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  1. Iron and chassis both sold to forum members..... enjoy
  2. LOL .... Depends on the room and how many speakers you load it up with ! My first HT room had 4 K-horns ( Ft mains & Rears ) , a Belle as the center , a KLF-C7 as the rear center and a pair of Lascalas taking up the sides , plus 2 klipsch powered subs Pack all that into a 14x20 room and you've got SPL that will raise the hair on your head , powered by Three Rotel RB - 1090 & a RB-993 and look out My SPL meter was showing 130db plus in the center of the room ... the biggest thing was isolation of components , Black Diamond " Racing cones " and Black Diamond "Those things " under just about every component plus mission isoplats just to keep everything from vibrating into oblivion . PS : Add in about 15k worth of room treatments as well , or the horns will kill your ears .
  3. Ya , I know dean , just been busy trying to get hunting season over with .. closes here on Thursday , I left the house at 6:00am this morning and just walking in the door at 7:00 pm Sold my pair of lascalas ... another board member bought my belle and I'm trying to pack it and send it off ... got my Dynaco Mark III's Sold as well , waiting to hook up with the guy to get them a new home ... busy busy ( hence I won't be needing the JFL 6SN7 Pre-amp now ) You interested in any of this magnaquest stuff on the x-overs , if so I won't sell it ....
  4. Pair of 87 and 89 k-horns ... both bought new , original owner ( me ) pair of 78 lascalas ... original owner ( me ) I doubt there are any original owners of 50's or 60's k-horn on the forum
  5. Mint pair of Altec Lansing 511 B Wide dispersion horns ... bare no drivers $200.00
  6. Sold ..... $1400.00 CAN ... dude got a great deal , the cardas 5 way binding posts , litz wiring and stands were worth $100.00 on they're own , so $1300.00 CAN for a minty pair of lascalas are a deal
  7. I'm guessing the cow dung in Calgary clouds the comprehension of the english language ... for the rest of us " finished " means the top coat , or the protective layer ... the last thing applied.
  8. Rear Black K-horns ... notice the carpet has changed from green to neutral , had a sewage tank back up so my insurance company re-did my basement
  9. loads of Rotel here ... RB-1090 ( Ft mains, k-horns ) RB-993 ( Belle center and k-horns rears ) RSP -985 Processor , RDV-1045 DVD player , RCD-991 CD transport ( this is the one with the dither control settings ) Monster cable Line conditioners and for all the old school junkies , a pair of Audio control phase coupled activators for that kick in the face bass control . All wired with NBS Dragon fly inter connects , front main speaker wire is the wrist thick monster cable sigma series . Isolation controlled by , black diamond racing cones and those things , also a pair of isoplats .... Oh , and 2 powered subs And that's just the HT gear ... lol PS : This pic shows the KLF-C7 Center and a Toshiba theater view ... it's now the Belle center and a 60" Plasma ( in the basement so light conditions are dark enough for plasma )
  10. Tung has been around for a looooooong time ... These just have one coat , I wanted to put something on the bare wood so it wouldn't dry out , but also something I could get back off if I wanted to , I live in northern alberta where its pretty cold and very dry in the winter months .. i've actually got a pair of black k-horns that have some grain splitting on the top hat sections due to just that . Oil is simple and easy for the DIY crowd or those with limited access to proper equipment .... I worked for 30 years as an autobody refinisher at a GM dealership where I had unlimited access to a $150k Alpo Rotocab down draft paint chamber , on weekends and evenings I use to spray lacquer for a local cabinet shop , I'm sure I've done 1000 or more complete kitchens , in return I got unlimited access to a million dollars in wood working equipment . If you look at my other thread with the Belle for sale , there's a pic on that thread of a pair of my birch k-horns spray stained with an alcohol stain and then one coat of lacquer sealer and one coat of 30% autolaq which is a pre-catalyzed lacquer .. not a spec of dust , dirt of lint in the finish , that's the bonus of access to a proper spray booth .
  11. Yes it was the first one ... this is actually the picture he sent me when he was burning it in . Mine has a volume pot , the second one he built had a step attenuator I do believe ...he did that one for chris if memory serves Down in the garage sale section I've got some brand new magnaquest iron 4sale and 2 walnut amp chassis to match this one , was going to build JFL 300B SET but never got around to getting at it ... life gets busy ... Dale
  12. Shunt regulated push pull ( SRPP ) 6SN7 pantheon audio line stage . Mine has serial #001
  13. On Kijiji Edmonton area for $1400.00 Canadian which is closer to $1200.00 USD Birch cabinets finished in tung oil , 9.5 out of ten ... light paint flaking on one mid horn as seen in the pic's . Custom Cardas 5 way binding posts with litz wire .. Also have a pair of Altec lansing 511B horns if you wanna mod TUNG-OIL SCALA 006.bmp
  14. Ahhh .... the good old days ! man there were some nasty battles on this forum back in the day , loads of drama ..lol were you around when moon set off a fire storm on the AVS forum , then their members came over here to battle back ?? We had a secret sub forum section to piss on each other that was a invite only , hidden from sight of normal forum members ... funny as hell
  15. 25 years ago we had quite the small klipsch forum family going here .... Just wonder what ever happened to guys like : Moon ... Fini .... Kelly .... Dean g .... Craig from Nosvalves , B4 there was a NOS valves .... even our old French Canadian buddy Jean franchise lessard from the old magaquest site ?? How about out first forum moderator : Trey cannon or Amy
  16. Had a quad of their RB-1090 flagship blocks back in the day .... 120 LBS EACH !! Only one left in the fleet now , enjoy your new purchase
  17. Sign of the times ...... I threw away cases of these exact tubes 25 years ago , couldn't even give one away ! I bought a surplus lot of NOS tubes in 1992 for $200 that consisted of over 3800 tubes ( an entire skid of tubes ) Wishing I would have held onto some of that stuff now ...
  18. Yes sir .... we tend to get a little crazy up in the north country when it comes to rare stuff ... lol
  19. was going to build a 300B project of JFL design to complement my 6SN7 SRPP Pre-amp but have no time ... Any amp builders out there ? New in original shipping box : 1 pair of EXO-03 , 1 pair EXO-01 , 1 pair BCP-16 Ni ( grid choke ) , 1 pair TFA-2004-Ni Parafeed ouput transformer Amp chassis are oiled walnut , custom built by JFL's French Canadian woodchucker Offers ?
  20. Bought this Belle from Greg Roberts ( voltiaudio ) like 15 years ago when he still lived in maine ... Think I paid $500.00 plus shipping , if I could get my money back out of it I'd be more then happy . PS : I've been on this forum for 20 years under various user names , I leave for a year or 2 and come back to everything changed and my profile long gone . Original user name was - Dalew
  21. Anyone interested in a single walnut belle , I'm in the Edmonton alberta area Cabinet is a 9.5 out 10 Serial # 2S 613 Type BK-WO walk4@albertacom.com
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