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  1. 10 hours ago, MookieStl said:

    Haven't heard to much on the rebuild of these. I know Bob has a replacement set.

    If I remember correctly, these are stack built on the input cup. I am not sure how easy this is to recap or if replace is a better option.

    Call Bob, he can steer you in the right direction.

    Dean is not currently making cross overs, I think. You can check with him too.

    Good luck

    I'll call Bob, but last time he yelled at me so I'll tread lightly :).  I thought I saw Dean posting recently, so I'll at least ask him if he's available before I make a decision.


    5 hours ago, ClaudeJ1 said:

    Just new Capacitors and a pair of DaveA's sMAHL 2.0 tweeters would be my very first thing to do.

    What are these DaveA tweeters you speak of?

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  2. 22 hours ago, MookieStl said:

    Glad you still have them. I knew you had gone the CF3 & 4 route and was afraid these would have to move on again. Hope they work out in your office. I would definitely do a cross over refresh first and go from there. It is time.They aren't any fun to get out of that cabinet though. Good luck. 

    I've been lucky enough to keep them around, even after picking up many more speakers since then.  Time to start shopping for crossovers I think.  What my options these days?  Crites, Deang, and DIY I guess?


    18 hours ago, Matthews said:

    Shoot Shaun, I completely forgot that I had bought them back from the 1st fella.  Damn mind is slipping LOL.  Glad you still have them! 

    Oh, this I didn't know about.  You sold them once after they were rebuilt, and then I was the second buyer?

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  3. 13 hours ago, wuzzzer said:


    Are those the ones @Shaun K has now?  If so, I saw them when I bought my Heresys from him.  Didn't get a chance to listen to them but they sure looked nice. 

    Yep, that was me...as evidenced here: 

    I've never put them up for sale though, they're still here in my basement waiting to go into my office once the construction is done.  I think they need a crossover refresh and maybe some new diaphragms, because (and don't hate me) I've never liked the way they sound.  I've tried all kinds of amps but they haven't measured up to my CF-3's and CF-4's.  I'm not giving up though, they look amazing thanks to the work that you and MookieStl put into them.  The build for them is documented here, if anyone is interested: 




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  4. 1 hour ago, Zack R said:

    Just came across this review from 1995. 




    New to CF3 ownership and the hobby in general but thought the impedance curve was interesting. If I'm understanding this correctly this means the amplifier needs to be able to handle loads as low as 2.9 ohms for short periods of time? 


    Thus far on my old Optonica SA5405 amplifier (65w /channel) I've hit the protection circuit twice, while at high volume (12 o clock on the volume knob, but I could tell it was at max power - speakers were not distorting) and when the bass was heavy. Perhaps the old amplifier was struggling with the impedance dropping so low.


    Learning new stuff everyday! I'm still shopping for a more capable amplifier but the old Optonica is keeping a smile on my face as the journey unfolds.







    Interesting...I haven't run into any clipping or protection issues and I've used 4-5 different amps now.  I also have an Optonica SA-5206 here but I've never hooked it up to my CF's, might have to give that a shot this weekend.

  5. 21 hours ago, wuzzzer said:

    Finally broke 70 today.  Took the hardtop off the wife's Wrangler and went for a nice drive before we put the soft top on for the season. 

    hit 78 here yesterday, pretty nice.  we were out on the front porch until 2am, enjoying the mild weather before the skeeters come out.

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  6. 13 hours ago, grasshopper said:

    it's all relative.  After -25`, +25` IS warm. No coat, a flannel shirt is fine

    Exactly...25 feels lovely after the last few months up here, and come November, 25 will feel frigid for a few days until we adjust.  Meanwhile in the summer, we'll still have 90+ days with high humidity and lots of thunderstorms.  Actually looking forward to that adjustment :D

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  7. 3 hours ago, JohnJ said:

    My ears popped earlier then the gray sky and 35 made me tell her it looked like snow outside.

    We had about 40 minutes of these big goose feather flakes. The saying goes "Big snow, little snow" and conversely yep even with twenties in the early am nothing will stick, but its fun to see in the lower latitudes. I can hear Charlie Daniels peaceful "Carolina" right now!

    Funny, a few of my wife's coworkers are in SC and all they could talk about today was the snow.  She was tempted to show them the 3-4" we got this morning but figured that this was a novelty down there, no reason to rain (or snow) on their parade.

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  8. 20 hours ago, NADman said:

    Yeah. My home town. WooHoo.

    I can dress for cold and colder but I can only undress so far for hot. Seems that sooner or later we are all prisoners to heating or air conditioning.

