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  1. My 809 didn't get very hot, but it had dual fans. My first big time avr was a 605, you could fry bacon on it.
  2. I think they really screwed up dropping Audyssey, but that looks nice. Instead of adding cpu's to handle atmos and audyssey (what D&M did) they chose to cheap out. Accueq does basically nothing in the eq department, I am not sure what they were thinking. Looks like the bean counters won, and personally it's D&M XT32 or Pioneer Elite MCACC Pro for me if I was buying anything. When you look at how long it took them to admit the HDMI board failures over multiple generations, I have no use for them any more. I loved the 809 I had, my dad is still using it.
  3. You are right, I forget the 64ii isn't ported. That seemed odd too IMO.
  4. Arent the 64ii and 62ii the same way? Their power is a little different but the 62ii freq response is a little lower than the 64ii which I thought was odd.
  5. http://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/marsr6006/marantz-sr6006-home-theater-receiver-3d-hdmi-airplay-w/3-yr-warranty/1.html#!more http://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/denavr3312ci/denon-avr-3312ci-7.2-network-a/v-surround-receiver-w/airplay/1.html http://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/denavr3313ci/denon-avr-3313ci-7.2-networking-receiver-w/airplay-3d-4k-ready/1.html Enjoy!
  6. Man, I like this one. http://www.standoutdesigns.com/collections/media-consoles-all-standout-tv-stands/products/media-console-solid-wood-haven-ex-82-inch-wide
  7. Ah, so you want it in a cubby hole?
  8. I looked long and hard for something low pro so I could mount the plasma low, and hold a big center. I had the 62II on this as well as the 64II now. http://www.sanus.com/en_US/products/furniture/jfv60/
  9. Yeah, we just skipped that one after the reviews. I also decided to skip Chappie too. Seventh Son tonight On another note, my uncle won a PS4 in a raffle and gave it to me. I set it all up earlier in the main HT and tested it with spears and munsil. Did well, be curios to see how it "looks" tonight. They did make it where you have to bring up options once the disc is in, and turn off NR and turn on bitstreaming of audio.
  10. From the album: Gadgtfreek's gear

    Current setup
  11. From the album: Gadgtfreek's gear

    VTF15H vs FV15HP
  12. lol weren't you all about headroom and what not though lol. It's all good. I could have told you it was too much power. But one has to find out for themselves. I was bound and determined to get another amp for my cinema setup but I just can't justify. I can go to 10 over reference on my avr power with no hint of distortion. And that's about all my ears can handle for even a brief moment. Your back must be sore as much as your walk around and pat it on the forums. You didnt have to tell me jack or shit, Ive owned more than one amp, and if you could stop being so arrogant for a second (take a look at the majority of your less than helpful posting), you would realize it is silly to compare a receiver running out of adjustment on a TEST TONE vs headroom available at reference volume. Forums are getting old, because you share you experiences and there is always some ******* that can't help but be an *******.
  13. LMAO Yeah, the 7500 is a great amp but I think it is overkill for my needs. I always wanted one, so I got it and sold my 7125... I grabbed this one new from Outlaw and can sell the 7500 for more than I spent. Also get shelf space back. End of the day, the 7125 is rated 7x125 all channels driven, but actually does about 140wpc all driven. Since I do not use 7 channels I have more headroom than that so it will be plenty. Really a great amp for $999, and you can get B stocks even cheaper. I'll miss that 7500 though, it's just a beast and cool wow factor with the size and dual 1.6kva transformers. The 7125 as a single 1.6kva and 20,000 uf's of capacitance per channel. If you have a beefy 5 or 7 channel system, the 7500/7700 are the amp.
  14. I saw that, but I have to think these were already R&D'd so that should not change. The next model's may be but the article I read said they would remain separate and the teams would stay in place. I wonder if MCACC would replace accueq on Onkyos?
  15. I have never seen on person so obsessed with an AVR amp vs. a separate amp. It is borderline ridiculous, and the facts never absorb so the posting is on repeat.
  16. Any AVR "certified" to drive 4 ohm speakers at that price range just limits rail voltage to protect the AVR. Onkyo and Denon both are guilty as charged. Here is the bigboy, the 5200 Denon, when set for 4 ohm by the selector switch, putting out 25watts/channel... Moral of the story, you will NOT get good 4 ohm performance from a cheap AVR. Joke is, the 5200 is not cheap. http://www.audioholics.com/av-receiver-reviews/denon-avr-x5200w/measurements
  17. One thing I want to offer to anyone reading this in the future, if you get something like 7ii's and a 64ii, spread them out. I spent over a week moving crap around to get a better freq response with REW, end of the day the 7ii's and 64ii sound soooooo much better spread out from each other. A triangle is a good thing, it is amazing what 8 feet apart vs 10ft apart does. Moral of the story is, the pretty chart does not matter if the ears do not agree (same thing I learned with video calibration).
  18. Scrappy, I am running my subs set to 75db with a -40dbfs tone, which is reference (115db). Its hard to run 115db from 20hz to 120hz in a room so large. I set my mains and center to 75db with a -30dbfs tone, or 105db. So 0.0 volume on the Marantz should yield 105 db for speakers and 115 for the LFE channel(peak), and I have seen as much with REW. I generally watch movies at -2.0 to 0.0. I did at one time run subs at 8-10db hot from what Audyssey set(because I did not have an accurate way of testing, I just felt it was low). What I have found consistently is XT32 sets subs -5db low, or 70db with a -40dbfs tone in my room. So in the past I technically ran them 5db hot, but I do not anymore. I set speakers and subs with proper tones so they are 105db and 115db, and have been very happy with the result. Some of the droning I heard in the subs with deep voices is gone, and I think it was there because I had the subs 5db hot. FYI, I use the spears and munsil 2nd edition bluray that has both -30dbfs tones for speakers and -40dbfs tones for subs to set them at 75db with reference level volume. Level checking behind Audyssey is one of the reasons I bought a verified SPL meter. Regardless of what Audyssey tells you, that cheap mic does not set sub level well IMHO.
  19. Im from a school of more RMS power the better. It's hard for people to accept the concept of "headroom" and musical transients require power. Granted most folks do not push speakers to reference volume for movies (105db for speakers and 115db for subs) but I do. Many would tell me dual rythmiks are overkill but I have proven that even they can't do 115db across the response when asked (in my room). Id actually need three but I can't fit a third.
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