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  1. I thought I might be able to fit the 62ii currently, but even that is a couple of inches too wide. The theater will be getting a complete overhaul this spring so maybe I will wait and go with the 450c when I can make room and build around that. Thanks for the advice guys!
  2. Thats pretty much all I needed to know, I figured the timbre matching was just among the same line of speakers but wasn't sure. After reading another thread I was looking into the rc62ii. Seems like a great deal right now, around $330. Would I be better off going with that and upgrading the rest to the reference II line down the road or would I be better off looking at the reference premieres? Whatever center I upgrade to, I would like to stick with the same line when it comes to upgrading the rest, but I don't want to short myself. I know the reference premiere is the newer line of speakers, but it sounds like the rc62ii is a better center from whatvive read in this forum. Does this hold true for the towers between the two lines? An easier way to ask this question is probably. Which line is the superior speaker the ref 2 or ref premiere? Thanks, sorry if that got wordy.
  3. Hey Hydroman, I just posted a similar topic. Probably should have looked here first. I own the r26f towers and the matching r25c. I am looking for what would be a good replacement to match with the other reference series speakers, because I have not liked the r25c very much. Thats all I can offer for advice right now.
  4. Hey guys, I own the reference series r-26f towers, with r-14m rears, and the matching r-25c center channel. I know a lot of people don't like this particular line, but I got them all for about half price brand new and I have mostly enjoyed them so far. The one thing that has bothered me so far is the center channel. I was considering replacing it, but I don't want to replace any of the other speakers. Is there a center anyone can recomend that is timbre matched to this or at least close enough that I won't notice, but is a nice upgrade over the r-25c? As a side note, this is 99% dedicated home theater use so I'm not concerned with music as much as movies. Thanks all.
  5. You guys should give "10 Cloverfield Lane". It's a good movie that keeps the suspense high the whole time. It's sort of a psychological roller coaster. PLUS the LFE in this movie was insane. For the first 45 minutes there is a constant deep hum from the sound of a generator powering the fallout shelter and the end has an excellent amount of bass to show off your systems. I loved it on my SVS PB-2000. For those of you with multiple subs, I'm sure you would enjoy it. I had a group of friends over to enjoy some new equipment in the theater and this movie was a perfect choice. Cole
  6. Thanks for all the info guys. Sounds like it has some fun benefits. I still think I'll wait a bit before upgrading. I'm currently pretty happy with my setup, but it's exciting to look forward to new ways to listen.
  7. I think if angled down towards the main listening position you would not notice a major difference. But, personally before drilling any holes, i would grab a small ladder or something to temporarily place the speaker as close to possible to where you might end up mounting it and test it out. That way you could tell if it produces a sound you don't like from that position before it's a permanent solution.
  8. I agree with Bill, that is exactly where I would put them.
  9. I like the idea of mounting the tv on the wall and leaving the center close to where it is under the tv, but if the wood paneling ends up being tricky to mount the tv, it might be much easier and still provide a nice look and practical placement to build a stand to place the center above the tv. If I went that route I would build a slight angle into the stand so that it points slightly down towards ear level.
  10. I didn't realize that they could convert to a "faux atmos". That would be pretty cool of it worked out well. Glad to hear there is quite a bit of content already. I have only really looked into blu rays with atmos, and didn't see enough to get me there yet.
  11. Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and fairly new to Klipsch, coming from Boston Acoustics, which I enjoyed for the time being, but wanted to bump it up a bit. I am currently running a 5.1 setup and have been really intigued by the idea of atmos. So I was wondering, who's out there using an atmos setup right now? Are you using the modules to reflect the sound off the ceiling or are you using in celing speakers? Also, what are your room dimensions (mostly curious about ceiling height, vaulted or not, etc.) And finally and most importantly, what are your thoughts on atmos, are you enjoying it so far? When more content is available I will probably dig deeper into the atmos experience and decide if its worth it for me, but I just wanted to introduce myself and see what people were thinking about it so far. Cole
  12. Is there any sort of crossover setting on the subwoofer or within the WISA hub? Seems like the crossover is set too low, but I am unfamiliar with the WISA setup and whether it has this option.
  13. They are ;). http://www.monitormania.com/samsung-commercial-tvs/samsung-qm105d-qm-d-series-105-slim-direct-lit-5k-uhd-led-display/?gclid=CjwKEAjwxeq9BRDDh4_MheOnvAESJABZ4VTqbanRgWyEHph4U6--96_1cRQ7sBYJGRCGtSJJhDbxkRoCHbDw_wcB
  14. Well, they sure like to make things confusing. After searching for the tv you're talking about I don't see any mention of HDR, but as you pointed out here it sort of shows that this tv might have it. The wording on that is sort of misleading as to whether it is on that tv or just advertising their new tech. In any case I think the simple answer to this is that with or without HDR you're probably going to be happy with it. HDR is still in a format war and different tv manufacturers are using different formats (Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10). Not to mention in order to see HDR content you need to have it and all your other devices (blu ray player, AV receiver etc.) need to support it. So if it were me I'd say if it ends up having HDR that's great, and hopefully it sets you up a little bit for the future, but if it doesn't then I wouldn't sweat it too much, because the picture will still be great and trying to future proof yourself with a new tv is a never ending task anyway. I have always bought Samsung's and have never been let down.
  15. Like a couple other have said HDR, is what you want to look for. It is new for 2016, but is actually something worth having. I own the Samsung UHD tv you are looking at, except the 55 inch version. It replaced a few year old LED Samsung and does a great job. If the price is right on this one, I'd go for it, but I would try and compare it to an HDR model to make sure you would not feel like you are missing out on anything. UHD is the new standard and they're cheap enough now to justify, but they really don't offer much of an advancement to the viewing pleasure. At 70 inches and normal viewing distances you might start to see some benefits but, OLED and HDR offer an instant viewing benefit. However, the differences here are minimal so, like I said, I love my Samsung UHD and don't feel like I'm missing out on too much.
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