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  1. Have these gotten any better yet? I saw lots of reviews about connectivity issues but most of them were from 2019.
  2. I wouldn't pay someone else to repair it if I went that route. I would either attempt to replace the resistors, capacitors, etc. myself or just buy another amplifier (depending on the cost, of course). I may try and call Klipsch later and see if they sell just the amplifier and how much it would cost. I'd bet at least $50 though and that would put me at the cost of a new system at that point which really goes back to the does the old system sound that much better that I should just fix this one or ditch it and buy a new one. The guy I bought the second system from asked about shipping insurance so he may be unwilling to give me my money back even if I do give it back to him at this point. I'm not sure, I haven't really looked into it yet. It isn't really that important at the moment.
  3. I wanted to replace my Altec Lansing speakers at work and home with something that sounded better. After some research, it sounded like the Promedia 2.1 was still the best candidate around $100. Since I'm a Klipsch fan, that worked out - or so I thought. So after more research, I decided I wanted the old version that supposedly sound better. I knew about the amplifier issues and control pod issues but figured it was likely internet negativity and couldn't possibly be that widespread. I found two sets for $50 each locally and I bought both. The first one was missing the speaker grilles (I was fine with) and after I set them up, I found the subwoofer is blown (just the speaker itself). Otherwise it seems to work fine and I've been using it as is at work for a little over a week. I can get a new woofer from Klipsch for $30 shipped but they're on backorder right now. The other set I just got and as soon as I turned the power on I could hear interference noise coming from the right speaker but I started playing music and it wasn't noticeable but then the left speaker started sounding distorted. I swapped the speakers and the issues swapped with them so it isn't the speakers that are the problem. I did some research about possibly replacing pieces on the circuit board in the amp myself but that's not a guarantee and the transistor isn't replaceable. Wiggling the DIN connector for the control pod makes it pop if that means anything. The seller on this set says he'll give me my money back if I want. I don't even know if I should bother trying to repair either set. I'm starting to think I should have just spent the money on getting the new version from Best Buy... Used parts on eBay seem to cost more than they do from Klipsch so a new amplifier from them may be less than the $60+ they sell for used but I'm not sure yet. Do the old versions sound that much better that they're worth spending money on to fix or should I cut my loses?
  4. For $400 you could also get a brand new (as opposed to used) Yamaha TSR-7810 at Costco for that price all the time and if you don't have a membership or one near you, Fry's puts them on sale for that price regularly. There are always better units but for $400 the 7810 is pretty feature packed. And if it is anywhere near as reliable as the Yamaha it replaced, it'll still work just fine in 10 years. The latest update for the 7810 supposedly added HDR support if you need that also (I don't even have a 4k TV so I haven't even bothered with the update yet).
  5. That looks great but I'm not good with woodwork so I doubt mine would turn out that well! Is that the Stereo Integrity 18" I ended up finding a good deal on an older SVS PC-13 Ultra that had a brand new Sledge amplifier installed and I pulled the trigger on that. Also to note for anyone who may see this in the future, I do now understand that how I was looking at the frequency response graphs was incorrect.
  6. Looking at the frequency response graph on SVS's web site, it looks like the PC-2000 has more SPL than the PC-13 overall and also still has almost 80db at 10hz where the PC-13 pretty much drops off to below 60db but the roll off starts above 20Hz on the PC-2000 and below 20Hz on the PC-13. Is that the only advantage to the PC-13 over a PC-2000? That would give the PC-13 even more advantage over the PC-2000 for movies but would probably be worse for music since it has less SPL above 20Hz compared to the PC-2000? Also, looking at the graphs it doesn't look like even two PB-1000s would be an upgrade over the one S1500 other than the benefits two subs over one provides. It looks like it would take two SB-2000 or PB-2000 to be an upgrade and at those prices I'd probably be better off waiting for another used S1500 to pop up, since both of those options are over budget. Does good for movies and good for music just not go together until you spend a lot more than this?
  7. I've, apparently, been bitten by the subwoofer bug but I'm pretty limited by budget and the WAF. I figured I'd post this here and get some thoughts and opinions since I like how everyone is fairly unbiased here (at least on subs!). Backstory: I started with a Polk PSW111 and then I got a Klipsch R-12SW as part of a package deal and that kinda started it. Then I decided on an SVS PC-2000 and I was great for movies but I felt it was lacking for music. I was going to just keep it since this system is mostly for TV and movies but I found a PSA S1500 for sale locally and I knew it be better for music and I was hoping I would get enough in-room extension to get close to the PC2000 on the low end and I just wanted to try it (I figured I could resell and break even if needed). Unfortunately, I didn't get as much extension as I was hoping for BUT it does sound fantastic for music and I do really like the tight clean sound of it plus it rates pretty high with the WAF since it's "small." So I returned the PC2000 but I just keep wondering if I made the wrong decision since this is mostly for TV and movies and the SVS was great for that. The room is about 17'x14' with openings to the foyer on one side and the kitchen/dining area to the rear. I was trying to come up with some potential options to consider that wouldn't cost me much more than what I can get reselling my PSA (plus I'm still working on selling my R-12SW). My main consideration was trying to find a used PC12 or PC13. These should have more output and a little more extension than the PC-2000 so maybe they'll sound better with music and also since they can be ported or sealed with the plugs, I'd have options with them. They're tall though. The PC13 is 13" taller than the PC2000. For the price of those I could buy two R-115SW's that are on sale right now but those are also huge and that would double down on it and even still is a bit more than I'd like to spend. Another option could be two of something smaller like the PB-1000. I'd have the advantages of two subs then but would two of those give me an advantage on the low end over the S1500 and still sound good with music? Those are small enough I could run two and probably still be good on the WAF. I got that idea from an article I read where the guy said he'd choose two PB-1000's over one HSU VTF-15H.
