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  1. Thanks everyone for your knowledge and direct thoughts on my situation. I’ll abandon the SPL direct radiator type sub and start looking at a bass horn design that I can fit into a adjacent storage room. I have two spare K33E’s I can use to drive a large horn.
  2. I agree on the center channel thought, originally it was going to be a LaScala and I might still do that. What are your thoughts on the LFE channel? The Khorns don’t do well in the <25Hrz range and I’ve read that movie sound has info in that range in the LFE channel only.
  3. I have a 5.0 setup with Khorns for the L/R mains, a R-34C for the center and RF7’s for the surrounds (will be replacing these with LaScalas). I keep reading that a dedicated subwoofer for the LFE channel would help on movies, even with the Khorns. I’m looking at the SPL-120 & SPL-150. I’m thinking the 150 would match up better with the Khorns. What do you experts think?
  4. Thanks Tom, Ill check JBL They do help the directness of the mid horns. Appreciate the quick response.
  5. I bought these on eBay many years ago and don’t remember who made them and what they are called? It’s for the midrange horn to disperse the sound.
  6. PBT - I checked the internal doghouse dimensions and horn section in s few places and they looked the same as the 3/4" original plans to me. mustang guy made the 1" plans, perhaps he can confirm his layout matches the internal volume and horn shape.
  7. PBT - I'm going with 1" for all of the pieces/sections. The Sketchup plans can be exploded (parts move apart from each other) and then the dimensioning tool will show all of the board sizes. It uses 1" for all of the pieces except the bottom cover of the doghouse opening which is 3/4" in the plans, I will use 1" for that as well. I'm just using the free version of Google Sketchup which is fine for this project.
  8. Mustang Guy - thanks for the great Sketchup drawing for the 1" La Scala. All - I'm starting a project to build 3 La Scala cabinets and trying to decide the material to be used using the 1" thick plans. Some have suggested the MDF would resonate less than plywood, however I would think 1" thick Birch plywood (18 Ply) would also not resonate. Certainly the Plywood would be stronger and hold up to assembly screws better than MDF. I understand that the factory went with MDF for the La Scala II's, however I keep thinking the Birch Plywood would be better. Has anyone built a pair using 1" thick plywood? If so, what are your impressions on sound? Do you think MDF would have been quieter?
  9. @CECAA850 - I'll let you know when I get the amp. Due on 12/12. Ratings from their website, and backed up with Audio Precision test results, is THD + noise: <0.01%, SNR >97db @ 1 watt, >116 db at rated power. Power rating 80w per each of 7 channels into 8 ohms. 100w per channel into 4 ohms. Dampening factor (8ohm) >500. Should be pretty quiet if the preamp is. Pretty impressive specs for an amp selling for $499. Christmas price special of $429.
  10. @psg - I'm using the ALK Universal crossover which allows the woofer section to be powered separately from the squawker & Tweeter. Last night I ordered the Emotiva UPA-700 which has 7 channels, so I'll use 4 for the mains (2 each) which leaves 3 for the Center & Surround LaScala's. BTW - I'm putting the Surrounds back at about 135° equal distant with the center channel at about 8' from the sweet spot. @tigerwoodKhorns - No, I'm going to try it without the sub at first and just go with a 5.0 setup. I can always add one later. I probably won't have it all done until next summer, just collecting the parts now. Thanks everyone for your advice.
  11. Hi, I'm new to Klipschorns. They are highly efficient and not much power is required for high db, I get that. However, I'm putting together a 5.0 HT system and I'll also be using it just for plain old 2.0 stereo. I'm using the KHorns for the mains and La Scala's for the center and surrounds for the 5.0 system (for both music and Video surround sound). I'm looking at using the Emotiva UPA-700 which is rated at 80 watts per each of 7 channels. I'd bi-amp the mains using all 7 channels. My question is: Is 80 watts per channel going to be enough to provide the head room required for both music AND movies? Do I really need more power like using 7 mono-blocks like the Emotiva XPA-100 which are rated at 250 watts?
  12. I recently found an old pair of 15" woofers. They look just like K-33-M's with the large square magnet however they do not have the Klipsch sticker. They do have what looks to be a serial number and I have seen similar numbers before on K-33's. Can someone help me identify which woofers these are? Serial number is "137 7445". Re is about 3.9 ohms. The guy I purchased them from thought they were Speakerlab W1504S, however the color of the frame is the dark anodizing not the light color of the Speakerlab W1504S.
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