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  1. JL, I sent you a message. Earl
  2. With the first 70+ day up in the frigid north, I’m wondering where the trade off is between sweet tubes and a sauna in my bedroom. I love the sound of my VAC 90 but it sure puts out some heat.
  3. Two wired for sound dacs. the price in the review ($1,499) is obviously the original price from about 2015. selling price for one is $575 or both for $950 plus shipping. Located in Rochester, NY The DAC-2 is Wyred 4 Sound's flagship effort, though it sells direct for a very un-reference price of $1,499. Available in your choice of black or silver, the DAC-2 is a handsomely unassuming piece that looks far better in person than it does in photographs. It's also larger in person than it seems in photographs, measuring eight-and-a-half inches wide by a little over four inches tall and 13.5 inches deep. It isn't light, either, tipping the scales at 16 pounds, which for a DAC might as well be 100. Still, its construction is solid, its connection options, which I'll get to in a second, are of a high quality and its feature set is more akin to what you'd expect from a preamp than your run of the mill DAC. There's a reason for this, of course: it's because the DAC-2 is also a preamp. As for input/output options, the DAC-2 has two coaxial digital inputs, two optical audio inputs, one AES/EBU input, one 1S2 input (via non-standard HDMI cable) and a 24-bit, 192kHz Asynchronous USB input. A word on the DAC-2's digital and USB inputs: the coaxial digital inputs are capable of accepting signals up to 32 bits in length and 200 kHz in frequency, whereas the optical inputs can only handle up to 176.4 kHz due to the limitations of the format's transmission properties. The DAC-2's USB input can handle 24-bit, 192 kHz signals. Outputs include a pair of unbalanced and balanced (true balanced design) audio outs. There's even a home theater bypass via a pair of unbalanced inputs. A detachable power cord and a 12-volt trigger round out the DAC-2's connection options.
  4. EV DH1A. Drivers. Bought for enclosures I just sold the found these. Spring cleaning (after 3 years) turns up so much! Rochester, NY $175 plus shipping and fees (if any)
  5. eth2

    Selling is a hassle

    Some people make it easy to not sell to them. I’ve had a guy sending snide emails because he thinks I should have posted more pictures. If he had simply said, please send pictures of…, fine. But to make a nasty comment and then expect to buy? Nah!
  6. Quicksilver’s Mid Mono amplifier is completely hand-wired and can use many different output tubes; the Mid Mono has a low loss output transformer, adjustable bias, and five-way gold-plated binding posts. Setting the bias is very simple: two screwdriver controls and pin jacks for any multimeter that reads millivolts. Power is 40 watts at 50% triode operation with the standard EL34s or KT88s, 45 watts with KT120s and 50 watts with KT150s. They are in excellent condition. I bought them on the Forum a few years ago. I’ve been asked about the original boxes. I found them and they are in excellent condition. The amps would be shipped double boxed. Price $1,200. They are in Rochester, New York. The price does not include shipping or fees if you use PayPal and is FIRM. Please don’t say that you will buy them if you don’t have the money. Thank you. Retail Price $1995/pair. $2,295 chrome
  7. Ive had three bad experiences trying to sell audio equipment in the past three weeks. Three times, I’ve been told that the writer would buy the piece. Once he didn’t show up and twice the purchaser claimed they couldn’t come up with the money. This last time I pulled my system apart, spent two hours packaging the piece, only to be told they were sorry but couldn’t come up with the money. It’s just tiring. Twice I was able to sell to another buyer, but come on! Please be considerate of sellers. If you don’t have the money, don’t offer to buy.
  8. Two horn and tweeter enclosures. Very good condition. No drivers. Rochester, NY $200
  9. Price: $3,900. Location: Rochester, NY ($12,000 from manufacturer or $6,395 from Canuck Audio w/o warranty) SEE WEBSITE https://www.wyetechlabs.com/products/preamplifiers/ruby-std The Ruby STD preamp uses the latest development in grounded grid configurations which surpass all our previous designs. While lab experimenting, we happened to stumble upon an observation of stupendous consequences that would have seemed impossible beforehand. We have not only managed to simplify the circuit using less parts, but have allowed 3 useful and necessary functions to be performed by one precision Vishay 0.1% 25 ppm metal film 1 watt resistor. As a consequence, we can state with certainty that this line stage is the fastest possible using tube circuits. While it would be possible with solid state devices to reach these speeds, very few of the ultra high end solid state line stages that we are aware of approach this extreme bandwidth. Not only is it flat from 20 Hz to 250 KHz but extends way out past 1,000,000 Hertz. As always the three stages are non-inverting maintaining absolute phase. REVIEW Tone Audio No. 75 - November 2015 - Reviewed by Rob Johnson This is a very special preamplifier, offering performance rivaling the world's finest… In the context of the four different systems at my disposal… the main characteristics of the Ruby that came through loud and clear… were this preamplifiers spectacular bass drive, extension and control along with an incredibly deep soundstage… …of the preamplifiers in my collection, I`d compare it the most closely to the $33,000 Koda K-10, with an almost absence of `sound` but with a few drops more of tonal saturation…
  10. can someone tell the year of manufacture from this tag? thank you.
  11. They require a tweeter module for three way operation.
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