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  1. I have allready tryed the first 4 suggestions. In march i'll get my self the wireless system to try it out. As of now the sub is turned down and re-calibrated with my Onkyo receiver to +12db on the sub volume. I even tryed a different receiver and ground loop isolator. Martin Pedersen Denmark
  2. Not sure what to do. Just leave it, or keep trying. Martin Pedersen Denmark
  3. I sent mine to repair, Got it back and the sub is not broken. This is how all R-115SW sounds. Klipsch told me the best way to eliminate the hum is to buy the wireless kit, or turn down the volume button on the back and make a new callibration with your microphone pluged in the receiver. Martin Pedersen Denmark
  4. I just returned my sub to the dealer. I told them everything i tryed and that i want to know exactly what is wrong with it. Martin Pedersen Denmark
  5. Bought it brand new. It's going back to the dealer monday. Martin Pedersen Denmark
  6. I have exactly the same problem. I have tried to change the cable and bought a ground loop isolator, it just did things worse. Now I'm considering to return the subwoofer, then they must get the repereret or give me a new one. I a'm running out of patience.....
  7. I'll give it a try Martin Pedersen Denmark
  8. I tryed mounting the isolator at the receiver and sub. I don't use a power console. The hum i still there when cable is in sub but not in receiver but goes away when in receiver and not in the sub. I only have one sub on my system. Martin Pedersen Denmark
  9. I tryed your suggestion with the Ground loop isolator. That didn't work. It just made the hum even worse. Any suggestions? Martin Pedersen Denmark
  10. I also have a hum from the sub. But as far a i know it't could be the LFE output on the receiver. I'll know for sure when i get my receiver back from repair. Martin Pedersen Denmark
  11. The new r-115sw really knows how to rock the joint! Martin Pedersen Denmark
  12. I would go for the R-115SW. I got i with the same system as yours. I'm glad i thoose the 15" Martin Pedersen Denmark
  13. EKBI


    I haven't heard the 12" or 10" but i really like the 15". It sounds perfect with the reference 62II system.. You Can hear when it kicks in, but in a Way you wont notice. And has A LOT of power! Martin Pedersen Denmark
  14. Those Dolby Atmos speakers that one of you guys posted, are they stand alone? Martin Pedersen Denmark
  15. Them it must be the AVR. Just been confirmed with your suggestion. Martin Pedersen Denmark
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