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  1. I have an R-4B soundbar that I bought used to go in my bedroom. The included subwoofer works but is pretty weak and sometimes makes an annoying sound which I think may be clipping. I'm not really sure as I've never had such a puny subwoofer before. Anyway, since the soundbar and subwoofer connect via bluetooth, is it possible to use a bluetooth adapter and connect the soundbar to a better powered subwoofer? Update: I contacted Klipsch directly today and was advised that this soundbar comes pre-paired with the subwoofer and that it can not be linked to another bluetooth device.
  2. I didn't realize when I initially posted, but the founder of Power Sound Audio is Tom Vodhanel and he was one of the original co-founders of SVS. I think it's safe to say he knows how how to build a sub.
  3. I see where this might be a problem. I've had my Klipsch speakers for a solid 10 years now and now that I'm able to play with individual crossover settings I'm hearing more bass out of them now than ever before. I'm experimenting with lowering the crossover settings based on each speaker's frequency response. I currently have my mains at 40 Hz but I'm also aware that will use quite a bit more power to push them that low. I haven't been able to hear any issues yet, and IMO they sound better than I've ever heard them before. We'll see how it goes.
  4. My Marantz arrived today and I got it hooked up and ran through the Audyssey setup and did a little tweaking but nothing in depth yet. So far I'm am very impressed. It sounds MUCH better than the Pioneer did. I thought about getting a Marantz several years ago when I ended up with the Pioneer. That was clearly the wrong decision. Based only on the little bit of playing and testing I've done so far, I don't think I'll be needing that amp any time soon.
  5. I almost overlooked this. Thanks for the link. ETA: That thread was a very good discussion and pretty well answers my questions. You stated the concerns and questions there much better than I have done here. Thanks again. By the way I thought your user name sounded familiar. I used to be quite a bit more active on AVS.
  6. Can anyone tell me how to edit my profile? When I click Account Settings and then Edit Profile I get this.
  7. Many thanks to everyone who has replied so far. I appreciate everyone's input. As of right now I'm not trying gain anything specific as I don't find my current system lacking. However, I also know that just because it's good doesn't mean it can't be better. The problem is I have no experience with separate amps so I have no idea what to expect from one. Some say I won't be able to tell the difference while others are citing specific qualities that would/could/should be improved. A separate amp is not something I was planning to add right away. It's just always been an idea in the back of my head as a potential purchase down the road, not as a necessity bur rather a "what if...?" type of thing. As it stands right now I should have the new receiver tomorrow (they attempted delivery today but nobody was here to sign for it). I'm sure I'll spend the better part of the day setting it up and playing with Audyssey. I'm really looking forward to it testing it out.
  8. Thanks everyone for responding. I figured I would get a lot of responses from both sides of the aisle. As far as Audyssey goes, I've been reading up on it a bit so far and I plan to spend the $20 and get the Audyssey app because I know it allows me to make quite a few more adjustments than just running the auto setup in the Marantz. Based on what I've read at this point those adjustments can make a pretty significant difference. With regard to my subs, yes they're quite good. Power Sound Audio (PSA) is an internet direct company. Both of my subs are ported 15" down firing models. The 15V (725 watts RMS) is essentially a newer model of the XV15se (550 watts RMS). You can read a couple of brief reviews of the XV15 here: https://www.audioholics.com/subwoofer-reviews/xv-15-subwoofer https://data-bass.com/data?page=system&id=88 Note that the XV15se is a bit of an upgrade over the XV15 with a slightly more powerful amp, and then the 15V is basically an updated model of that. Unfortunately I am NOT rolling in cash. If that were the case I would have already bought an amp to test out. It's unfortunate that the only way to try one out in your HT is to buy it and see if you like it.
  9. Interesting. My space is a little on the large side also because my living room is completely open to the kitchen. A bar separates the two rooms. I don't care about sound quality in the kitchen, but I know the larger connected space can make a difference.
  10. I do like to crank my movies sometimes, but I've never ran into an issue where I felt like I didn't have enough power. Thanks for responding.
  11. SSH thanks for the response. I'm really looking forward to the Marantz.
  12. My current speaker setup consists of: RF-82 mains RC-64 center RS-62 surrounds (1 pair) CDT-5800-C II Atmos (1 pair) I don't have any surround backs as my living room won't really accommodate them. In my current house I seriously doubt I'll ever add any more speakers. I could get away with adding front height channels, but realistically I probably won't. I also have two subwoofers from Power Sound Audio, a 15V and XV15se. I've been using a Pioneer Elite SC-95 AV receiver to drive them for the past couple of years. I recently ordered a Marantz SR6012 to replace it since everyone has been marking them way down. On paper it's a small step down in power, but everything I've read says Audyssey XT32 used in the Marantz is better than MCACC used by Pioneer. The only other thing I really gain will be Dolby Vision pass-through. Anyway I've toyed with the idea of adding a three channel amp for my front stage and would continue running my surrounds and Atmos speakers with the receiver. If I were to go this route, would I see any worthwhile improvement in sound? I use my system for 99% movies and TV and only listen to music occasionally.
  13. I've been running a Pioneer Elite SC-95 with my RF-82, RC-64, and RS-62 for a couple of years now, but I recently ordered the Marantz SR6012 since everyone has them marked down right now. I should have it tomorrow. I'm anxious to see how it sounds.
  14. SteveL


    Interesting idea to run the Atmos speakers a little louder. I have a pair of the 5800 II's in my living room and a new receiver coming in tomorrow. I'll give that a try.
  15. Thanks I'm really looking forward to it. This is an upgrade that will replace my current RC-62. It will be used in conjunction with a pair of RF-82s and a pair of RS-62s and driven by a Pioneer Elite SC-25. Sub is a PSA XV15se. I'm also planning to add a couple of ButtKicker Mini LFEs to my sofa.
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