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  1. Nice setup, where neighbors I'm at 127th and Heggs. Best of luck with the sale.
  2. Congrats Rob! Well done glad your liking your subs. It was fun seeing these come together.
  3. Great post! I agree with what your saying there's so many variables involved and everyone's setup is different which makes everyone's situation hard to trouble shoot but it can be fix and resolved in the end. That's what I like about these forums everyone jumps in and helps and all you have to do is check off each one at a time when you have problems until you find it and correct it.
  4. I read that thread along with a lot other threads including one that's going right now from my buddy Pete on Avsforum. To fix my problem is to buy better cables there's a certain rca to xlr cable that can be bought (I'll find out which one and post) to quiet it down. I have 5 external amps in my setup and don't want to buy all new cables so I followed advise from a friend that designs speakers from diysg that lives by me and it worked so I went that route. All my outlets are grounded by a separate ground wire going into each outlet 2-20 amps and one 15 amp outlets with 3 ground wires going from my panel to my HT room rack outlets. I also checked my ground outside my house that feeds my panel and that was fine to. There's several was to fix a humm I like my idea and haven't had a problem since I did it. I'm open to hear any suggestions on a cheap fix though[emoji3]
  5. The boxes look great! Can't wait to hear what you think of them once you get them going. I had a nasty humm through out my speakers and subs. The way I fixed them and there's many way to do it... was I daisy chained a 14 gauge wire to each of my audio components in my rack. I stripped the end of the wire installed a spade fitting on the end of it and screwed it into a screw on each sub amp going all the way up to both surge protectors. As soon as I did that the humm was completely gone. Maybe try that. I had thread on Avsforum with pictures on how I did.
  6. I've personally never tested any of my drivers before putting them into cabinets but I've heard guys breaking there subs in by putting test tones through them. When I bought mine my buddy Matt ran his DATS through them and they all measured fine and were identical. I'm sure there fine you will know Once you do a fq sweep on each one to see if anything looks off. I also never ran into a buying a bad driver but you never know these are buy outs from parts express. I have heard of guys having Quality control issues and subs for a while the Dayton Audio UM-18 22 had some issues but that seems to be under control now from the factory. I wouldn't be to worried about it being bad.
  7. I would go to menards or Home Depot and grab them. Also try to use 12 gauge wire to subs. I bought mine from Menards I think they were few bucks per pack.
  8. On the spade fitting itself the wire gets crimped onto it. The other end of the wire that goes to your amp needs a xlr fitting you can screw that one in to it like the picture I posted a few posts above. But yes crimp the wire in to it.
  9. I just went through your thread inuke 6k and using one channel on this amp. Sorry about that [emoji15] So basically the back of sub box A will see two sets of wires. One from box two and one from your amp. Sorry for the confusion I should of re read from the beginning of this thread again.
  10. Your options if your going to wire these to your amp having each of these subs going into the back of your amp. One wire coming off the back of the sub into the back of the terminal. These are dual 4 ohm subs. So basically if your doing one sub per channel follow the chart I posted which is from the12volt.com. You will only need one wire from the sub to the terminal if wired like that. Mike
  11. I agree with Derrick and use some tape all around the box so no black paint goes on the finish part of the box that you already finished.
  12. I built these for a friend first drill out the hole for them. Next do what was said above in the previous post take a box end wrench and tighten the terminals down use spade connectors to attach to the inside of the box. Then run the wire to the sub. The other end of the wire goes into a xlr fitting like this into the back of the amp.
  13. Crimp it down with needle noise pliers so the wire fitting is tight. That's what I do at least.
  14. Enjoy guys these are the videos I took. I wish I took some more.
  15. I don't have many pictures but this is what I have. https://vimeo.com/186503712
  16. Derrick this would be a nice addition to your setup but installed in the kitchen.
  17. You seen them I posted them and then I thought wait this isn't my thread and felt bad then deleted them. Here they are. Here's a close up of the night sky mural on the ceiling with black lights. The room is 7.4.8 Atmos set up [emoji12]
  18. First two are 2 of these drivers in a 8 cubic ft box since each of his boxes 4 cubic ft each. The next two are mine in 8 cubic ft boxes after the driver and bracing. 4 drivers sealed Sorry for the picture my screen shot on my laptop doesn't work so I took this with my iPhone 6+. I think with some room gain these two subs for you are going to pound like crazy. I had a guy pm me from Avsforum and say these sounded better than his 1k $ tc sounds subs. I agree these were one heck of deal. I wish I would of bought 8 more.
  19. Give me 30 mins I'll take some shots of winisd with different size. Boxes. Trying to get my kids to bed.
  20. The sub cabinet looks great! I really like the finish on them. I have four of these drivers myself and have them nearfield. I took out my 8 subs nearfield and replaced them with these legacy subs and have no regrets. The bass from 13-60 hz. is more than what I had. The entire riser seats and room shake with these on. I think your really going to like these in your ported box. I modeled them on winisd see picture for the parameters taken with Dats hooked up to the driver. With you having these in a ported box your going to gain a lot in the lower fq. Here's a few pics of the driver for anyone who wants to see these to. Keep it going your almost there. After some eq with these and my four 18's in 4 LLT 20 cubic slot ported boxes behind my screen this was my rew graph. If you need any help with eq, setting delays on these let me know I can help out. Mike
  21. Derrick thanks for having me over today! Your room set up is very impressive. The Klipsch set up sounds so clear at all volume levels. The bass is nuts to with your 8-18's you can feel the pressurize when you played bass I love you. It was also nice meeting the guys on the forum they all were really cool to talk to. I wish I could of stayed and heard the tube amps playing two channel maybe next time. Thanks again the day was a lot of fun!!!
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