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  1. I will be following the progress on the double stack ESS AMT-1's with wings. Very Interesting and informative. Kenny
  2. The 2 FH-1's per side that I use in my room in the corners will go down to 35hz. In a big room free standing probably 90hz or 60hz or whatever. But in my room 35hz. They say the same thing about Atec A7's that they will only go to like what 45 or 50hz. In my room 35hz. I had a radio engineer who also had his own band who sold me the FH-1's tell me I was crazy and was boosting or equalizing the bass to get the 35hz and that it would unload the woofer and ruin or blow it. He is right of course. But, But (I meant to put in 2 Buts) I am not equalizing them or boosting them. I have run the FH-1's in series bi-amped with a horn mid-tweeter. I have also run them tri amped with a amp on each FH-1 and a horn mid-tweeter. Then run one FH-1 to like 100 or 200hz and the other to like 800hz. That way you can mess around with them and tailor them.
  3. There is a lot you can do with dual FH-1's per side. Saying you see no reason for stacking FH-1's is like a person saying (and I am not saying you said this) there is no reason for a Jubilee or Jamboree with dual woofers. And I said 30 degrees angled in, not 30" height. And that is why I angled them in and put them on their sides is to widen the horizontal dispersion and to keep the outside ones from bouncing sound off of the side walls. I have the Altec's in corners for bass re-enforcement so the Heil's are also close to the side walls. And I sit in one spot all the time. And stacking the Heil's straight up instead of sideways will help with vertical dispersion but won't cure it. Horizontal dispersion is not a problem.
  4. I bought four of the Great Heils from ESS when they had their sale for $140 each. I played around with them on top of my Altec A700 828 cabinets equipped with Altec GPA 416-8C drivers. I tried the Heils stacked, both straight up and one laying on it's side. Then putting them side by side, but one straight up and laid the other on it's side. With them side by side and one laid down on it's side, I tried the laid down one on the outside then on the inside. And then I tried both on their sides, side by side. Finally I have settled with them on their sides, side by side with the outside ones straight forward and the inside ones about 30 degrees angled in. It gave the blend I wanted without the directional properties horizontally. Because on their sides they have good vertical dispersion but not good horizontal dispersion. My room is small and I just didn't like them straight up like they were designed. I also tried tweeters but took them back out as they weren't needed as far as i am concerned. Look up the ESS AMT6 to see how ESS designed the AMT6. Maybe if I could get them more at ear lever I would like them stacked straight up. I used REW and set the miniDSP parametric EQ. I still had to tweak the miniDSP to lower the Altec horn and Heils as both were too loud or hot. Added delay to the Heils and it is sounding good. I crossed over the Altec's at 1150hz 6db and the Heil's at 2000hz at 6db which gave a -4 db at 1514hz. I tried all kinds of crossover combinations from 500hz to 2000hz 48db, 24 db, 18db, 12db and have settled on the 6 db. My next thing to do is roll out the Altec's and roll in four Peavey FH-1's, two per side with Eminence drivers and see how that sounds with the Heils. I did put my horns back on top of the Altec's and took the Heil's out but that didn't last long before I went back to the Heils.
  5. Now that's funny. And then there's the stupid sticky glue on the tape that stuck to the jewel case. What a pain. And at least on vinyl you can read the words to the song.
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