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  1. I just had a thought... I have 2 more quintet satellites.. what if I mounted those to the ceiling and ran them in an Atmos setup and angled them to the primary viewing area? They would match my current surround sides/rears as it stands, and later on when I replace another pair such as the sides, then I could end up with 7.1.4. My gut says 7.1.2 is plenty either way though.
  2. How well do these in ceilings go with my Klipsch set up? I want to make sure whatever I would get would match. These exact speakers are not outrageously priced.
  3. I think when it comes down to it, the MAIN thing I want to have the capability of is 4K pass through. If I had the choice to do what I wanted, in order would be: Plan A: 1.Buy surround side speakers, such as I have discussed. A RS-(to be determined) ii (Budget will be probably be $700) 2.Buy a 4K tv (Budget will be probably be $1500) (a)Not just any 4K TV, a quality one. I got my 60 Samsung 2 years ago, and it was one of the top of the line, non 4K tv's Samsung made. I am not gonna replace it with a lower end 4K TV, plain and simple. 3. Move to a different house with a better setup for HT. I am getting married and the lady is already talking babies, and I have full custody of my 4 year old daughter, so the move will happen within a few years I would assume. (You don't need to know my budget on this you sick fools!) 4.Buy some towers, probably the RF 82 ii's. I'm not buying RF 7's for my first towers, then I wouldn't know the difference down the road (Budget will be probably be around $700 or so, just by seeing what holiday prices were for the 82 iis this year. Hopefully next year they will go down, as I would like to stay with the Ref ii's all around) (a) This would mean that I would have to move my newly purchased RB 61 iis to the rear, which was the plan all along when I bought them, thus completing my HT for a 7.1 setup. THEN I would want to start building the Atmos part of my HT. So as you can see, Atmos is in the latter phases of my plans for the future, and could be 3-5 years before I even really start thinking about spending money on upgrading to Atmos. So just by the budgets I have named here, that would come to around $3000, and that does not include Atmos speakers or the receiver. So the issue I am having here is this: By this point in time, there may be a better version of Dolby/DTS that has surpassed Atmos, and will have wasted extra money trying to future proof a receiver that never even used the capability by that time of Atmos AND doesn't support whatever the new technology is. I think If I can get one for around $400 now, the only future proofing I will be needing to do at this time would be becoming 4K ready for when I want to buy a new TV Plan B: 1.Buy a good receiver with Atmos 2.Buy a couple of in ceilings like Derrickdj1 posted. 3.Then start plan A
  4. And that's all well and good, but would I truly notice a dip in performance going from the low end Aventage to the high end RX V? Like I said earlier, if you are trying to keep up with technology every 7-10 years, and both options will do the trick, why spend more on things that may only be affecting the longevity and sturdiness if only to be replaced anyway to keep up with what all is out there. I want to have a great movie setup, not just listen to music. It may even be wise for me to go with a receiver for now that doesn't even support atmos and save the money, as it will be a LONG time before i have enough speakers for that setup. By the time I have built to that point, there will be new stuff out and can upgrade again then
  5. Yea, if anything, that forum only made me question it more haha
  6. But at the point I am at as far as speakers, do I really need that? By the time I really get into higher end speakers there will be new technologies that the low model Aventage won't support anyway. I will eventually have to upgrade receivers wither way I go just to keep up with what is out in the future. If I had higher end speakers I could see shelling out more money though
  7. So what does it weighing more mean as far as performance. I really don't understand why I would go with a product that his worse specs in big areas. I really am stupid when it comes to this part
  8. Im not sure I understand the differences in the Avenatage line and the other ones I listed earlier. Im not good at looking at receivers and really understanding the differences in anything outside of cable inputs, speaker setup, wattage, and some of the more basic things. What sets this one apart from the one that I listed? It looks like it uses less power, does that mean anything really? Or does it make up for it because it's a more efficient power, this is where I get confused. I am by no means a sound engineer.
  9. Yea, it was from my own experience that I asked the question. Mine is tilted down, sounds great pointed right at you, as it is supposed to.
  10. do you have to tilt the center channel up to where you are sitting?
