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  1. I have a pair in Ebony... they are awesome.   I just got back into using headphones about 18 months ago and have been using a pair of Grado RS2e since.  I was getting tired bringing the phones back and forth between my girl’s place and mine so it was time for another pair... I saw an ad one night and bought them sight unseen.


    Knowing they were a collaboration between Klipsch and Fostex I took a chance that they were good.   When I opened the box  it was immediately apparent that these were high quality, and made to a different standard.   


    Im not going to go on and on with superlatives but they are quite good.  They sound great on a phone, tab,  receiver jack but plug them into a real amp with a great source and you are in for a treat.  I’m driving them with a Rupert Neve RNHP amp.


    Im using a pair of Heresy III driven by a pair of Quicksilver Mid Monos and  am hoping to capture that sound signature with the Quicksilver Headphone Amp that should be here in a week or two.

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  2. I like them, I have 2 .  One one my DAC's Toslink input , and one connected to my headphone amp's 1/8 mini input.   My headphone amp is connected to my main system via XLR but the Chromecast allows me to listen to phones without turning the whole system via my tablet.    Since getting a Vault 2i I am removing the one from the main system and using it in the garage.  They are great for the money.

  3. The 520 is a great sounding receiver.... my Dad has one driving a set of Sonus Faber that are around 87dB and it's plenty of power ....   I think it blows away his previous B&K pre pro and amp, it sounds that good.   

  4. I've had my H3 for a little over a year and they are crystal clear without a hint of harshness....    running them with a 40w PP tube amp.   


    I enjoy these speakers so much, I just bought my  brother a pair of Heresy II that look like they came out of a time capsule....  they sound great too.

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  5. On 1/1/2019 at 12:33 AM, Deang said:

    It’s the dynamics and hair trigger transients that creates the sense of realism. Even a small set of Klipsch monitors do a respectable job. 

    Its funny you say that, a while back I bought a pair of KG1 for $50 to temporarilly set up because we were having a college graduation party back to back with a 22nd birthday party for my daughter.  I put my Revel 106 away for three of four weeks and had those little Klipsch powered by a pair of 40 w mono tube amps and I couldn't believe how good they sounded.  Fast forward a few months , I auditioned a pair of Heresy III and I was hooked.   I ordered a pair and love how they sound like live music.  Great live recordings sound especially good.  

  6. I have used both tube and solid state over the years but my current system is a tube  Conrad Johnson Classic 2SE pre and a pair of Quicksilver Mid Mono amps which are 40 watt PP amps that can run a number of different output tubes.   


    I fortunately have had great luck with these pieces.  Aside from replacing tubes, i have had no issues.   The way these sound with my Heresy III is incredible.   

  7. Last year I bought a pair of KG 1 for $50 to use in my garage... just for kicks I connected them in my main system which had a pair of Revel M106, a great small monitor.  I could not believe how lively and just plain good they sounded with some quality electronics.  They sounded great driven by a a pair of EL 34 mono amps.   They didn't sound "better" but they were more fun to listen to.  That prompted me to listen to a pair of Heresy III and I ordered a pair that day.   I wanted the live sound of that little KG 1 but way more of it. 

  8. Thats the great part , you can run them full range and they still have really good bass.... tight and fast....great for night listening actually without a sub.  But even better is they drop off like a rock so if you experiment with the slope and x-over freq you can really dial it in.   In my room they eliminate the problem I had with most floorstanders by rolling off higher than the room mode.  

  9. I was interested in the Klipsch DAC/amp but it seemed like it was never in stock anywhere.... I ended up buying a Rupert Neve Designs RNHP headphone amp.   It is built like a tank in the USA,  sounds phenomenal.  No dac but driving it with my NAD M51 with XLR and it blew me away.  It has xlr / trs , RCA, 1/8 stereo inputs.    This is a must audition piece if you are looking for a reference amp without spending a fortune.   I normally never buy sight unseen , but I took a chance and this amp was worth ever penny of it's $500 price tag. 

  10. I just replaced my stock Heresy III tweeters with Bob's Ti diaphrams.  They are excellent quality and sound great.   


    My son was streaming some music during my daughter's college graduation party.... and she came over all drunk and cranked the volume fully clockwise,  it was bad....   I replaced the faulty mids , but I wasn't convinced the tweeters were ok.  They tested ok but I thought they sounded weird.   Put the Crites in,  perfect fit and sound phenomenal. 


    Outstanding customer service too...  I'm tired of getting piss poor customer service everywhere I shop lately,   it's great to know there are still companies that care about their customers and their reputation.  My new go to source for Klipsch parts.





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  11. After an unfortunate accident with my Heresy III,  I replaced the obviously open midrange diaphram but wasn't convinced that the tweeters were spared.  I was going to order new tweeter diaphrams too from Klipsch but remembered Crites is into almost all things Klipsch.   So I ordered a pair of Ti tweeter diaphrams and replaced the original ones.  Now with new mid and tweeter diaphrams they sound like new.  The Crites tweeter diaphram is of excellent quality and sounds excellent...   the best part about ordering them from Crites was the customer service....  great guy to deal with ,  I'll be doing business with them again for sure.  

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  12. I've had GL 66 and 88.   I thought they sounded good but the 88s failed after a year.  The 66 are my back up.   I am currently using the Mullard repops and honestly they sound pretty good in my Quicksilver Mid Monos.  I can't justify $200 for a quad when the Mullards sound great.



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  13. Enjoy !   I have had my Heresy III for about 4 months and love them.  They are the best audio purchase I've made in a long time, huge bang for the buck.   I've had more expensive and supposedly "better" speakers in this room but none have sounded as great as these do ....

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  14. I've had a number of speakers,  several KEF, several PSB, Paradigm, B&W , and a few Klipch.   One speaker I regretted selling was the Klipsch CF 4.... that's probably when I heard a pair or Heresy III  I had to buy them.  Really enjoying them, will never sell them.   The fun per dollar ratio is off the chart.   


     Another speaker I miss was the PSB M2 Platinum monitor.  I will buy the first mint pair I come across, they were that good.  Never should have sold them, replaced them with Revel M106 which were nice but in hindsight the M2 was better.   

  15. I have had the Heresy III for three months and I have to say they are great speakers for the money.   40 watts of EL34 is plenty and they sound big and bold.   Not "polite" like my last few speakers.... which were fine , don't get me wrong but the H3 REALLY rock .    Love 'em


    I'm using a c-j Classic 2SE pre and Quicksilver mono amps but just for fun I connected the Heresy to a circa 1979 Technics 15 watt RX and they still sounded pretty good .....

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