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  1. Is it bad to leave subwoofers constantly powered on?

    My subs have a signal on switch position.. But i think my cheap receiver is not capable of that feature.

    So because I'm too lazy to feel behind the subs for the on toggle switch I just leave them on all the time.

  2. I used to do car audio as a hobby. Always stuck with JL Audio gear.

    Now, I just keep it stock, as I don't like the sound of glass reflections and body panels shaking anymore.

    The Burmester optional system in the S is amazing. But outta the price range for a "stock" setup, might as well be fully custom.

    Car stereos are getting pretty good these days from factory! It seems to be the car stereo hobby has really died off. (At least in my area)

  3. Close to the couch that's never used is up to you. If someone sits there it sounds correct. If no one sits there it sounds too high.

    Your receiver should compensate by making all speakers dB level matched at the microphone position during calibration. It can not make your speaker sound like it's in a different physical location.

    Ps- you should start your own thread so more people see it and you will get more responses.

  4. Love F1. ^ races are close because the cars are pretty evenly matched with the FIA rules. Really showcases the best drivers.

    Haven't watched in a while as I refuse to pay for a television subscription just to get the races. So I typically only get to see the 4 races a year on normal local channel broadcast.

    Does anyone know of a safe online place to watch? Something where I'm not going to get a virus or Penguin porn viruses, or bank account hacked?

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  5. I'm currently in the process of doing my 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos system amd am confused as hell.. I know the placement of the speakers is crucial, At what height are your side speakers going? Dolbys site says side channel speakers as long as they are not atmos enabled do not have to follow this rule? So basically only the front channel would follow this rule for me being I'm using the RP-280FA's with built in atmos speakers. I also plan to add in two more atmos speakers behind my couch into my ceiling. which would you recommend? Love your build its going together very nicely, wish I had the space for something as big as this :)

    To my understanding all surround speakers should be direct radiators AND at ear level. The atmos speakers should also be direct radiators and either up firing modules or ceiling mounted.

    My front and rear towers are all RF7ii so my side speakers will be mounted at 43.5" from floor to the center of tweeter. This is the height of the RF7ii tweeter center height from floor.

    As long as you have the height I would prefer ceiling speakers as the towers with atmos modules in top are a bit of a compromise & placement particular to get everything dialed in. Where the ceiling speakers can be placed independent of all other speakers for the best location.

  6. Grocery stores around here... You're lucky if the groceries are fresh and remotely close to what you need.

    We have 15-20 grocery stores that all sell the same thing. Can't do any fancy cooking around this area, closest thing to exotic food is Imitation vanilla.

  7. Parasound Halo A21 (LF&RF), A31 (center, LR & RR), A23 (side surrounds), A23 (overhead Atmos)

    What other amps have you considered in planning for your room? if you are interested in reducing cost, there may be other options that would achieve the same result at a lower price point. Outlaw and Emotiva come to mind.
    I've thought about Emotiva for cost. The look of Halo is what's got me hooked. No amps have been purchased yet, I may still change my mind, Emotiva is so much cheaper!! The reason I originally steered clear is I read the Gain or some input spec of theirs didn't play nice with Marantz & caused hiss. I don't know if that's true or not though.
  8. I would venture to say 22-24awg would be as thin as if ever go.

    Most Bose systems seem to use doorbell wire.

    I prefer the "look" of thicker wire dressed up a little bit. It doesn't look so out of place next to the beauty of my Loudspeakers. I like the bulk of 12awg. It makes the speakers look menacing.. Like they NEED power.

    Otherwise, with 22awg which I bet I could get away with- it looks like some macho dude at the gym who never has a 'Leg Day.' It just looks... Off.

    (Actually did these wires today. Not bad. $60 to do 5 cables, 1 meter each. And I have enough left over to dress up the wires in my a/v rack. Money well spent!)


  9. Working on cables today.

    Monoprice 12awg, 2 conductor --- sharpie markered the sheath black (it looked better than white when I slid the flex braid over it.

    GLS banana plugs. (Black chrome)

    Cable pants (*edit to add size detail*) 10mm black

    TechFlex 3/8" expandable sleeping. (Carbon. Supposed to look like carbon fiber)


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  10. Is that Ethernet cable hooked up to your projector? What does a Pj need Ethernet for? I only pre-wired for 120v and HDMI.

    Should I add something like Ethernet?

  11. 16w x 25l x 8h

    Room is still under construction.

    Rear riser is a vented broadband absorber - all vented along room boundary.

    Wood columns at 9' and 16' from front wall.

    In between each column will be 6 panels evenly spaced : 2x2 on top row, 2x3 on bottom row -- gaps lined up with column trim.

    Bass traps in rear of room, and rear wall/ceiling corner

    And bass traps behind the front speakers in corners.

    Haven't decided yet on diffusion.... As my ceiling will be bare drywall.

  12. Working on rear Jack-post (lally columns) wood column. Will also have another large width column on wall equal with the jack-posts.

    One more jack-post to go, and two wall columns.

    *Edit* Filled the wood column with GreatStuff expanding foam. The jack posts ring for about 3 seconds when you click them! Don't want the post to ring inside the wood column. When knocking on the wood column now.. It's just a dead thud.

    *end of edit*

    Will build in the R5650Wii into the side wall columns equal height with the tweeters of my front and rear RF7ii's.

    My understanding is all tweeters should be about ear height with Dolby atmos configuration.

    All of my tweets are 43.5" from floor... As that's what the RF7ii's measure at.

    Any suggestions?

    Thoughts on doing all 4 sides of the columns in the same trim pattern as my front columns have ?

    I'm thinking yes... But not sure if it'll look too "busy" Or if not doing it, they'll look incomplete.




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  13. Wustof Blackwood handle versions. Love the real wood handle. (LOVE the slight arch to the handle... It's flawless in my hand)

    AllClad copper core pots/pans

    Super old cast iron skillet with grill ridges

    And a huge cast iron / ceramic coated "lasagne pan"

    That's about all I use in my kitchen.

    Oh.. Just picked up a real nice Walnut butcher block, some Italian company... about 30" deep by 40" wide... It's a beast. My wife can not lift it. I hate a tiny cutting board.

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