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    Marantz SR-5009
    Mains: Klipsch RF-35s
    Center: Klipsch RC-35
    Surrounds: Polk Audio LS-50s
    Sub: Klipsch RW-10
    Phono: Technics SL-1900 w/oldschool stylus upgrade
    TC-750 phono preamp
    Server: Home-built Rocketship, Intel i7 4770k watercooled and overclocked to 4.5GHz on an Asus Maximus VI Hero MB with Samsung SSD hard drives.
    Protection: Furman PL-8C

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  1. Oh boy what pain that debate that was! A few commie/socialists arguing over who can spend more money, create more government programs and further tie up more money in bureaucracy while raising taxes on US to pay for it all. What a sick joke.
  2. Am I mistaken, or isn't this thing worth some serious money? https://goldcountry.craigslist.org/atq/5193940835.html
  3. Santa Cruz, CA area, no affil. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/scz/ele/5191226373.html
  4. Not really a dynaco at this point but holly crap, 180W RMS tube love!
  5. Do any of you have experience with the KLF-30's? I'm thinking the dual 12" & dual horn might be what I'm looking for but would like to hear your thoughts and comparisons with other speakers.
  6. Very nice setup. But since you're being a jerk, fix the left pot on your c2500 and you wont have to hang the weight on it so it doesn't sound like shiat. While you're at it, straighten out the top of your lava lamp.
  7. it's good to see you stepping outside your 'box' per se and taking on this DIY project Derrick. Thanks for all of the updates, w/pics. Can't wait to see how this thing compares to yer previous sub.
  8. Dankimus


    I'm looking forward to it. We need the rain so bad here in California.
  9. Yeah, not too worried about it. It sounds great for music. I just turn it down a bit for movies to keep the chuffing down. Thanks for the knowledge.
  10. very good explanation CECAA850. Thank you. I didn't think that Klipsch would have released a sub that sounded like this. Fortunately, I haven't heard any clacking at all. The excursion doesn't look to be too much either, apparently it doesn't take much to move a lot of air.
  11. I wouldn't know, the amp was blown when I got it. the port exits the enclosure through the bottom front, below the forward facing driver. It is a large oval at the exit, reducing port diameter as it extends diagonally up into the enclosure. I watched another movie last night at moderate volume levels and it makes the sound pretty consistently across lower frequencies. It really seems to be a fluttering sound the air is making as it squeezes through the narrower port opening inside the box.
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