    On the other hand I don't worry about earth quakes, hurricanes, tornado's, forest fires, tsunami's etc. I live on the largest chunk of granite on earth

    (the Canadian Shield) so things are pretty solid. Also the best Walleye and Northern Pike (Muskie) fishing in NA both summer and winter (F**k Golf) never mind

    the CC, VO and beer and the most hrs. of sunshine per year in Canada.

    No, I don't like the cold but I sure hate the hot, muggy.

    GO Bombers.


    I love visiting my inlaws on their lakefront cabin up in MB, but you can keep the beer :D.  OK, I do admit I'll have a Labatt Blue when it's 32 and we're out on the boat, but I always end up bring a case of my own beer up with me.


    And Go Bombers!  We watched the Grey Cup down here in MN and the whole family was ecstatic.


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  9. 3 hours ago, BigStewMan said:

    Do you folks ever get used to that extreme cold?  I see photos of people at outdoor christmas events and it’s super-duper cold. Guys wearing baseball caps and what appear to be regular old coats instead of extreme cold foul-weather stuff.  

    I once worked on an Ice-breaking ship.  When it hit 40, we were outside with short-sleeved shirts, but when it was 26 below -- we were real cold and didn’t want to be outside. So, is all a mental thing--this is what it is and i’m still going to go out and do stuff with my friends regardless of the weather?

    Yeah you get used to it for sure.  I lived in California and Arizona for ~30 years and while I was used to the CA heat, AZ was a new level and it took me about a year to really adapt.  It's been the same with the cold up here in the north; you adapt and learn to dress properly.  I will go outside in shorts when it's -26, but only to get the mail :D.  

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  10. 22 hours ago, DirtyErnie said:



    Got a look under them again.  There's rubber caps over some metal feet with a 1/4"-20 thread up the middle.  OK, time to get some spikes.  I like @moray james's idea of the ramset spikes, but really don't feel like picking up a box of 200 to do it. Then again, some goober on eBay is selling that exact thing in a set of 8, with stop-nuts, for the price of the 200-pack.  What a world...


    I probably still have the extra 7 originals from my CF-2's, if you're interested...

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  11. 6 minutes ago, crunchman12001 said:


    Just joined the Epic club.

    I scored a set of CF3 version 1.

    Thanks for this thread, excellent information here.

    These need to be completely refurbed, so I will post pics on their journey back to OEM.




    Congrats!  Are you the one who was debating between these and the Forte II's this week?

  12. 3 minutes ago, MC39693 said:

    @Wolfbane your deck looks like mine!  Already tired of the pre-winter snow.  We are slowly crawling out of the negatives and might get a week of 10 to 13 C.  I need it to all melt and dry up so I can clean up the gardens and do final outside work.  Then the winter projects, leading to our "secret santa" Christmas gifts.  I have some work to do, trying to find some "cheap" speakers locally as we set a budget for the gifts.  Dang hard to get good Klipsch bookshelf speakers for $100 Cdn.  I'm wearing out Kijiji searching.

    I feel like I should be sending Klipsch speakers over the border every time my inlaws come to visit from Winnipeg.  I could make a killing :D 

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  13. Would have uploaded more of the pics but there's an awfully small file size limit here.




    Klipsch Legend Series KLF-20 three-way floorstanding loudspeaker, Black Satin Finish. Overall very nice shape, not 100% perfect, but close; Excellent condition overall. There are a few very minor imperfections on the wood, such as a few fine scuffs & scratches... but you have to get up very close to see it. The woofers are perfect, the grills are in very nice shape, one however is missing the Klipsch emblem & was that way when I acquired them.

    Ready for you to try before you buy, bring your music to try them out, or I have a large library to listen to. They sound phenomenal, from a smoke free home, I babied them as did the previous owner. They are clean and ready to go for your listening pleasure. I hate to let them go but the wife wants them gone as they are just to darn big according to her.


    Was first introduced in 1996 and manufactured until 2001.
    Nominal Output Power 200 Watts, Max (RMS) Output Power 800 Watts, Frequency Response 34 - 20000 Hz, Nominal Impedance 8 Ohm, Sensitivity 100 dB, Crossover Frequency 7000Hz, 750Hz,
    Dimensions & Weight
    Width 12 in
    Depth 17.1 in
    Height 42.1 in
    Weight 83.11 lbs





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  14. 44 minutes ago, mimalmo said:

    I wonder how many emails the $200 seller got from hopeful buyers?

    At the flipped price of $500, these still seem like a bargain but then again, I don't follow pricing on these so maybe I'm off.

    I don't know what they go for either, but they will probably sell for somewhere near the asking price, I'd guess.

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