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  1. I used a pair of RSX-4's with RF-3's and RF-25's for a period of time.  I didn't have any real issues with that.  The RSX-5's are....something special.

  2. 30 minutes ago, EcuaJoka said:

     then these speakers just have an extra set of ports in case needed.

    AFAIC dual-binding posts on speakers at this level are just a marketing gimmick.


    Bi-Amping requires some minor internal modification to the speakers, and additional components to accomplish.

  3. 1 hour ago, EcuaJoka said:

    I was able to connect the speakers this way. It’s it correct?

    speaker / Receiver

    Atmos - height 1 L&R

    HF to front L&R

    LF to height2 L&R

    That's not correct unless the H2 is assignable.  And if it is assignable you'd need to remove the straps - but that configuration is also unnecessary.  You only need to use one set of those terminals.


    Can I use the k4B-2B Bi-Wire Speaker Cable? Which is the 4 banana plug to 2 banana cable.  I may have misplaced the pins.


    You could, but again, that is not necessary.

  4. On 3/10/2021 at 9:56 AM, Efrain Martinez said:

    I have a denon AVRS 750 and I need to clear how connect thre speaker R- 26FA,  I have 6 +1 speaker out, Can I connect three in each speakers ? Right  and left ?

    Not sure what the question is.  There's 2 speakers in the R-26FA, you only need to connect two terminals.  See the diagram I posted in this thread.  You connect the stand-alone terminals to height channels, and one of the lower 2 to the main.

    1 hour ago, EcuaJoka said:

    I was able to connect the speakers this way. It’s it correct?

    speaker / Receiver

    Atmos - height 1 L&R

    HF to front L&R

    LF to height2 L&R

    No, you should be using the copper strap to connect the two lower terminals to each other and run only one set of wires from that lower set to your AVR.  See the diagram.

  5. On 2/20/2021 at 11:38 AM, schwock5 said:

    Any guidance in best/easiest way to upgrade rf7 and rc7? Is it worth it? I've heard of the deanG upgrades. Are there others? Whats reccomended? I've had these for 15 years,  instead of replacing speakers a small.uogesde might be what carries them the next 15

    The RF-7's have a decent upgrade available, but the RC-7 shouldn't need much of anything.  That crossover is one of the better built designs, and I wouldn't mess with it.  I know Bob had done a number of RF XO updates, but I'm not sure if anyone has taken over that, and I'm not sure if Dean is still in business either.  The only real meaningful upgrades to the RF-7's would be the XO.

  6. Sounds good!  Let me know.


    The UPA line is still pretty solid with the toroidal transformers - it's why I never wanted to go with their Gen III stuff.  The Parasounds that have been replacing these have also had the toroidal units in them.  Easy selling point for me. :)

  7. Up for sale is my last piece of Emotiva gear.  I started phasing out my Emotiva stuff a few years ago in favor of Rotel/Parasound combinations.  This one is the last piece to go - it has been replaced with a 5125.  It's in great condition - I'm the second owner (that I know of).  Missing the ears, but that's easy enough to recover (it has the screws though).  No glaring scratches, dents, or dings.  It's in real pretty shape.  Includes original box - I'd have to dig it out of storage.  Thing is a beast - for those who don't know - so prepare for about $90+ on shipping unless you're in driving range.


    Location: Eastern Iowa

    Asking: $550 + PayPal (3%) + ship, for forum members (will waive PayPal & Ship for local pickup)

    Condition: Gently Used (under 20 hours of runtime in current configuration)

    Cosmetic: 8/10

    Function: 10/10

    Includes: Box, unit, power cable



  8. 45 minutes ago, BigStewMan said:

    nice to see that you're still around. Don't see you posting much; but that's okay as long as you're doing well. Peace!

    Life has been quite the rollercoaster.  Haven't been on the forums since June - but that's mostly because my attention has been everyplace else just about. 

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  9. I have to say, I'm extremely upset.  I came back and the first thing that popped up was this terrible news.  Bob was an immense help to the few things I did build.  Ever patient, always kind.  The man was an absolute gem, and while I hadn't met him, I will miss him greatly.


    Rest in peace, Mr. Crites.  My deepest sympathies to the family.

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  10. 53 minutes ago, jimjimbo said:

    You consider that the “overall quality“ of this forum?  I think you are sadly mistaken.

    Unchecked anyway.  But you know I always make an exception for you, jimbo.

  11. On 7/4/2020 at 3:41 PM, carlthess40 said:

    I don’t know what the hell you guys are looking at. I can find anything they make right now. Yes some items you have to order or buy from a dealership. That’s why the pay to be a authorized dealer
    And yes you can buy some right off Klipsch website. So what are you pea breads talking about. ? I can show you many many more pics or even place the links for you if your to lazy to look. First you click the 3 little lines at the top right of the page and it drops down all the info you need

    Thanks for your high quality problem solving post that just spent three or four sentences patronizing people and name calling instead of contributing to the conversation and paying attention to what anyone was actually saying.  Really shows the overall quality that this community has become.

  12. 1 hour ago, sunburnwilly said:

    Had an Osprey fly over me today . Dem things are loud . Got a couple of pics but photobucket shit the bed so I can't post . 

    They don't ride for poo either from what I understand.  Talked to many a Marine (and Soldier) that said they'd rather ride in an open air jeep than sit 20 minutes in one of them.

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