  8. I'm starting the see the slippery slope with subwoofers people talk about. I ended up finding a somewhat local PSA S1500 subwoofer for sale and I picked it up. Now I'm torn on which one to keep. I really like the tighter sound of the sealed S1500 better and it sounds much better for music but the PC-2000 does have better output on the low end. Based on what I now know, I don't think the bass is really going to be able to be felt without a second subwoofer due to the size of this room and being that it's open to other rooms. I think I'm leaning toward keeping the PSA, the wife likes the size of it better so maybe I'll get some brownie points.
  9. I forgot to update this. I think this sub may not have been used much because it seems to have gotten a little louder with more use and is breaking in. I also have played with the settings more and it's now pretty good when listening to music. I'd still like a little more bass for music but I can't afford a second SVS sub right now and this is mainly for TV and movies anyway, which sound great. I am aware of the multiple places to adjust the sub levels and my receiver does have the parametric EQ that I can change (but I haven't tried manually since I have no experience in it). I ended up setting the main level for the subwoofer at -3 db (this was advised by the guys on AVS Forum) and the gain on the SVS is set in the 3 o'clock position. The extra bass option has been turned on since I first setup this receiver and I have never adjusted the subwoofer trim in that section. I did raise the bass in the tone control menu to + 2 db (which I was told on AVS that this would increase base to the left and right speakers). I listened to a bunch of different types of music for about an hour with it setup like that and I won't be returning the SVS (unless the Klipsch 115 gets put on sale for $400 before my return window goes away).
  10. The omnipole are better but, from what I was told, not always suitable depending on the room. I'm using RB-61 II's for my side surrounds. My couch is against the back wall so I have no room for rear surrounds and my side surrounds are in the rear corners of the room (at ear level) to be in the 90*-110* placement range so omnipole speakers would be bouncing sound off the rear wall in my case.
  11. Unfortunately, I can't move it any more until after Christmas now that the tree is up. If it's me, I can live with that. I'll keep using it and go from there. The room is 17'x14 if I remember correctly and does have approximately 8' openings on the left side to the foyer and hallways and on the rear to the kitchen/dining.
  12. Ok, I understand what you're saying and if that's what it is then I can deal with it. I just don't want to figure out if this isn't the sub for me after I'm out of my return window. I'm not unhappy with it for the TV and movies I've watched so far, it's just music. It definitely kills the lower frequencies the 12SW couldn't touch. Another part of the issue may also be that lately I haven't been able to watch TV or movies or listen to music at the volume I would like to because of the baby. He was just fine with loud noises and stuff since he was born but all of the sudden loud noises have started scaring the crap out of him so I've had to keep it down a bit. I intend to play with it more when I'm able to. Let me ask you this though. I have an Arc PS8 DSP in my car and I haven't even touched the equalizers at all yet but the bass in the Satriani song I mentioned has similar volume like it does on the 12SW. Why would that be if the DSP is trying to "fix" it? Just a different type of DSP? I had it in a corner when I first set it up and it sounded boomy so I moved out of the corner (I'm wondering now if maybe the phase had anything to do with it since I didn't change that until after I moved it to where it is now). Now I have it on the front wall still but between the right front speaker and the entertainment center.
  13. I did adjust the phase control to 180* when I set the 12SW back up to match. I don't know if it was because the volume isn't there but it was actually hard to tell there was a time alignment issue when listing to just music with the SVS because there was an obvious time alignment issue with the Klipsch when I first got it. I haven't tried adjusting it in between 0* and 180* since I turned the Klipsch back off yesterday.
  14. The crossover on the sub is set to LFE. Would the LFE+Main be on the subwoofer or in the receiver settings? I don't see anything like that on either. I played the "blue screen" subwoofer test video on YouTube that RoboKlipsch mentioned and it does sound smooth in the transitions and shakes the house at 20Hz. We've only watched the one movie with it so far and I wish now I hadn't set the 12SW back up and used it too but I think the SVS sounds fine for TV or movies as far as I can tell so far but listening to music it is very lacking in volume still. One in particular is Joe Satriani - One Robot's Dream, the bass is pretty hot on that track and it is nowhere near enough coming from the SVS but if I switch the 12SW on it is shaking the walls with the gain at 1/4. I also get more bass out of the PSI 10" in a crappy sealed box in my car on this track. Something has to be wrong somewhere. After I played the test video on YouTube, I ended up on some "best bass songs" videos that were all rap, dubstep type stuff (not my cup of tea) but it sounded far from adequate for that type of music but this guy seemed pretty pleased listening to that type of music in this review: http://www.avsforum.com/forum/113-subwoofers-bass-transducers/2035041-svs-pc-2000-subwoofer-official-avs-forum-review.html .
  15. I read the owner's manual and if I understand it correctly, the crossover for the subwoofer is automatic based on where the crossover is set for the other speakers when "small" speakers are selected. The YPAO selects "large" for all of my speakers based on it's measurement but I changed them all to "small" as I've read on this forum. All of the speakers are set to 80Hz except the fronts (RF-82 II) which I set to 60Hz.
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