  11. That is really nice looking. I am making due with what I have for now in the house I am in. Probably be here for at least 2 or 3 years before me and the Mrs. upgrade. We aren't married just yet, but want to stay where I am for a few years before making any moves. Just wish it was a square room so I could do more with it. But it sounds good for now for sure
  12. I can't complain so far. I have only gotten to test them a few times a good volumes, but man, I am impressed
  13. Yea, I think you are right. I think the main issue i have with it was the deal breaker i alluded to. I have always had Yamaha's and am used to their set up. I would prefer to stay with them. This is the one I really want, I'm just waiting to get a deal on it. I have $200 in gift cards to best buy, so if i can get it like 200 more off then Im willing to pull the trigger: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/yamaha-1050w-7-2-ch-network-ready-4k-ultra-hd-and-3d-pass-through-a-v-home-theater-receiver-black/5017502.p?skuId=5017502
  14. If I were you I would call Klipsch and talk to someone and have them walk you through whatever tests they can think of. It sounds to me that the easiest answer would be deffective parts, but my gut says thats crazy that you bought two and both were defective. If it was one I would feel better about saying that's what it was. It still may be, but the fact that it is two makes me believe there is another underlying issue. Not sure. Give them a call and tell them your issue, you bought their product, they need to be able to help
  15. My guess is since the center kind of brought it all together, that maybe, and this is just a guess, that maybe you have your settings on something other than stereo/all sounds through all channels? I know when i have mine on 7 ch stereo for music all sounds are coming from every speaker, but if i play music when i am in standard 7.1, most of the sound is coming from the center channel. As far as your other issues, don't know why your stuff is falling apart early on. Maybe they were damaged before you got them. Shipping issues or something. Just because a box shows no cosmetic damage doesn't mean they couldn't have been dropped or something. I don't have a good answer for that one.
  16. Yea, i mean to each his own. I just prefer not having to make a special trip over it. I used to use redbox.. i was always late returning stuff. Vudu fit my personality of laziness
  17. So, I will be in the market in the future for a new surround sound receiver for my den. I currently have a Yamaha 7.1 receiver that does just fine, but is falling by the wayside as far as technology. My main goal was to upgrade to 7.2, 4K pass through, and wouldn't hurt to have a zone 2 and a second monitor out HDMI port. I have never personally paid much attention to what else there was besides what ports were on it, and how many speakers it could run. Today I am a different person, having taken my daughter to the movies over the weekend, and it having Dolby Atmos. I obviously have read up a little on it in the process of buying new speakers over the past few weeks, but my speakers are kinda over head as it is so I don't even know if it would make a big difference in this house I am in due to the positioning I already have. If anyone here has not seen a movie in an atmos theater, do yourself a treat and check it out. Now my question to you guys is, can you just do a few in ceilings and run them as atmos? I saw a video where a guy was doing that, but I feel like it is on the speaker itself to be able to recreate whatever the technology is, and not just any in ceiling could accomplish what the actual atmos speakers are doing. ***Update Best Buy's deal of the day is an Onkyo receiver that would fit all of these criteria, and for a decent price TX-NR646 http://www.bestbuy.com/site/onkyo-1190w-7-2-ch-network-ready-4k-ultra-hd-and-3d-pass-through-a-v-home-theater-receiver-black/4960023.p?skuId=4960023&cmp=RMX The only negative is that it's Atmos feature is limited to front left and rights? I don't know enough about Atmos to know if that's a deal breaker or not. I certainly want whatever I get to be for the next 10 years kind of purchase. That to me sounds like a deal breaker. Can anyone weigh in?
  18. What provider are you talking about with rentals? I use Vudu, and it all is supposedly blu ray quality with 7.1 surround. You have three options when you rent, SD,HD, and HDX. HD being 720 and HDX being 1080p with 7.1. I wonder how it could be different renting and streaming it from vudu as opposed to buying it and streaming it from vudu... edit* http://www.soundandvision.com/content/redbox-renter-beware-mystery-missing-audio-track#o89G7EUYiPG4wcLv.97 I believe this is the article you were referring to. Ya it looks like those are disc based rentals, not streaming. Sorry I jumped the gun, streaming is the only way I will rent a movie nowadays. It's about a dollar more than redbox, but I don't have to return it after.
  19. Dang, wish I lived closer. Just can't feel comfortable making a purchase on Craigslist without seeing them first from far away
  20. Watched Captain America Civil War the other night. Perfect movie to test out the new setup
  21. They may have sold out. They were on there when I looked, but the RC 62 ii was on back order, they may have just taken it off completely
  22. Ya, it sucks they arent making Ref iis anymore. The love I saw people have for the RC 62 ii, and saying it was better than even some of the better ones from RP was enough for me to go with they dying line. My real issue though is once i get towers down the road and surrounds, is that I am defininitely going to want Dolby Atmos, and they never made atmos speakers for RFii.. I wonder how well they mesh with this set, or it it is just better to get in ceilings to match the RF ii line.
  23. you have to sign up for the email list and it will be in the email they send you
  24. Ya, just sign up to get the promo code for their email list. But for some reason the prices arent being adjusted like they are supposed to be
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