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  1. Thank you guys for the responses. Its quite an exciting time at the moment for me as I have decided to turn one of the larger bedrooms into a dedicated listening room. Not ideal from the point of view that the floor is not solid but I will now have the space to set up 3 sets of speakers and have all my amps connected up. When I get it all arranged I'll post a few pics. I don't listen at high volume and I hope to have the racks well isolated so I shouldn't be plagued with feedback through the turntables.
  2. I don't know if they sold it in the US but a few years back over here in the UK Sony marketed an AV receiver Model STRDB1080 as part of their QS series. I've listened to quite a few other AV receivers by other manufacturers and to my ears the Sony is way in front in producing an audiophile sound. It also has quite a decent phono preamp built in. I have hooked my 1080 up to my KM6's (identical to the KG5.5s) and the sound was smooth without any harshness even at high volume. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SB9Xi9ZMFY8
  3. I've tried many mats. The best combination I have found is using an origin live mat sitting on any acrylic platter as the mat provides super grip and improves the timing and transients. It also did wonders in eradicating static. An acrylic platter mat on top of the original rubber also works with my Garrard GT250 despite the fact there is no VTA adjustment and the Technics EPC270 rides slightly low at the back. Tried cork on a number of turntables but it didn't work as well for me as introducing acrylic in the sandwich.
  4. I say sort of new because I originally joined in 2006 as Singlemania and was last active in 2007. For some inexplicable reason I haven't been able to retrieve any password info so I have re-joined. This still site remains a remarkable source of information and one of the friendliest on-line communities on the web. Living in the UK I'm probably in a minority here. My KM6's are still going strong but need some recent fettling. I fitted the Bob Crites titanium tweeter diaphragms and modified the bracing and internal damping. Now they are a lot sweeter and the bass is even more extended and upper bass tighter. They sound awesome driven by either my Quad IIs or Sugden A51.
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