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  1. Thank you wvu80, wuzzzer and Zen Traveler. You are right. Tinkering is just the best way. At the end of the day, it can't hurt. Have a good one ALL!
  2. Hi all, I have a pair of RP 280F in a 7.2 channel setup. Is there any NOTICEABLE benefit to bi-wiring them? If not, currently they are just wired in single configuration with the posts connected using the factory connection. Please let me know if there is a good benefit and I can get it done. If not, no biggie. Thank you and happy new year!
  3. Hey there Scrappy! I am late to the party in this thread. But I think you remember I had the RP-280's right when they came out. Never been disappointed. And the 115SW...OOOOOOO, I love mine. I had a blast (almost literally) playing Jurassic World for my friends. I decided it would be a good idea to stretch the speakers a bit. Honestly, they are capable of making my ears ring. So much for paying for concerts. LOL
  4. I have a lesser Pioneer SC-91 that is capable of bi-wiring. I would be interested to know if if my RP-280f's would benefit from this as well. Thanks all!
  5. I have a less capable Pioneer Elite than you, and before I got my Atmos speakers, and additional amp, I have noooooo problem with 5.1 using less power than you. That new receiver of yours should give you all the power and sound from your speakers than you need. K, that's wrong, there is never enough sound. LOL
  6. I just so happen to have the RP-280f's...WOOOOO me! And because I am obsessed with sound, a big sub. Let me tell you, the sub really adds tons. Not just in power of sound, but allows the RP-280's to do what they do best. Just because I have a 15" sub, doesn't mean I need to use the total pure shaking power of it...(OK, busted, I totally do almost every day.) In all seriousness - Fidelity and separation of sounds becomes more clear when the towers are relieved of having to dig deep. You experience will be much better if you can find a good sub. I recommend the R115-SW. LOL, just in case you need to test the construction durability of your building. Take care!
  7. I own the RP-280f as you can see in my profile photo. Love them to death. Clear, powerful. At low volume, they don't lose any fidelity. At high volume, they provide clear sound.
  8. Total agreement. All in all, I am just happy that at the levels I listen...everything is fine. just poor source material. Or perhaps "poor" is the wrong word. Aggressive mixing may be the better phrase. Who knows... Thanks to all who offered good ideas and insight.
  9. Seldom do I listen that loud. LOL Distortion exists, I know this, but I am married. I don't hit reference level as often as I would like. She must be trying to save my ears...yeah.....that's it.
  10. In the average size room, I don't think you hear any distortion at reference with a 1 in. tweeter. Was the movie on Netflix or some other stream? Sorry for the short response was at work doing the hard stuff so I can buy MORE KLIPSCH. Anyway...For clarification, this is the first time I have heard distortion of any kind from these units. The above details and actions took place. I did use Blu-ray copies for all reference level tests before writing the feedback. The white noise calibration test was done using a custom tone generator from my PC. All frequencies tested were 1500Hz up to 7500Hz. It was a white and pink noise based tone and there was NO distortion at near reference levels. No need to push reference level using the generator. In closing, I feel it was just the one movie that was poorly mixed or gained. The speakers work fine and all is well.
  11. Hello All!!! So as some of you know, I have the RP-280f series in my living room. I have posted before about how I love them...and that has not changed. I have made a discovery that scared me and took a bit of testing to resolve. My wife wanted to watch Invincible with Mark Wahlberg (Don't Judge). As we were watching, I began hearing DISTORTION from the tweeters from both the left and right channels only. My current setup is listed in my signature of all posts, so you all know I have many Klipsch speakers. Anyway...the distortion was coming from the white noise of the crowd cheering during the stadium scenes. I was mortified to say the least. Now, as many of the veteran users are likely thinking at this point, the diaphragm in the Reference Premiere line is only 1" for the horn. And if I had just gotten the RF-7 II's, this wouldn't be happening. BUT WAIT! It is just a bad recording and/or bad gain on the source material. I have several movies with crowd based white noise at even higher levels than this. Using all Blu-ray copies of the following: Gladiator, Braveheart, Tron, and even Space Jam just for kicks, I have discovered nothing wrong with the tweeters. I was not even playing Invincible at reference levels, and it was just an ugly recording. But the fore mentioned titles played at reference levels sounded crisp and clear. From all my speakers. Most of you know Gladiator in particular with the battle cries and crowds at the Colosseum of Rome are very loud and mixed with a rather high gain. During the sequence with the General's first victory, there was nigh any distortion my delicate ears could find. LOL. I also did white noise tests on separate channels and multi-channel tests at near reference levels to be sure. So, in closing, the still work GREAT!!! Thanks for listening!
  12. Got mine done last night as. There is not the same drop off you are seeing MrGrey. I didn't have time to send a graph to my pc, as my wife was complaining it was 1230AM and I was fiddling with speakers. But my drop-off was less drastic and didn't start until 238000 hz. Even then it only fell off just shy of 9% from max output at 15k hz. MrGrey, I am absolutely NOT saying you are doing anything wrong, but mine appear to be working close to advertised specs. I won't speculate for you, just wanted to update the lobby that mine are in fact working is all, so please do not take offense to my update. I hope you get it sorted MrGrey
  13. I am going to use my gear tonight to check. I will post tomorrow as well since I have a pair of RP-280f. Thanks to Scrappy for looking into this as well. Hopefully it's just a single thing, not trying to be rude MrGrey. Hope you can get it sorted
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