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  1. Having a conversation with Rockhound about what I am bringing and I want to broach this idea here. I am hesitant to bring a bunch of stuff for sale or trade because most of the people showing up I figure already have more than they need and might be looking to sell too. Perhaps it might be beneficial to have a list of things people can bring to see if there is any interest in them rather than hauling and hoping.

  2. 35 minutes ago, Panelhead said:

    They machine 10 mmm round beads and somehow orient to center bore with the the grain. All the holes are centered. Never had one crack. 

    This is the problem with large sections of wood. Small ones are far less likely to crack over time. Even kiln dried lumber can crack when you start having pieces 4" thick unless you layer it and glue boards together to get there. Once you do the consistent grain pattern is gone.

  3. 53 minutes ago, glens said:

    That's what I'd guessed.  So really what we have here is MAH and MWH.  I'll leave it at that...

     I will consult my marketing director and see if he can be swayed. Model "T". Hmmm, Model Terrific? Model Transport? Model Twidledee? What could Ford have been thinking anyway?

  4. 1 hour ago, glens said:


    Not so many that I've noticed; rather more just a handful.  I've never before this site encountered the term "horn lens" apart from the acoustic lenses for horns which (at least) JBL used back in the '70s.  But if a horn is a lens, then it's especially illogical to call it a "horn lens".  Might as well call it a horn horn or a lens lens!


    I've wondered about the derivation of MAHL anyway.  Maybe "machined aluminum horn lens" or something?


    If that's the case, you beautiful creations in wood couldn't rightfully be MAHLs anyway, right?

    Well look I could have ten different names or just stick with one that is well known and let others be word cops.   It just does not pay to keep switching things around.

  5. 1 hour ago, Panelhead said:

      Then maybe only oil wood from the Middle East has the tight grain. The Spanish, Greek, and Italian olive groves are in a more temperate climate. 

      The desire for tight grain is driven by the machining done. Noticed Dave has given in to helicoils or wood inserts. These are usually a very course thread on the outside and a machine thread on the inside. 

    All kinds of wood have tight grain but you have to go up north for most of it. Now here locally there is very dense wood with small pores and the tightness of grain is not so important with these types. Not commonly available like Red Oak and Walnut though.

  6. 2 hours ago, glens said:

    Something tangential which I really, really wonder about is when it became customary to call a "horn" a "lens."

    When you find out let me know but so many here do this I went along with it and will not be changing the name to MAL. It's like motorboard. I go to the klipsch forum and this is what I read that it is called and everyone here knows what it means. You go elsewhere and the grammar cops regale you with correct versions.

  7. 7 hours ago, CANT said:

    As a possibly relevant side note:


    I am using 315LF's and not 904/940's so according to the active literature we've been discussing I would need to attenuate my HF -2dB, which I originally did when I started playing around with this setup by inserting a single series resistor prior to the + input of the network. I considered this solution simple and effective for what I was attempting and this method appears to be commonly used in current Klipsch networks. As an example this Jubilee/402 network supplied by Roy allowed the owner to insert a value 0-4ohm (0 to -3dB) inbetween the network and the K69A driver "to taste".


    In any case, I found that the -2dB suggested was not quite enough and end closer to double that using a 5ohm resistor. This experiment would make me wonder if those using the 904/940LF might not want to try using a 1-2ohm resistor (-1 to -2dB) in the same manor. 

    I am saving that one and had not seen this before. Thanks for posting it. That thing is way more complicated than the very basic 904 HF-LF crossover.

  8. My wood choices have been based on Klipsch veneer types in common use. I am rethinking this as I like the endless variety of wood. Good dense wood is a blessing when machining although Walnut seems to cut like butter even though it is not all that dense. Some of the really hard woods I guess can be hard to stain or oil though.

  9. I had some Walnut crotch wood I cut some lenses out of just for the heck of it. Some spalted Walnut also I am going to try one day and on the ridge top there are some Dogwoods I think I can get stuff out of. A pink and cream mottled appearance and really different. You start looking at all the wood out there and wheels start spinning. Mulberry of all things is yellow black and so is Osage Orange. Going to try a set out of Black Locust too this spring as I think it looks good and I have plenty of it well seasoned and I think stable enough to use.


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  10. On 1/22/2020 at 3:53 PM, geoff. said:

    @rmlowz, please share these with us when you get them.


    maybe even dedicate a separate post to it (for sure)


    I think an L-pad would be just the ticket for the K510


    some recordings are perfect, others too hot



    I tend to think the right way is to use something like Audacity to fix the music and not have to change settings for different songs. I look forward to Chris and Audacity 101. Audacity is a required tool in your toolkit for audio as far as I am concerned.

  11. On 1/22/2020 at 11:07 AM, davis419b said:

    In my house Klipsch speakers must stand on their own 2 feet ! I have been a member here for 12 years and still don't know what a PEQ is.

    All I can say is hearing will make a believer out of a skeptic. I have a test case here and it is the 904KPT with factory crossovers and then the Xilica and bi-amp. While not dialed in all the way yet the electronic DSP stuff is the clear winner. I fought "unneeded" complications until I built the S-MWM's and will not ever go back.

  12. On 1/22/2020 at 11:44 AM, Chris A said:

    I'd check your signal stream--like your sound card (if you're not using digital output from your computer that's serving your music files). 


    The problem is with the 510 and DE75. Other speakers work just fine off my system.


    On 1/22/2020 at 11:44 AM, Chris A said:

    This could also be the source of the problem--quite easily.


    This was a comment of curiosity thinking of how much improvement there was with the phase plug update on 1132 drivers. The DE75's on the 510's have what appears to be the same phase plug as the old 1132's and most definitely are not the new versions.


    On 1/22/2020 at 11:44 AM, Chris A said:

    Likely a problem.  I'd push down the HF SPL response above ~5 kHz by about 3 dB/octave.  The figure below shows screen attenuation of two different types of "MicroPerf" screens.

    I figure this is the likely culprit and will work on this aspect first.


    On 1/22/2020 at 11:44 AM, Chris A said:

    We'll discuss this at SWAG

    I look forward to doing so. It will be nice to meet the face behind the comments and help.

  13. 1 hour ago, davis419b said:

    I have had the 904's for several years. They came with 510 horns and BEC DE75 drivers. They were too hot for what I liked so a forum friend of mine made me some jumpers to tone them down and it worked well. Later I went to the 402 horns with pAudio BM-750 drivers and have enjoyed them with no issues.



    I will try this. 402's still needed PEQ's here but they are stellar when set up right.

  14. 22 hours ago, CANT said:

    I've noticed it too but can't isolate it...


    The high Q value and distance from the crossover point make me think it is whatever is causing  "PEQ2: 3.7kHz  Q: 5 Gain: -3db" in the active settings.


    Surprisingly the KPT-Grand HF-T (510/69) similarly requires

    "PEQ4: 3.5kHz  Q: 7 Gain: -2db"

    "PEQ2: 3.8kHz  Q: 5 Gain: -3db"

    in certain applications despite being crossed at roughly 4kHz in those applications


    I think this is the right direction too when I have time to fiddle around.

  15. The best way is to post  a WTB in the garage sale section of the forum. You might have to post a few more times to get to do so though. The next best thing is EBay where everything Klipsch will show up sooner or later. In the USA Klipsch will not sell you that horn unless you can provide a serial number, picture of damage to existing horns as the reason why you need two and you are the owner. In other words you can forget getting them from Klipsch


      Laughing at myself today as I see this was posted by OP in Garage sales. Note to self do not respond without going to the thread and reading it all.

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