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  1. The Monoblocks are nice. IF choosing between the XPA3 and XPA5, go ahead and get the 5. Also, if go Emotiva, join their e-club, buy your stuff, and you can probably come out a little less even after the e-club membership.
  2. I am running separates now Marantz AV7702 and Outlaw Model 7500
  3. Yeah, I see they have a 7 and 5 channel, I just meant the 3 channel is not made.
  4. Cross psot from the 2 channel forum, where I was questioned about my liking pure 2 channel for music vs involving the subs and center. In past models I used PLII music, but they changed modes this year:
  5. I think I figured out part of the issue. In the new models they do not have PLII Music anymore, which is what I would have used, it is Dolby Surround and many owners of the new preamp/amps are not happy with the SQ. The option is to buy the $200 Auro 3D upgrade and use Auro 2D for music
  6. I agree. 3 XPA-1's. I like the idea of monoblocks, but I did not have the room for them. With a monoblock or multi channel amp with differential design you have virtually no crosstalk. This is where if you were getting say an XPA-3 for 3 channel, or XPA-5, Id recommend a multi channel Outlaw instead (7500/7700). I am not familiar with the Accurus, but I do not think those are made any more. If you can't find one a Parasound Halo is also a nice choice.
  7. They other funny thing is they started quoting 6 ohm power output instead of 8...
  8. Clean, sterile, all good words. I like the Outlaw to me it is in between the Marantz and an Onkyo, but I wouldnt kick any of them out of bed
  9. Looks like my AV calibrator Chad will be in town early June. I am going to have him put me on the list for a visit. I will have the 64II by then and he can come in and fully test the reaction of the speakers in this room, and help me with proper xover settings and such.
  10. I heard a difference with the Klipsch between Marantz/Denon (more "warm") and Onkyo. Slight, but the Onkyo was a little more "metallic", or "crisp" IMO. Onkyo sound is like my Outlaws IMO. No experience with Yammie or Pioneer. I also think some speakers may expose differences more than others, especially these horns.
  11. I'm leaning heavily at running the 64ii at 60hz, and keeping the 7ii's there as well. My main issue with 80hz on the center, if it can be avoided, is some voices still carry over to the sub. I do not like that. I know the cutoff on the 64ii is 59hz, but room does have an affect and I have seen many folks end up with the AVR setting the 64ii at 40hz, and then just bumping up to 60hz and they are happy. If it sucks I can always bump up to 80hz with about 10 seconds of button pushing
  12. When you go into the trim level section, yes it plays the tones because that is where you would adjust/check speakers are putting out 75db. But, you can just go in and adjust them a couple of dB up or down, and then back out and see if the level is now how you want. This is a global (across all inputs) setting. I do not think you can adjust the level, while listening to content, because you will get the test tone seeing that is what that menu is primarily for. Like I said, I think the reasoning is because once you set them all to 75dB the feeling is you should not have to tweak them. I know this isnt the best scenario for "tweakers". Now in the Audio menu, you can quickly adjust the center or sub up or down for each input individually (not global), but not the mains or the surrounds.
  13. Thanks. Audyssey likes to set my towers at 40 and the 62ii at 40. I know the room has some affect on this and it's actually the freq response in the room. The audio calibrator confirmed both the 82ii's and 62ii were reading fine down past 60 in my room, but I always left them at 80. If I had a 70 I would use it, but my options are 60 and 80. I have a feeling if Audyssey and the Marantz report the 64ii at 40, that it could handle 60hz on the center channel.
  14. 4520ci is a little more of a beast than the SR7009.
  15. Any of you guys run the 64II at 60hz? I know it's freq response starts around 59hz, but my RC62II in my room actually could be set at 60hz according to mic tests by a calibrator and its actual in room response. I never did though.
  16. Thats where I have my 62II, and my 64II will go. Angled up toward MLP.
  17. I'm 38 years young (or old, depending on the day ) I have a feeling I wont be as loud with these 7ii's, they are all up in your face. It's odd how speakers, both set to 75db with a meter, seem different in volume, or have a different affect. I think it is the larger horns.
  18. Yeah, its several remote clicks. With on screen menus though you can do it quick enough. Another thing I like about with the AV7702, is heat. It just gets warm, where every AVR I have used as a preamp has still gotten quite warm. I have heard people say the heat mostly comes from the video chips, but if that was true the AV7702 would still be pretty warm, when it is not. Personally, I would expect a preamp to run cooler than an AVR, using the amps or not.
  19. Ill also note, even though Audyssey sets speakers to 75db each time, I am finding I cannot be as liberal with the volume control. Wonder if that will diminish even further with the 64ii.
  20. LOL. There is no way after dropping over $11k on AV gear, that I am not gonna listen to movies with authority. I'd also like to point out we might watch one movie a week, so there is a 1 hr 45 minute window over 7 days where I crank my stuff. I rarely even play music. It's not like its 4 hours a day every day. Plus, 85db is city traffic, and where the movie normally runs (85-90). Sure, action scenes and certain points hit the 100db mark but it isnt sustained. You arent sitting here listening to 110db's for 2 hours straight. My last hearing test was fine too I usually let my ears tell me whats too much, they know best if you pay attention. For example I am watching Smokey and the Bandit blu right now. I have it back about -4db from reference, its just a loud movie and anything more is just too much.
  21. IMO, after you run audyssey XT32 and check your levels for 75db, you should never need to adjust them. But thats my 0.02. YMMV.
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