output of the rectifier board will be 1.414 times the input. Is that correct? If so, I should shoot for a 35V transformer to hit approximately 50V (max is 53.3V for the board), right? 3) For a board that's rated at 600W (4 Ohm) and roughly 370W (8 Ohm), is a 800VA going to be overkill? Would a 625VA transformer work well enough, and what would be the tradeoff? Right now I'm looking at the Sure rectifier filter board and an Antek toroidal transformer. I'm open to recommendations on parts and manufacturers without spending a fortune.
  5. Black Klipsch Academy in CT - SOLD

    I'm looking for an Academy to go with my system, but I'm nowhere near CT. Would you consider shipping?
  6. I've been using this as my rear channel for a year or so, and since moving into our new house, we just don't have room for it (sadly). The speaker is in great shape, with just two small dings in the top (shown in pictures). The corners are in great shape, and I just oiled it (hence the shine). It does not have the risers, but comes with a small oak board that is stained to closely match, to help angle it upward (previous owner's work). I'm just looking to get what I paid for it, and I'd prefer local pickup in Houston. I live on the North side of town, but wouldn't mind meeting somewhere or you could demo it here. I do have the original box that it came in, so I could ship it for extra, but again, I'd prefer local pickup. This is for one speaker only. I'm asking $250, but I would trade for a Academy or KLF C7, preferably in walnut. Let me know if you have any questions.
  7. WTB: Single Walnut Heresy or Walnut Academy(Houston)

    If you're still looking, I've got a single Heresy II in Walnut that I'm trying to sell. I was using it for a rear channel, and since we've moved, I don't have the space for it. I'm located in North Houston, and I've got pictures, so let me know.
  8. New Forte II's Are Home

    I heard that was a good trick for confined spaces. I was surprised by how well it works (maybe because it's firing at the bottom of the bar for the kitchen). Thanks...it's taken about 3 years to track down the speakers.
  9. Many Thanks for Transporting Forte II's

    Just got the new Forte II's in from the Chicago area (thank you to opusk2k9 for alerting these). A huge thanks to ZEUS121996 for picking them up, to jimjimbo for transporting them from Chicago to Hope, and thanks to my father-in-law CECAA850 for getting them from Hope back to Texas. We put them through their paces this weekend with a few action movies and some music, and they sound phenomenal. I've got them in a 6.1 setup with the new ones as the surround sides, and they've made a HUGE difference. If I ever get a chance to meet you, I'd like to at least buy you guys a beer for your help.
  10. New Forte II's Are Home

    I just wanted to say a huge thanks opusk2k9, jimjimbo, ZEUS121996, and my father-in-law CECAA850 here for picking up, transferring, and transporting a set of Forte II's from the Chicago area to Houston. We've got them in a 6.1 setup (Heresy II's for the front and rear, Forte II's for the fronts, and the new Forte II's for the surround sides) and they sound amazing. I'm fairly new to this community, and I hope that eventually I can meet up with ya'll to at least buy you a beer for your help.
  11. Cornwalls - $650 - California

    No affiliation They're pretty beat up, but someone could probably clean these up and have a good set of speakers: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-Cornwall-Vintage-Speakers-Fully-Working-Local-Pick-Up-Only-/142010448408?hash=item21107b7a18:g:~08AAOSw4q9XTdDw
  12. WTB: Klipsch Poster (Now Framed)

    Not sure if you've found anything yet, but here's one that's already framed in Louisiana (no affiliation): http://lafayette.craigslist.org/ele/5511737478.html
  13. Klipsch walnut Forte ll - $500 (Oak Lawn, IL)

    Wrong window. Sending PM.
  14. Klipsch walnut Forte ll - $500 (Oak Lawn, IL)

    Wrong window. Sending PM.
  15. Two Sets Forte II (Oak) - Florida

    The condition looks decent, but there's a buy on ebay in the Tampa area that has two sets of Oak Forte II's. They are listed as Walnut, and if they were actually walnut, well, this "Alert" wouldn't be here. I've already asked him about it, and he says that he just copied someone else's post. He's got one on a bid starting at $350 and the other set, buy it now at $500. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Paired-Klipsch-Forte-100-Watt-Stereo-Speakers-w-Oiled-Walnut-Cabinetry-/131804923035?hash=item1eb02f849b:g:n8IAAOSwn9lXKyHR http://www.ebay.com/itm/Pair-Klipsch-Forte-100-Watt-Stereo-Speakers-w-Oiled-Walnut-Cabinetry-/131803207662?hash=item1eb01557ee:g:n8IAAOSwn9lXKyHR