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  1. Wustof Blackwood handle versions. Love the real wood handle. (LOVE the slight arch to the handle... It's flawless in my hand) AllClad copper core pots/pans Super old cast iron skillet with grill ridges And a huge cast iron / ceramic coated "lasagne pan" That's about all I use in my kitchen. Oh.. Just picked up a real nice Walnut butcher block, some Italian company... about 30" deep by 40" wide... It's a beast. My wife can not lift it. I hate a tiny cutting board.
  2. The failure modes of a fully-active suspension are typically spectacular and catastrophic. The systems employed in cars of the last decade are a cost/safety compromise. How so? How would it be anymore catastrophic than a leaf spring breaking? Or a coil spring breaking or coming out of its cup? Or a strut bending or breaking? I rarely see failures of the suspension, it's typically with the pump output pressure. Most failures are with rather simple air ride suspensions.. As the bellows rupture or leak.
  3. I'd rather move slow and buy new & what I wanted. Right now looking at ordering: Sony VPL-HW65ES Parasound Halo A21 (LF&RF), A31 (center, LR & RR), A23 (side surrounds), A23 (overhead Atmos) Marantz AV7702mk2 Shaw Tuftex carpet in Pecan Pie color.
  4. Thank you reference room! I appreciate that. I can't wait for it to be done... I've done it all myself...so far it's been 13 months and counting... And the most expensive stuff is yet to come!! Carpet $1500 Amps/processor $8,000 Projector $3000 Seats $4000 Divorce attorney? Just kidding. My wife loves the room and is just as excited as I am.
  5. Drat. Well... Mine is almost just that too. 11' for front center seat. IIRC.. (Not going downstairs to measure right this moment) And rear seats are slated to be about 5' behind that so there's plenty of walking room with leg rests down.. And still a little room for taller people with seats reclined front/rear. Oh well... It's the best I can do with space constraints... And I'll sit in front anyways. And it's my room- the back row can pipe down
  6. I would think your coffered ceiling and stone wall *could* be assets for diffusion. Room is very large... Depending on listening level subs sound required for some chest slam. For pure 2channel though... Probably not. Would love to see the room to get a sense. Tons of knowledge on here. Welcome. And glad you scratched your Klipsch-itch after all.
  7. How far from screen, and how close are your seats? Those angles will also affect. And yes, my screen will be about 5-6" from ceiling. (The black frame will be higher, the white part will be about 6") Also, I plan on watching from the front row middle seat only. AND my rear row will be staggered so you'll be watching between heads instead of over them.
  8. 7" total height before carpet. Unfortunately I can not go any higher due to height limitations. The center support beam for the house with hvac trunk runs overhead. I'm 6'0" And when standing on the rear riser I have a few inches of head clearance to walk to a seat and sit down.
  9. Rear riser... Used 4 bags of R-13 JM fluffy. And one bag of Rockwool. 2 layers of 1/2" OSB with green glue in between. (This picture only has the first layer of OSB)
  10. Right, but what I meant was companies have had these systems since early 2000's. And in 2004 is when Bose announced they had secretly been working on this project. Good on Bose trying to create something.... Maybe they should just focus on speakers. Perfect that first
  11. Silly Bose..... that's old hat even GM has a production semi-active suspension. Google or YouTube ABC suspension, or check this out- http://www.motorauthority.com/news/1092532_mercedes-details-2015-s-class-coupes-curve-tilting-function
  12. Tripped rollover is when the vehicle strikes an object, like a curb or another car. Untripped is a vehicle rolling over with not outside influence.. (From Wikipedia) Untripped rollovers occur when cornering forces destabilize the vehicle. As a vehicle rounds a corner, three forces act on it: tire forces (the centripetal force), inertial effects (the centrifugal force), and gravity. The cornering forces from the tire push the vehicle towards the center of the curve. This force acts at ground level, below the center of mass. The force of inertia acts horizontally through the vehicle's center of mass away from the center of the turn. These two forces make the vehicle roll towards the outside of the curve. The force of the vehicle's weight acts downward through the center of mass in the opposite direction. When the tire and inertial forces are enough to overcome the force of gravity, the vehicle starts to turn over.
  13. I coulda swore the rc64ii is rated at 8ohm And has a crossover of 1,100 & 1,400. One pair of 6.5"s per 1100 & 1400 and then the 1.5" tweet above that. But that's from memory.... I am prolly a little off.
