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    Under a Rock, Big One...Eastern Iowa
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    Music, listening to and playing. Photography, electronics design, building audio equipment, violin, viola, cello maker including Spanish and classical guitars. Woodworking, musical instrument design. Taking my breaks too which means a good video game.
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    Sony GX47 ES, Sony CDP-C315 CD Player, Sony HX Pro TC-WR87ES Dual Cassette; Fisher Studio Standard CR-W86; Pioneer SX-550; Pro-Ject Debut III Recordmaster Turntable w Ortofon OM10; Klipsch Heresy's and Klipsch R6i blue-tooth headphones. System #2: Dynaco PAS II, Dynaco MK II pair; Thorens TD165 w/ Stanton L737E/Micro Acoustics MA 530MP, and a whole lot more

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About Me

I am a total nut, half insane  and 2/3rd's crazy, and that's only the top quarter.

I am a retired (Forced) electronics engineer primarily in acoustics underwater, violin maker/player/teacher, very very particular (Picky) about my sound (Comes from being a violinist){NOT MY FAULT!} and at this point in my life I can play the record better than my fiddle.

Current status is moved in with mom at the request of my father, just before he passed, as he knew she would need some help. Age is a terrible creature we must live with but I am proud to have given up all my space, listening/teaching room, stored away all the good gear and finding a way to exist nicely in a 10 x 11 space. As of now the biggest thing in the space is now the bench next to the new heresy's. Ehhh it's a living.

My current projects are to restore the Heresy's to as close to mint condition as possible. I bought them almost site unseen, it was dark, but for the asking price it did not matter as the crossovers alone are worth more than double. As time has passed I am making space for a more practical sound in my space so am building an 807 PP (Vixen) designed by Miles P. with a few small additions to the circuit. It should max out around 24 watts per channel but that first 20 will be pure and clean. Ill run it around 1 to 2 watts except on a bad day, then Ill try to... never-mind.

I had to pick up a new TT so went cheap, got the Project Debut III Carbon, and for what it is, it ain't bad at all. Forgive my English, I'm an "een gin neer" :)

I have another 20 some projects left for the future (plus another 20000 unfinished in storage) mostly stereo builds.

So that is me, "Tim", my middle name, as my first is Harlan as like my account title will always have.

A Little about my current projects.


Vixen: Circuit design by Miles Prower, found on diyAudio. I liked the way he is doing the screen regulation of the amp, 807 was in my plans to build anyway when I retired. That would be in another 6 years, so the time has come, and I am placing this build ahead of several others. The reason I had chosen the 807, was a theory I have in my mind. When LP's were "Cut" most of the driving amplifiers to the lathe cutter, were using the 807. My goal is to get back to the closest possible image of the play or performance. Minimizing the number of differences between the performance and the final cut to the wax/shellac/vinyl, should bring forth the closest rendition of the performance. This theory is that all components introduce change, so minimizing the MAIN component differences hopefully wil render the closest image back to the ear. I will be using the latest technology for the audio path capacitors, I do believe that they offer more to the circuit as planned rather than a change, more open with less limitations to the audio stream through the amplifier. I am keeping the Power Supply separate from the amps so am going with Mono blocks, located away from the power supply magnetic s.


To drive the amplifiers, I will be doing a restore on a Dynaco PAS pre-amplifier. I will be removing anything that is considered "Mods" and luckily the one I have is a factory built with no mod's. I will of course switch the Selenium Rectifier to hand selected diodes for minimum noise generation. As far as thh RIAA Mod available, I will leave the PAS as factory. I will be experimenting with a in line filter/EQ to offer the choice of various choices of Equalization, including RIAA correction.


Of course there is the Heresy restoration project as well. I am going to find a way to save the cane grills and to save the veneer on the cabinets. Both are in a severe state of neglect/abuse. Nothing deliberate just stuff that happens. THe veneer on the tops of both cabinets have compression damage, from having items stacked on the cabinets. This can be reversed to some degree, but takes a lot of patience to allow the fiber of the wood to return to a non-compressed state. I am using olive oil for this and will switch over to raw linseed oil as the fibers begin to relax. Once that happens then I can do any surface prep (Scraping) to bring back the surface much like when the cabinets were new. Once I repair the holes and give a final buffing and polish, then I will give them coats of Danish or walnut oil. I will be testing the crossovers on the bench to determine how much work they will need. I have all new Solen caps ready to go in, and after testing them will probably go with a complete cap swap. I want the as is testing completed first to compare against. One woofer has some fabric damage on the cone surface, and I may leave that as is.


After these projects, will be another set of mono blocks, to mate with the PAS, I am watching for a good deal on the output transformers or might go with the Edcor equivalents. This project is still being pondered.


The rest of the projects I will reveal over time, including the Turntable build.


Blessings to all


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