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  1. http://www.klipsch.ca/products/palladium-subwoofers
  2. Your hum could be coming from your sub or if you have two , one of them .
  3. I used this on my second Sub the the hum gone !
  4. http://www.jensen-transformers.com/ call them they just might send you a pair for free !
  5. No they don’t , I am sure Drewski will Explain
  6. I end up buying the ISO-MAX it worked right away ! Also I end up changing the receiver to a Marantz sr 7012 ! It sounds great but I still use the ISO-Max on my second Sub !
  7. It never hurt mine and beside I got a new Marantz 7012 hum is gone !
  8. http://www.jensen-transformers.com/ check these guys out ! They fix mine
  9. You know the Guy that design then ? WOW lol well I can’t wait till I get them in . also they say that these are 80 Watts I wounding about my Marantz sr 7012 could they damage these ?
  10. Do you know about the IC-650 t speakers? They would work Great wouldn’t they for Atmos ?
  11. I don’t want to screw up my New Marantz Receiver, I need some help to set this right so I don’t damage the receiver. when I change the switch to selective 8 oms that would be the best for what I will be using it for I believe Of course I wouldn’t use these for two way . I picked these up on a trade so it was all most free and never been used . So any info would be helpful to make sure I don’t mess this up . These are few years old but I am sure they will sound pretty good but maybe some of you can give me some input. thanks
  12. I wouldn’t say that , Be Kind to yourself!
  13. Well all the speakers that I have like I said its like Magic with the Marantz SR7012 sounds great to my ears!
  14. They all sound great , at times you would want to stand and light your cigarette lighter in the air lol 😂
  15. I wasn’t for the Yamaha it just didn’t sound that great as I heard it . Each to its own 😉
  16. I went with the Marantz SR 7012 and it’s sounds great with Music and Home Theater 🎭 I am very happy with choosing Marantz!
  17. The one I have has a great picture Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema 6030UB 2D/3D 1080p 3LCD Projector Elite 2D and 3D high-definition home cinema projector with ISF calibration tools, THX certification, and Ultra Black levels. The ultimate home cinema experience — immerse yourself in stunning 2D and 3D images, in Full HD 1080p, with the Pro Cinema 6030UB. Images are always rich and brilliant with 2400 lumens of colour brightness1 and 2400 lumens of white brightness1. View exquisite detail, whatever the scene, with an incredible contrast ratio up to 600,000:1. A state-of-the-art Fujinon lens ensures stunning picture uniformity, while THX display certification and ISF certification offer the most advanced video quality. The Pro Cinema 6030UB also offers efficient setup with the widest lens shift available and a full suite of intuitive features. Up to 3x Brighter Colours with Epson* Brilliant image quality requires high colour brightness. Epson 3LCD projectors have up to 3x Brighter Colours than leading competitive projectors.* Delivering 2400 lumens of colour brightness1 and 2400 lumens of white brightness1, the PowerLite Pro Cinema 6030UB uses 3LCD, 3-chip technology for brilliant images with true-to-life colour. Projection System: Epson 3LCD, 3-chip optical engine Native Resolution: 1080p (1920 x 1080) Colour Brightness: 2400 lumens1 White Brightness: 2400 lumens1
  18. This is my first New Marantz receiver SR-7012 and I can assure it’s great for Music and Home Theater 🎭
  19. As you might know I went with the Marantz SR7012 . I happy with it and it sounds great with Klipsch.
  20. I been working on the sound with the NEW Marantz sr 7012 , I am happy with it The sound is great . It’s truly sounds like a theater now ! I also know there is better stuff out there but it comes to a time where my ears can’t hear grass growing ! It’s blows the Onkyo out ! The Marantz how i see it works well with Klipsch’s!
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