  14. Thanks Gimes. This is their temporary home. I have a dedicated theater in progress. There's a thread on here for my build... It's about 1/2way done I'd guess. I think the title of the thread is: DIY theater build... Slowly
  15. Amplifier power corresponds to acoustic power. Doubling the amplifier power increases the acoustic power by 3dB. For example: Increasing an amplifier from 25 watts to 50 watts (double the power) increases the acoustic power by 3dB. Increasing an amplifier from 25 watts to 100 watts (4 times the power) increases the acoustic power by 6dB. This is same as doubling the power from 25 watts to 50 watt (3dB), and then doubling the 50 watts to 100 watts (another 3 dB), giving the total increase of acoustic power of 6 dB or 4 times the power. Increasing an amplifier from 25 watts to 250 watts (10 times the power) increases the acoustic power by 10dB. The following table gives some more examples: dB Change Power change +3 ......................x 2 +6 ......................x 4 +10.....................x 10 +20.....................x 100 +40.....................x 1000 However, please note that doubling the power does not double the Sound Pressure increasing the sound pressure by a factor of two (double) requires an increase of 6dB (x4) in amplifier power increasing the sound pressure by a factor of 10 (x 10) requires an increase of 20dB (x100) in amplifier power So, when gaining 5 or 10 watts from one AVR to another, that is a negligible increase. You should be looking at sound quality, features, build quality, cost, appearance, and upgradability? Although, there is something to be said for those extra 10-20watts as reserve power to maybe keep a cleaner sound when pushed close to the limit.
  16. I have an entry level VSX receiver I picked up new for ~$250 I don't think it has any room correction other than distance settings and +/-dB settings. Nothing special. Don't have much power to really control my rig... But it still works and makes everyone that I invite over say "wow"
  17. Well Ceptorman, That feature is user defeatable. And if you like your own flavor, the vented seat option is nice to blow your fragrance closer to your nose before it wears out. We are here to please...
  18. Yup. So now you don't have to sit in your own flavor anymore.
  19. So..... The fart joke. Yeah... That's a real thing too. If the air inside an S-klassé is found to be contaminated the hvac system has a deionizer and perfume system with 5 or 6+ smells to chose from. With the Guard edition, if the car senses chemical warfare the vehicle will roll up and seal itself and recirculate the interior air and purify until the exterior agent has dissipated to safe levels.
  20. Many of my MB's Have 2,3 even 5 batteries. And no, all of our networks are not through one fuse. I have had cars in from body shop that we needed to help Diag for nsirance repair - and I have never seen a car completely down. I'll still have communication with a few networks. And even then, my fly by wire tech- if it detects faults it goes into a fail safe mode and still functions. Had an accelerator pedal have damage to electrical connector, it has 5 redundant sweeps on its track IIRC amd all failed. So the car ignored all sweeps and just looked for ANY movement. It could see 0% throttle and then 90% throttle a millisecond later... But it would not give it, it would roll on slowly and watch for any more movement in other direction. Not perfect, but still works to limp home... Even with fly by wire.
  21. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fhDqgh6DClo This is excellent. Already a production car. Has been for 2 years. Limited to 11 seconds of function. But capable in an unlocked mode as demonstrated in this video by MB engineers. How's that for drive by wire?
  22. Who makes a steer by wire system? Ive never heard of such a vehicle. You still turn a wheel, to steering column, to electric motor, which operates an assist to the rack, which turns the wheels. Edit: I see Infiniti has a steer by wire in the q50. Will research. I'm interested to see their redundancy. Edit edit: I will say, the hyperbolic technology is awful theme is kinda passé in such a technology driven industry. Look at aviation. They have had fly by wire for 10+ years. (No pun intended)
  23. It's certainly not uncommon. I've seen non responsive throttles several times. It's also possible to have can bus failures and take out multiple systems. If the bus goes down, you lose everything on it. Heck, we had an air conditioning transducer (pressure sensor) take down the bus and cause a no start. Keep in mind there are multiple data networks in vehicles: CAN-bus -- low speed interconnect for basic functions. Radio, navi, door modules... , LIN-bus, very low cost, low speed network Flex-ray, Super high speed, for safety critical systems Fibre-optic, standard electrical, to motors and switches D2B, another high speed multimedia network MOST, Mostly entertainment and multimedia network And saying these networks go down can cause massive problems.. Well, yeah. But that's like saying we shouldn't advance technology and innovate. Carburetors clog.. So guess we should have given up a while ago. But we advanced.. We went EFI And now D.I. And most systems have redundancies on their redundancies.
  24. If you lose all electricity and you have an electric steering then yes. It's extremely rare to lose your alternator and battery at the same time. Not true. Almost al of our cars are electric steering. If the electric motor or battery power is lost with alternator power also gone... You still have a mechanical linkage. It's difficult to steer, but possible still. Similar to hydraulic power steering.. If the pump or belt is lost, you don't lose all steering, you lose the ASSIST of hydrolics or electric assist.
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