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  1. On 11/4/2022 at 6:00 AM, Islander said:

    For what it's worth, my JubScalas are about 12 feet apart, and I sit roughly 12 feet from them.  My reclining sofa is placed so that my head is about one-third of the distance from the back wall to the front wall.  That should be ideal, but I'm sure that even so, MMurg's system sounds way better than mine.

    My Super MWM's are 16' center to center and most choose to listen at around 12' to 14' away. Amazing fidelity and presence you can never have with direct radiator speakers. Of course they sound good out in an open field too from 90' or more away. Big horns done right just flat out beat everything else.

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  2. 4 minutes ago, jjptkd said:


    According to his A'gon listing: This setup includes the Xilica 8080 active DSP crossover,KPT-402-HF Tractrix® Horn with a K-1132 two-inch exit titanium compression driver.



    Yeah the ads for these are everywhere. I think the upcoming holidays and people worried about 30+ % inflation at the grocery store this year have really hurt the used pro Klipsch market. I have a similar set that is not the caliber of these up for some time and not a nibble.

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  3. 2 hours ago, Schu said:

    Just for clarification for those that are close enough to get these...

    which Xilica are you selling with these?

    is that the latest version of the 402 horn?

    which driver is attached... k-691 or k-69a?

    in the photo above, and from the factory, a passive was available... is it still with these speakers?



    They are the Gen 3 402's and were installed new on this set.  4080 Xilica . 1132 which is the correct Klipsch driver for this set. Who cares about the passive if you have a Xilica with good settings already entered for this set. I can tell anyone this is a good set from first hand knowledge and normally these would have been long gone. Big sets are moving slow right now and that is the only reason they are still here. You snooze you lose and you wont see a set this good at this price again.

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  4. On 11/1/2022 at 1:05 PM, mark1101 said:

    I had the same issue with risky forward tilt on my 402 setups.  I removed the front brackets (that don't bend) and installed door hinges from Home Depot.  Look and work just fine.  Can tilt safely forward/backward without fear of breaking the horn plastic.

    That's right and a cheap easy fix. This is the way a set of 942/4's is set up in my shop right now.

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  5. 20 hours ago, Invidiosulus said:

    And it’s a CSX line that runs through town which sort of explains it.

    Hmm, your tag says Hong Kong and no locale was given so I had to ask. There is an old Chessie caboose in Ethridge, a small town close to me on a siding. Ex Louisville and Nashville then ex CSX and now Patriot Rail. Passenger trains ran until the early 60's here and I ran across an older guy who used to ride from Columbia to Lawrenceburg TN on this line. I have followed the track in places and according to this old timer the ride was quite scenic. I can believe it and rolling countryside with numerous stream crossings and some steep grades it would be fun to ride this line. Freight only though for some time and almost abandoned. by CSX. When I moved here in the late 80's the road bed was in terrible shape and used to connect to Chattanooga through Pulaski. The Pulaski to Chattanooga line was pulled up but the rest was saved and today sees freight rolling along daily.

  6. 12 hours ago, babadono said:

    Winner, winner Chicken Dinner.

    That's what I was going to post if i did not find this...

    How do you melt the insulation on the voice coil winding of a LaScala? DC current that did not get to the mids and tweets?

    Are the mids and tweeters Ok?

    I don't know how a lot of things are done. I was once working on an LSI and when I opened it up there were char marks at the top of the slot where the woofer mounts. A true rockin hot concert no doubt. My respect for SLV types only grew as I looked at the replacement woofer labeled Taiwan with no model number.

  7. 6 hours ago, bsacco1 said:

    Yes, I never heard back from Dave, so I don't know...


    Does anyone know how to test the tolerances of my horns and crossover caps in these speakers?


    I'm not an electronic tech by any stretch but I have a multimeter and can follow instructions.



    Sorry about that. My wife has had a rough couple of days and I just plain forgot. I will try to get them looked at this evening.

