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  1. **Sale pending**


    Selling my RF-7ii's in black.


    Great condition - speaker grilles untouched, all speaker grille pegs intact. I am the original owner.


    ~ Two minor areas of wear on front edge of speaker where face meets top (will be pictured), but not noticeable. Woofers and tweeters never touched, etc. Always driven with Outlaw Audio 7125 clean power.


    Unlikely I'll be able to ship - they're ~85lbs each without packaging. Do not have original boxes.


    $1150 takes them.




  2. [mention=62203]robert_kc[/mention] Seems like the real solution is for you to sell me your spare RF-7ii that you’re using as a rear [emoji4]


    Currently running 7.2.4 already with:


    L/R: RF-7 ii

    Ctr: RC-64 ii

    Surr L/R: RS-62 ii

    Rear L/R: RS-41 ii

    Heights(4): Micca M8-C

    Subs: HSU VTF-3 Mk5 


  3. Thanks, @wvu80 - I agree that the RC-64ii is an excellent center. From what I understand, however, the RF-7 can be an even better center :)


    If it's true that the RF-7 makes a better center than a RC-64, I want to go for it because I have my wife's approval to replace it. I can't count on having that approval again in the future, once we've moved in and have all sorts of other things to spend money on.

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  4. Quick question - 


    I currently have a pair of RF-7ii's and a RC-64ii as my LCR. We're moving to a new home with a space where I can put them behind the screen and would like to replace the RC-64ii with an RF-7 as center.


    Having trouble finding a single RF-7ii for sale (that isn't listed at original MSRP and/or sketchy online store), so it looks like my only option is RF-7iii for the center.


    I don't have the ears of an audio reviewer, but I wanted to confirm that the RF-7iii as center wouldn't create a super obvious glaring issue with the RF-7ii's as LR.

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