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  1. Cornwalls are Mid 70's Not Cornwall II I have capacitor upgrade ready to install I will be ordering tweets from Crites, My tweets are due for replacement Looking to replace woofer. My records show 2 kinds people favour most. Eminence Kappa 15" regular and pro. Any opinions on which woofer i should choose. Just looking for best match and performance. For reference. : Runnin on a Bryston 3B 100x100 amp. I have a 4B 250x250 but it has not driven the Cornwalls. Also can use Dynaco MKIII 60w tube mono blocks. There are also a number of Crites woofers that can be used. CW1526C or CW1526F if anyone has an opinion or input. Pricing is all about the same so its just which one to choose. Eminence Kappa-15C 15" Driver 4 Ohm.webloc Eminence Kappa Pro-15LFC 15" Professional Low Frequency Woofer 4 Ohm.webloc
  2. I can only add that the K48 came in a few varieties as did lots of other klipsch drivers. I took this from AudioKarma for reference. So i hope this helps others here. the K48E as touched on above(irish) the Eminence driver is probably very close. I am gonna guess its going to be a cost over original evaluation. How much do i have to spend to get close or the original. Thanks for the input and i hope the list below helps others. The last letter "E" in K-48-E = they were made by Eminence on the woofers. Pyle made the "K" series for Klipsch. Klipsch had several different woofer vendors over the years. Example: K-33-E would be the "Klipsch", part type 33 (15") woofer from Eminence. The suffix letter code generally referred to the Klipsch assigned origin/ manufacturer of the driver. B = CTS (Chicago Telephone Supply), Brownsville TX P = CTS in Paducah KY (woofers only) R = Rola (an additional "R" either stamped or handwritten also indicated replacement (often seen on K22's and K- 24's) D = K-77-D; From 2006 to the present. Essentially a K-77-F (see below) with an integral recessed mounting flange. Permits flush mounting of the tweeter from the rear, per the “Z” brackets for pre Feb 1983 Klipschorns (KH Update kit: part # 1006969) F = Philippines supplier that purchased the EV tooling (e.g. K-77-F) EV = Electro Voice (early K-33's e.g. "EV-15WK", also EV 1828 was used as the K-56 for Cornwall in 1974) G = Atlas (for K-55-G for Cornwall 1981-1983) J = Jensen (Also used for University drivers in mid- 1950s; e.g. K-5-J - University model 5A HF, and SAHF) H = Heppner (K-52-H in Cornwall-II’s) K = Klipsch (Pyle - Klipsch purchased Pyle and drivers were assembled in Hope Arkansas and at Pyle in Huntington, Indiana) E = Eminence (Primarily woofers) V = Atlas (see also notes below) M = Electro Voice (also for the Eminence K-33-M in 1967) X = Atlas (e.g. K-55-X) Ti = Titanium series (new design with titanium diaphragms)
  3. KP301 K48K woofer replacement Thinking of picking up a pair of KP301's but they dont have the original K48K woofers. What is a suitable replacement Klipsch woofer if i can't find K48K woofers or aftermarket closest possible match. No they do not include original damaged baskets or i would just recone and be all smiles. comments and options welcome. Thanks guys Chris
  4. Pair of LaScala or Cornwall and a nice Bryston or Krell or a good quality amp. Tubes are nice but work. Budget does come into play. Just get as much as you can for what you have $. The KP line of Klipsch are very nice and as stated are the Industrial version. Ive herd the older KP301 (cornwall ish) and the KP201 (heresy). Nice and Loud ) They did very well for me when I used to DJ back in the 90's Finish is industrial crackle, with hardened metal or plastic corners. Fine speakers but no added benefit over the classic LaScala or Cornwall home version. They will ALL play very loud. My final vote is Bryston 4B and LaScala combo. Loud powerful never runs out of power. Clean clear LOUD !!
  5. I bumped this post because I wanted to update it with the original information. Cornwall's are spectacular. Left them stock. Added Klipsch KSW 300 Sub (fill only) not really needed at all. Dynaco ST70 tube Amp Bryston Preamp or Little Bear tube pre/headphone amp Moon 100D Dac Apple Mini source via SPDIF lossless 96hz is best i can get. (suggestions) Monster interconnects Monster 1000 speaker cables Listening to the exact above system as I write this. Some Floyd ) Thanks all who added their comments and pushed me to hang in there and buy them.
  6. Noooooo No discussion. Its just what I'm doing. Im not a specification free. Ill just buy something decent and be done with it. All good... No further comment on wire is needed. We will keep it Klipsch only. cheers
  7. Cornwalls have been running amazing. Hooked up to a Dynaco St70 Just waiting on funds for tweeter and covers from Bob Crites. Then some decent interconnects and speaker wire and I'm DONE!! This is not gonna be a money pit. Thanks for all the support and comments Chris
  8. LOL you guys stop encouraging me. One speaker has an intermitant tweeter. It was probably known by the P.O. but thats ok. Bob Crites has replacement tweeters but the diaphragms are long discontinued. And to think I had a shelf of those babies (K77 Diaphrams) back in the 80's ( Only a slight bump in the road. Hooked up the Dynaco ST70 to it today. Wow... sounds great. IM happy enough for now. Cant go dumping the kids savings into tweeks and upgrades. Cheers Thanks all.
  9. Wood shed... Got tired of looking at the insulated half wall so I just threw up some partial board... fastest cheapest way.... I hate drywall. Putty, wait, sand, putty, wait, sand, final putty, wait, sand, primer, wait, paint..... Partial board, screw.... done. )
  10. YAH They arrived no worse for wear after traveling 800km or so to me. Finally hooked them up to a temporary source and they still sound amazing. Dynaco tube will be here any day and final setup will happen soon. For now I have stollen a space in the kids play area. The only space available large enough to fit the speakers. Thank you everyone for the comments and suggestions on the earlier posts. Chris
  11. Yes the information I have read is that the old oil and paper caps from 20 years ago did their job well for years but a 'freshen' up does not hurt, keeping the values the same with some quality caps. I don't believe its taking away from the Vintage Cornwall. In fact giving it a bit more life. I don't have any real big plans for the Cornwalls possible Crites x-over upgrade and depending on the finish and how bad someone messed with it I may re-veneer. Again no big plans. Initial plan is a small tube amp, some new capacitors and I'm done. Again Thanks everyone.
  12. I will post Pics when i get them. In the mean time I will probably order some capacitors to have on hand for a possible upgrade, depending on the condition of the current caps.. THanks all Chris
  13. YAY got my Cornwalls Yay FROM SELLER: They are gone...I showed him the drivers were in perfect condition...we loaded in his truck...strapped. I think you got a great deal... Enjoy !! Pleasure doing business with you. I built stands for them to specs I got on the net... You can remove them if you wish... very similar to Heresy stands. Cheers, Claude
  14. No word yet from seller or my buddy. Hope no one went out for drinks last night and missed the appointment.
  15. WhOOP ) All is in place and just waiting fingers crossed. 1 Seller accepted sale and terms 2 My buyer has agreed to the terms and is willing to pick up and pay for speakers. The DEAL is Saturday between 10-12 noon I anxiously await a text from my good friend in Ottawa on the success of the purchase. Unfortunately he is a PURE COMPUTER engineer and has little affinity for AUDIO so he does not realize the gravity of the deal. They are just a big pair of speakers to him..... "Chris.. whats the big deal about these things that you want them so bad for.??" Thanks all Chris Ill post as soon as I have them but it will not be before Christmas.
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