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  1. My preference tends to be harder progressive/symphonic rock. Kamelot, One Cold Winters Night (live in Oslo), is one of my favorite CDs. Though I'll listen to any well recorded music from Mozart to Metallica depending on my mood that day. To me good music is about the artist making an emotional connection to the listener irregardless of the genre. My ex played classical piano in school and she turned me on to classical and orchestral music. My youngest son played in a death metal band for a while and he's gotten me into some of the newer heavy metal stuff. I graduated high school in '75 so of course I'm a fan of a lot of music from that era. Rock, blues, soul, country, jazz, classical, pop, I enjoy checking out any "new to me" music. Unfortunately the one problem with Klipsch speakers is that if the the music is poorly recorded, you will hear it, and it makes it hard for me to listen to some of it. Experiment, then listen to what you enjoy. To hell with what anyone else thinks!!
  2. Not affiliated. https://rochester.craigslist.org/ele/d/rochester-klipsch-heresy-speakers-circa/7316522756.html
  3. Not affiliated https://rochester.craigslist.org/eld/d/rochester-klipsch-epic-cf-speakers/7310410482.html
  4. https://buffalo.craigslist.org/ele/d/buffalo-klipsch-heritage-forte-iv/7306171571.html not affiliated.
  5. Not affiliated https://hudsonvalley.craigslist.org/ele/d/rhinebeck-klipsch-cornwalls-birch/7302783647.html
  6. Not affiliated. https://oneonta.craigslist.org/ele/d/schuyler-lake-klipsch-lascala/7302790974.html
  7. Not affiliated. https://binghamton.craigslist.org/ele/d/lehigh-valley-klipschorn-speakers-in/7290180170.html
  8. Not affiliated. https://pennstate.craigslist.org/ele/d/howard-klipsch-chorus-ii-stereo/7301304113.html
  9. Not affiliated https://utica.craigslist.org/ele/d/west-winfield-klipsch-heresy-1st/7298036762.html For sale: Klipsch Heresy’s first generation. I’m the original owner. These came from the long closed Superior Sound on Erie Blvd. in Syracuse. Light birch unfinished , with the patina of an over forty year old speaker. The original crossovers and woofer have been replaced with Bob Crites in 2018 . Buyer gets original parts that have been replaced, and original paperwork. These still sound great and have that great Klipsch sound. Can be auditioned with masks on , or meet for delivery. A chance to own a piece of audio history. $650 ,call and leave voicemail, or text.
  10. Not affiliated https://syracuse.craigslist.org/ele/d/cortland-klipsch-forte-iii/7296936390.html
  11. These have also been posted in Watertown, NY since early March. https://watertown.craigslist.org/ele/d/three-mile-bay-klipsch-lascalas/7284681059.html
  12. https://rochester.craigslist.org/ele/d/canandaigua-klipsch-chorus-speakers/7290910565.html Not affiliated
  13. https://utica.craigslist.org/ele/d/west-winfield-klipsch-forte-iii/7287489068.html Not affiliated
  14. https://rochester.craigslist.org/ele/d/corfu-klipsch-cornwall-speaker-pair/7286671083.html Not affiliated. 1974 by the one tag in the pictures. If that is a direction tag on the left, may be verticals.
  15. https://rochester.craigslist.org/ele/d/fishers-pair-of-kg5-klipsch-medium-oak/7280357964.html Not affiliated
  16. Not affiliated. https://watertown.craigslist.org/ele/d/three-mile-bay-klipsch-lascalas/7284681059.html
  17. Damn, I must be kayaking in the wrong places. I never see scenery like her on any of the beaches I paddle around.
  18. Sunrise kayaking on Little Square Pond in the Adirondack Mountains.
  19. How far up in the North Country are you? The Heritage models show up around Rochester/Syracuse maybe once every 3 or 4 weeks. Prices are way up around here too. I paid $650 in 2011 for my '73 vertical Cornwalls.
  20. 63 and retired on 10/10/19. When people asked what I was going to when I retired, I just asked them how many times in the last few years did they say "Gee I wish I had time to do this, or I never have time to do that". Most peoples list was as long or longer than mine. Considering that I was lucky enough to survive a heart attack in 2014 (full cardiac arrest, clogged artery) I might be a little more motivated that most to knock as many things off that list as possible. Unfortunately I only had 5 months until Covid locked everything down. During that time I was playing competetive volleyball 3 times a week, yoga twice a week, visiting friends, getting in the last few kayaking paddles of the season, planning some 2020 kayak trips to the Adirondacks, and trying to see if I could fit in some volunteer work. I finally understood what my friends were talking about when they said it felt that they were busier after they retired than before. That "wanna do, now that I have time list" just seems to keep growing. Once the Covid restrictions are lifted , I'm planning on fitting in as much of that 'wanna do list" as I can while I'm still physically and mentally capable
  21. https://rochester.craigslist.org/ele/d/rochester-speakers-klipsch-la-scala/7275088687.html
  22. Bobby Z

    NFL 2021

    Belichick 51-65 without Brady. Tom, 43 years old, new team, 7th super bowl win out of ten, another MVP. Love him or hate him, he is definitely the GOAT! Appreciate him while he is still around, we will probably never see this kind of run again.
  23. Out of curiosity, is the desired Klipsch approved performance something you can measure where if capacitor X reads this then it will work well with network Y. Or is it one of those things in audio where you put it in the circuit and it sounds right but you can't point to a specific measurement or characteristic that says why. or is it
  24. I just recently heard about Jem Performance through the forum. I already put a set of Crites crossovers in my Cornwalls a couple years ago. Been happy with them, but truthfully I couldn"t hear much of a difference between them and the originals. Replacing the caps in my Heresys is on my to do list. Haven't done any soldering in a while, but maybe I''l give the Gem caps a try.
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