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  1. Ok, thanks, for your wisdom regarding this. I'll keep my eye open for a different pair. Thanks again.
  2. I found one of the backs, (I've got custom backs on mine) - CWO S/N = 8547653 - Tim
  3. Thanks. Lots of good info. My veneer and cabinets are in great shape, I just don't like the dark walnut color. So could I do something like 440 did with his academy? Could I Remove the dark walnut finish on the veneer and re-stain? No Disc
  4. I don't know much about woodworking but would like to get my feet wet with trying this on some of my Heritage speakers. I think the veneer is fine, I just don't like the color of of some of my speakers. What are the pros and cons of doing a new veneer vs. refinishing? How hard is it to learn how to do a new veneer? What tools do I need? Any advise on how to get started? I love my Cornwalls but sadly they are the ugliest finish and would love to learn how to refinish them or do a new veneer on them. I suppose I could pull out the drivers and take them to a professional, which could be an option. Thanks in advance. No Disc
  5. Thank you very much for that. I actually want to do something similar to my Cornwalls. I'm going to start a new thread regarding this... Thanks.
  6. That information is good, and I am glad it's there. I actually ordered the crossovers and diaphragms over the phone. Didn't know those instructions were there. The instructions don't tell the user how to remove the tweeters, which it seems in my case was part of the problem. There just seems to be a several ways in which you can screw these diaphragms up. And for a novice like me, It would been appreciated to been given detailed instructions. No worries.
  7. Installing the diaphragms are relatively easy as long as you know some things before trying to replace the stock ones. Apparently some of the things below are common knowledge because Bob C told me only one other customer managed to do what I did. (mess up several diaphragms. ) Things to know about installing Titanium diaphragms in Klipsch Tweeters. - Diaphragms are very fragile - One must be VERY careful not to twist or bend the terminal flat pins or you could sever the connection to the micro thin wire going to the digraph itself - If the connection from the crossover does not make a good connection and falls off, gently crimp the spade connector, NEVER try to solder - Never attempt to "test" the diaphragm before installing it inside the tweeter, it will ruin it instantly. - There is a very specific method to remove tweeters, not knowing this can cause bent pins or abuse to the contacts of the diaphragms. After much trial and error, I think the best method to remove the Tweeter assembly in the Chorus II is. - Remove the screws holding the tweeter. As you remove the last screw, apply hand pressure so the tweeter does not fall - Gently pull the tweeter out and using fingers or a small plier, pull the connections off the tweeter, do not bend or twist side-to-side. - Rotate the tweeter assembly 180 degrees so that the diaphragm connections are now facing the opposite sides from when you removed the assembly. - Tilt the assembly approximately 45-55 degrees downwards (towards the woofer) - At this specific angle you should be able to remove the tweeter assembly gently without having the diagram connections rub against the tweeter opening. In hindsight, when I realized there were no instructions for installing the diaphragms included from Bob, I should of called him and had him walk me though the process. - No Disc
  8. Well, what a learning experience I had today. I managed to install Crites Crossovers in my Chorus IIs today. installed the titanium diaphragms in but ran into problems. I managed to destroy one of the titanium diaphragms, and then the two original ones I had pulled out. Just for good measure I pulled my tweeters from my other 2 Chrous Iis and screwed those up also. Three more diaphragms on order. Those suckers are fragile fragile fragile. My confidence is this DIY stuff is shot..
  9. Can someone enlighten me as the the mods than can be done to the Chorus II? And thanks for the details on opening them up. I got some time next week, so I dig into them then. Thanks again. Tim
  10. What the best way to get inside the unit? Remove the back? Take of each horn/woofer individually? I want to caulk the horns and woofer cage. I did this on my Cornwalls,, but that back just screws off. Anyone doing crossovers for this unit. I got Deans wonder crossover for my Cornwalls and loved the change. Advise sought. Thanks Tim
  11. Since I have not had much experience with the new stuff, I just wanted to get impressions from those that had tried both. I'm not really asking for the sense of upgrading from the Chorus IIs. All your input helps. I'll hold on to my Chorus IIs for now then. Thanks so much. No Disc
  12. My current setup is all Heritage 5.1 ( Chrous II front and Rear surrounds, and Academy Center) I was curious if anyone transitioned to the new line and what differences you heard. Thanks No Disc
  13. I'm curious if anyone has replaced their stock Heritage acoustic material with something like whats offered by basslinear? No Disc http://www.basslinear.com/fproduct.html
  14. Grats on the Cornwalls. Yes Indeed there is much you can do to improve stock ones and lots of people here with the knowledge to improve them. What year were they made? - No Disc
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