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  1. Is there any reason I should be weary about buying a used R-115SW? I’m seeing quite a few threads about amplifier failures but all of theirs were covered under warranty, which I wouldn’t have buying a used one.
  2. WTB: Klipsch SW-115 or Similar

    If you're location in your profile is correct, I'm local. I'd definitely be interested in a trade so then I would have to find a box to ship the 12 in if I couldn't sell it locally. I sent you a message; let me know if you didn't get it for some reason, I'm not very used to this forum software.
  3. I think I'll be going with an SVS PC-2000. My wife and I stopped by Fry's yesterday since we were going near there anyway and the 115SW is HUGE! It's a lot larger than I even thought it was just comparing the physical dimensions to the 12W I have. She was NOT happy that I wanted to put this in the living room. She said it looked like a bench someone would sit on, haha. I think the chair would still hide it pretty decently but hard to tell without it actually being here. I'm borderline thinking it might be too big, the wall is only about 17' long. The room is 17'x14' with ~10' high ceilings so about 2300 cubic feet so it looks like these are the right choices for me as far as the room size goes. She did make a good point though, the corner of the room where I have the subwoofer currently is where the Christmas tree goes so a box subwoofer will likely need to be moved when that goes up and the cylinder might be able to stay (and maybe rattle off some ornaments). So that leaves the PC-2000, it's pretty tall but the footprint is small. I am a bit worried that the cat might think it's a sweet new scratching post though (the cat hasn't messed with any of the grilles on the RF-82's or the current 12SW but I'm not sure if those are a different type of material). I found a killer deal on a used PB12-Plus but since it's larger than the 115SW, I guess that'll be a no.
  4. I'm looking to upgrade my R-12SW without breaking the bank at the moment and it looks like an SW-115 would fit the bill, I missed out on one yesterday for $285. Let me know if you have one for sale. I would also consider something similar if it exists. Or if someone who bought an R-115SW from Fry's and want to let it go, I'd be interested in that also. I'd love an SVS PB2000 but I just can't spend that much at the moment, unfortunately.
  5. SVS is what I originally wanted but it looks like I'd need at least the PB-2000 to be an upgrade from the R-12SW and that's a good bit more than the max $500 I said I wanted to spend. That's why I'm irritated about the SW-115 because it would be a large improvement for a lot less than I wanted to spend even though it is an older model. Size isn't really an issue because even the 12SW isn't exactly small. Maybe Fry's will run the sale on the R-115SW again soon or I can find a deal on a used SVS.
  6. It was an audio store or something but it was brand new in the box still. I'm ok with no warranty for the price it was. I buy most of my stuff used or on eBay so I'm used to not having a warranty and generally the warranty is never needed anyway when buying good quality stuff to begin with. Either way, unless another deal like that pops up or Fry's put the 115SW on sale again I'll just be keeping what I have, I suppose. Seeing that SW-115 for $300 confirmed that the potentially 10 year old used VTF-3 MK3 is way over priced at $350, which I was already suspecting anyway. I'll just keep my money and 12SW for now.
  7. Or maybe not. I shouldn't have counter-offered a second time over $10, the $300 they had it listed at was a great price already for it being brand new and including shipping. I'm quite irritated with myself, I can't believe I let that slip through my fingers. Probably shouldn't have posted about it before I bought it, I'm sure it wasn't hard to find.
  8. I just found an SW-115 new for $300. I think we may have a winner.
  9. The VTF-15H doesn't look like it will work due to the size and weight, shipping will be $175. The local VTF-3 also comes with the turbocharger. I don't know if it possibly being 10 years old should bother me or not, if it was used regularly during that time then it should be just fine I would think. I feel like $350 might be a little high because of the age but I don't know because I can't find any listings of this same speaker but it might be an ok price because of the turbocharger.
  10. How is HSU Research? I found a VTF-3 MK3 locally for $350. Looks like it might be a bit older but looks like it can get down to 18Hz. There's also a VTF-15H on eBay that the guy is willing to ship but at 120 lbs, that wouldn't be cheap.
  11. Alright, that's kinda what I was thinking anyway and I didn't even realize the R-12SW and R-112SW only get down to 40Hz. The SB1000 I found appears to be a great deal at $300 I was just worried it wouldn't have as much output as the Klipsch being sealed vs. ported. Maybe I'll pick it up considering the price and I could probably resell it easily if it doesn't work out or get a second one down the road for more volume. The room is, I believe, about 10'x15' with probably 11' high ceiling since it's treyed and the Klipsch seems like it fills the room pretty well from the front right corner. I saw the R-115SW on sale a Fry's recently and wondered if I should try and get one but I was more looking into the center channel at the time.
  12. I am glad I made this thread because I didn't realize the SB1000 was sealed until I was typing the original post and looked at the pictures of the SB1000 again. I had searched on eBay for "SVS 12" subwoofer" and I was looking at the PB1000 on there and then found the SB1000 locally and didn't realize it wasn't the same thing. I'm not unhappy with the Klipsch. It's a lot better than the Polk PSW111 it replaced. I was just wondering if I'd be better off going for more sound quality with the same money than adding a second of the same subwoofer. That was really the main point of this thread, I suppose. Another thought I had was to try and get a R-112SW and resell the R-12SW because that would probably cost the least amount of money and still be a 100 watt upgrade and a better woofer.
  13. I haven't gone out of my way to do a lot of research on subwoofers but when this week's Fry's promo came out with the R-12SWi for $218 and my local store had one, I was planning on picking one up since it's the same as the R-12SW just with the wireless but they must have only had one and someone got there before me (and I only got there maybe 20 minutes after they opened!). So I was thinking that if I were willing to spend $220, would I be better off still getting another R-12SW (if I even could find one elsewhere for that price) or would I be better off selling the R-12SW I have and getting one SVS SB-1000? I've read on here that two subs (or more) are great but I've also read that the SVS subs are far superior to the Klipsch offerings. The SB-1000 is 100 watts more powerful RMS than the R-12SW but it's also sealed vs. ported.
  14. Those aren't bad looking. They match, too!
  15. My current setup is a Yamaha TSR-7810, RF-82 II fronts, RC-62 center, and RB-61 II side surrounds. My couch is against the wall so I've never been able to run the rear surrounds but since I got the new receiver and it supports Atmos, I've been wanting to do in-ceiling speakers directly over the couch for the rear surrounds/Atmos but it was low on my list since I've been using 5.1 all this time anyway and I spent all the money I could spend on the other speakers. Fry's has some Jamo in-ceiling speakers on sale for $35 for the pair today and I was wondering if they would be fine to use for this purpose or if it wouldn't sound right compared to my other speakers? From what I've read on here, I'm thinking it will be fine and not create an issue since all the other speakers are much more important than these. If I shouldn't use these, no big deal since I haven't had them up to this point anyway. http://www.frys.com/product/8980343