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  1. I doubt #7 is the cause. That's an easy test- rap on the catalyst and see if it rattles. In theory the catalyst should rattle more at low RPM because the pulses of exhaust gasses are farther apart allowing a rattle to happen. But the higher rpm ends up being smoother and would not have a rattle because the pulses are so minuscule it is almost like constant airflow.

    If that makes sense.

    I do agree with the group above with a detonation issue. It could be bad fuel, too low octane. Or - how many miles are on this engine? Have a tech pull out the plugs and replace, also while the spark bore is open, bore scope the engine and look for carbon deposits.

    Carbon deposits can get super hot under load and act like a spark plug that will burn fuel as soon as it hits the combustion chamber.

    I've seen that before on an older engine. Imagine a piece of charcoal burning inside your engine trumping your spark plug. All it would take is one cylinder. So check all of them.

    Hope that helps! Let us know what was found.

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  2. I will leave the column speakers bare I think. As all my other speakers are naked. I love the copper and cherry combo. I set the room design/color to mirror the colors of the copper and cherry.

    I do not have an Atmos processor yet. I currently use a garbage pioneer $250 AVR that can't really even do room correction. It just sets distances, that's it!

    By the time I'm done and ready to hook it all up- I hope Atmos is a little more commonplace. Right now I'm thinking Marantz processor with Emotiva Amps. And an Oppo BDP.

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  3. A few more sticks of trim & a I used a sharpie marker to doodle the rear in-column speaker so my wife can "see" my vision easier.

    Took a few days off work coming up here in May, will hopefully finish all my odds and ends & be 100% ready for carpet!!

    Also gotta get my butt in gear in the formal living room & finish the traditional raised panel wainscoting while I'm off work. Theater first though. Priorities.



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  4. Doubt you'll hear any difference. I use a $250 receiver that powers my entire system right now. I'm sure I'll hear a difference when going to separates.... But from bi-amp to regular, that's much more minor I think. And... If you miss it- a few extra amps later & you're back to bi-amped.

    If the RF82ii's seem like more rear speaker than you thought you'd need... At least you'll never have to worry about the "what if", had you gone with a tiny little rear speaker.

  5. Will have to pick up a few splitters to see if that makes the auto-detect feature work properly. Would be cool to get some extra oomph from them. Although they hit pretty hard as it is in their current home.

    Maybe then I won't need 2 more when I move to the theater.........Nah...I'll "need" two more! Lol

  6. Thanks Agile.

    The r5650wii side soeakers are in wall and will be mounted inside the side columns in rear.

    The plywood floor is a stage and rear riser. There is no subfloor or floating floor. But I do like the feel of the plywood underfoot. All plywood is two layers with green glue.

  7. Thanks!

    I can't wait to get the speaker in the side wall column so I can trim that one too. I think it should be ok having the smaller jack-post column in the way. I suspect the side wall column will have about 90* dispersion which will give ambience to the front and rear rows (it's centered right between the rows) and the little ambient sound data that's sent to side surrounds that little bit of blockage from the inner post shouldn't matter too much.

    Hope I'm right. If not, all rooms have compromises.

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