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  1. Twins! Scrappy, I did try that with the RF82ii's, and it wasnt good at all. The subs are so wide it put the towers way out there and I am only about 10.5 feet away from each, or to the MLP. When they were outside the subs the distance to the MLP didnt change as much, but they were spread from 8-9 feet apart to like 15. Not sure if the 7ii's are any different though.
  2. Finally! This box is pristine, so he may have sent me a non open box one.
  3. My boss needed one, and I grabbed a well rated one off Amazon for him. He has a harmony I set him up with and all his gear (like the avr and dvr) are in a cabinet. It works well.
  4. Tell me about it. Wife has a Mardi Gras Assoc. meeting tomorrow night, so all these goodies are getting setup (if the preamp is here, might have to wait until Thu). Buddy is buying my RF82ii's this weekend and my RC62ii once I get a new center figured out.
  5. Well, looks like the second cherry RF7ii is in town, and the amp cord will be here today. Marantz preamp should be here Wed or Thu, so we are close to getting this baby done.
  6. So what do you think about this for a mounting spot? Gonna secure it instead of hang, all it's gonna do is rattle if I dont.
  7. Gotcha, mine shifts from letterbox to full screen basically, and then back to letterbox. Dark Knight of course was the same way.
  8. Is that if you were sitting in thee MLP? If so, that is about what I went for and it works well. I spent a whole day messing around. I put them right on both sides of the display and straight, it sounded poorly. I put my subs inside them and toed them in, that spread them out too far and I could only hear one speaker it seemed like. Hitting as close to I could as an equilateral triangle and not quite aiming them both dead on MLP was great.
  9. I toe in. My 82ii's are about 10.5 feet from the MLP, which is a small round table in between my wife and I, and about 8-9 feet apart. They are not toed in directly at the MLP, more a spot behind it. I sit on the right side and the right front basically shoots across the left arm rest of my chair.
  10. Yeah, i wasn't quote sure what the right place for it was, I just know a lot of guys on here like Outlaw stuff.
  11. I monitor ebay a lot for outlaw amps, and this could be a great deal (auction). http://www.ebay.com/itm/Outlaw-Audio-Model-7125-7x125W-amplifier-125W-7ch-plus-7-cables-/161678623770?
  12. I love the imax shots and hardly ever notice it in movies, because Nolan is quite fond of that.
  13. We are behind on flicks, didn't have time this weekend and my HT is half mixed up because of the upgrades. Was at the spring game last weekend. I will be getting into my new copy of Smokey and the Bandit on Blu Thu or Fri, as well as Outcast, Son of a Gun and Night of the Lone Wolf.
  14. You guys are killing me with the RC7 talk, I honestly knew nothing of that speaker before yesterday. I'm sold on getting it for center to replace the 62ii.
  15. Another good aspect. I do run my subs 10db up over what audyssey calibrates them at, so headroom is key on that channel. Less unnecessary load the sub has the better the LFE, at least in my thinking. All this is why I am trying to go big on speakers and went big on an amp. I want to try it. I have no doubt the 7ii's can do 60hz, and looking at the spec the RC7 should do 60hz too.
  16. LOL. I would buy a new stand though if that thing was for sale... I could handle 5 feet wide, but something has to change where I put my preamp.
  17. That is my direction, and I do not know fully because I have never had the speakers to do it. I want to be able to cross the fronts and center lower (60hz), to see what that adds. I get the subs can do the other work, but if you have the right fronts, they should not have to pass off more of the load to the subs. Does having front speakers that can carry 60 or 40hz allow the sub some more accuracy since it can focus on sound below that plus the LFE channel and whatever it is handling for other speakers? Versus all speakers crossed at 80?
  18. On the flip side, I am intrguiged by having fronts (RF7ii) and a center (RC7) than I can cross at 60hz. Would be a fun experiment. Ive always went with the (let the subs do the work) but they have another job to do as well, and that is the LFE channel. I think if you can have a better supporting cast of speakers, it takes a little less load off the subs.
  19. Thats my issue with the 64ii, the width. I do want more ooopmh than the RC62ii, but its no slouch. RC7 looks like the best choice for me right now because it is not much larger than the 62ii.
  20. I personally like what is going on with that RC-7II center build in the other thread
  21. Nice. My white 12 now is long on every speaker, so instead of ordering all new I will trim it down. One end is ultrasonically welded, and I ordered some similar plugs already to go on the other end. Up until now Ive had the bare end attached to the speakers and the welded end on the amp.
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