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  1. Looks like that is going to a good home .  Best thing is that Sancho had just paid it forward in a similar fashion ....  I urge others to do the same.    I had recently given a co worker a receiver and KG 1s.,  it’s a good way to put unused gear back in service.  And it feels good doing it.   

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  2. I noticed that with my PSB M2, they got darker over time.   Those are one speaker I regret selling.  Such a great speaker..... I hope to find another pair someday.....   I expect my Cherry Forte IV to get a little darker... hopefully not too much.   I have owned mostly dark wood speakers and these were a nice change of scenery.  They are really beautiful...  nice grain pattern.   They did a great job matching the veneer....  hard to tell the two speakers apart.  

  3. I have a pair of Klipsch HP 3 and I love them.  Sometimes it is a good change of pace to fire them up every now and then.  Also have a pair of Grado RS2e and enjoy them as well. 

    But as Shakey mentioned it’s not very comfortable for extended listening....but  it’s nice to be able to “disconnect “ and block out the outside world for a while.   


  4. My Fortes sounded good out of the box, bass was a little wooly for lack of a better word.   Ran them for a few days and began to question the age of the tubes on my amp.  They are old and have been my back up.   So I swapped out a new pair of KT 77.  

    After repositioning them and a Jack and Coke , things improved 


    Was it the new tubes?  Putting them closer to the wall which to me was counter to what I expected 


    Was it the Jack and Coke?  Maybe, who knows but I have run them many many hours in the past two weeks and whether it was my ears adapting, placement , tube variety/weak tube?    A combination of them all?  Not sure but I have never been so happy with how my system sounds. 

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