  8. 37 minutes ago, Tom05 said:

    Fancy wire is not without merit  ,I fully realize that it’s difficult or impossible  to impress my friends , neighbors or new girlfriends  with zip cord , lamp cord , or cheap cord . A real high class set up ,needs the fancy jewelry to properly play the part . That’s one reason why all my wires ,splices ,connectors, cheap subwoofer and shaker amps ,are all safely hidden from view ,behind the wall .🤓

    Leave your "$12,500" price tag on there where they have to peek a little bit to find it so they can realize not only do you have good taste but you are modest too.

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  9. 23 hours ago, babadono said:

      From the wiki article cited:

    Moreover, many audiophiles are willfully ignorant of the fallibility of human hearing. They will claim to "just use your ears" as a rationalization for their pursuit. Ears detect, but the brain hears, and the brain can easily be fooled into confirming any level of bias. Many of these so called audiophiles are equally ignorant of how to properly control for this fallibility, and will even dismiss it outright; many will claim that properly controlling with a blind test will "stress out" the listener thus harm any data gathered, without any evidence to support such a notion. Perhaps deep down the audiophile knows that they are full of it, and the idea that they could be made a fool of is indeed quite stressful. In fact real audio scientists will have to follow several critical modeling steps to design experiments which ensure a scientific level of accuracy and reliability. However, to the audiophile this is all flippantly dismissed, many times in spite of the evidence. Even the audiophile press will perform uncontrolled listening tests which involve simply turning it on, and having a pleasant experience, leading the reader to assume they can do the same thing, and they can, but their results will be just as flawed.

    Are you impugning Earcrometers? Are you saying they are not efficacious and golden?

  10. 1 hour ago, Schu said:

    another boring economic discussion...

    another predictable reaction.


    26 minutes ago, michaelwjones said:


    Now I'm hosed; I have a concrete floor in my listening room. Better excavate some of it to determine the iron content. Whoa; that means you too Dave. That rebar in our floors could interfere with the flow...   😂

    😁See now I planed ahead knowing all this esoteric electronics voodoo ahead of time. While I do have wire mesh it is way down in that 8" thick 5000psi slab that mainly depends on the fiber mesh for crack resistance. My cleverly constructed steel building was designed to be an audio enhancing Faraday cage to reduce all harmful electronic interference. It's why my speakers sound so good with so few components.

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  11. If Klipch will really sell you a K-33 for $129.00 I would not look into reconing. You would probably spend close to that on a recone and then how do you KNOW the recone dude has real correctly made recone stuff to duplicate the OEM K-33?  I have 7 K-45's and 48's in the scrap bin right now because reconing in Nashville is a big PITA and I have no assurance these woofers would be restored to OEM specs other then an empty promise. 


      I have one of these old woofers on the shelf. Have to see if it is working and if it is you can have it for the price of shipping. I will get back to you tonight.

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  12. 31 minutes ago, michaelwjones said:

    From the AK6 spec sheet:


    The quality continues with Audioquest Type 4 with Star-Quad Geometry internal wiring featuring carbon-loaded insulation, nitrogen-injected PE and solid long-grain copper conductors.

    Now there is a mouthful of marketing babble speak!


     So picture yourself in the listening room in Hope where you will see zip cord on the floor. Good enough for Roy means good enough for me. Buy 12g by the spool and be happy don't worry.


     From Audiogon, and I mean way gone, today. I just love humor in the morning!

    "Had my interconnect cables custom made to be 10’3.47” long…mathematically this is the perfect length as all the distortion has plenty of room to disperse."


    Well that is true for one specific wire manufactured in a particular way. The math changes when you vary construction and gauge and strand thickness.


    Cable cooking and freezing can change the math when it alters the metallurgical structure.of the conductor.


     You can reverse the cable and the math will change. Wire has a best way for proper electron flow.


     Avoid laying speaker cables on a bare floor as wood will change the flow of electrons and render your mathematically precise calculated wire to then be incorrect. Ceramic tile will not unless you have tile with heavy iron content. Also avoid finer wool carpets as they are prone to static electricity buildup which can effect your outcome too.



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  13. First thing you do is switch speaker leads and see if the problem follows the speaker or not. I have seen connections to the woofer fall off. Checking resistance with the woofer wires loose from the barrier strip will tell you that. Those old K-33's are quite durable and my first suspicions would be it is something else. Also loosen and tighten all the connections at the barrier strip.

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