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  1. The Cornwalls are wide but shallow, you won't be disappointed....I think they look big next to the Heresy but are compact compared to K Horn....so if the room is 18 x 16 they may be fine.   but I don't think you'd be disappointed with the Forte IV, they throw a huge Soundstage.   

  2. I can't stop listening to them.......  they are voiced so well.  Im using a pair of Mid Mono Quicksilvers with Gold Lion KT88 and the sound is addictive.   These speakers have exceeded my expectations.  No Bullshit....

  3. I would have also liked to be able to fit Cornwalls....I heard the IV and they are incredible, but like you said the Forte is a much better fit for my space.  They sound huge !!!  For me they are the perfect fit,  they aren't too obtrusive  but have a large sense of scale.  I don't have surround , but movies through these and a sub are awesome .   


    Last night I was throwing all kinds of music at them and I was amazed what I was missing in that critical mid bass area, where small speakers can't go and where subwoofers shouldn't go.   These need no sub , but there is material that goes down low so I set my sub's low pass really low with a steep slope.  It barely kicks in and it doesn't muddy the sound .   

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  4. Don't be worried, I'm sure that doesn't happen often...  I was wondering if the top of one of those black Cornwalls matched the bottom of the other .   The Cherry pair I got was ser# 0073 and 0074 and they look like identical twins.

  5. I was up til about 1 AM listening to mine last night.  I'm really happy with the IVs ,  money well spent.   My brother's jaw hit the floor when I played a few tracks that most speakers struggle to get right.....the Forte's sense of scale and dynamic range is amazing.   The sound big and bad.....  being a  family friendly forum its really hard to describe how awesome they are without using expletives......

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  6. I loved my Heresy III and wondered the same thing.... I went in to my dealer to buy a soundbar for my daughter and while there I asked to listen to the Heresy IV....  No doubt they are a great speaker. I doubt anyone could tell they are not a sealed design.   They sounded great.   But for me I thought even though its not quite a lateral move , my money was better spent on the Forte.  Listened to the F 3 and liked them so much I put a deposit on the Forte IV


    Just got them Saturday and they are awesome ....  I'd be shocked if this speaker doesn't get a ton of favorable reviews

  7. I loved my Heresy, they were a fun speaker...   would have loved to keep them but needed the trade in value to make purchasing the Forte IV a reality.   I picked up a mint pair of Heresy II for my brother last year.  He loves them. The form factor makes it an easy sell for your significant other if the WAF figures into the equation.   Pair them with a good sub and that combo is hard to beat

  8. You are going to love them....  ok now its time for my review.   They are awesome.  You need a pair !   Seriously I will spare all the superlatives and hyperbole and let those who hear them judge.   $4500 is not cheap but I feel they were worth the money.   I think they will be positively reviewed , except by ASR.... those guys are complete numbers dorks....do they even care what something actually sound like?     They ripped the Heresy IV.... I think they sound really good.   

  9. Like I said in another post.  The photos do not do these speakers justice.  The Cherry is what color Cherry should be , and that’s natural.   Not stained Cherry.   It is lighter than the photos suggest and it is beautiful.  Nice grain and perfect book matching .  I would say the fit and finish is better than the III.    You will love them.    I’m trying not to over analyze the sound and acclimate to them a little.  I watched a few movies through them and they really sounded awesome.  Explosions and gun shots were true to life with great impact. Then I played some familiar music and some new tracks and really liked what I heard.  

    I can wait to get home and listen to them.  You will be happy you ordered them too! Enjoy!

  10. The Forte IV are anything but flat or dull.   It is lively and dynamic and never harsh or strained.   It sounds full and balanced at lower listening levels and sounds great at louder levels, never losing composure .   Best speaker I've ever owned and I've had a few over the last 40 years....  

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  11. Its really sharp looking.  Pictures DO NOT do it justice.   It looks great ,  the contrast looks great with all colors


    Just received Forte IV in Natural Cherry and they have a great vintage look to them, classy color combo.  Apparently they addressed the grill sag,  mine are perfect.    Veneer ?   Perfection....much better finish than my H 3



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  12. I couldn't hand my dealer the cash fast enough for my new Forte IV....  I could have bought the III for much less , but I didn't care.  I got a generous trade in so I felt like I got a good deal.... and as for resale, I don't think I'll be selling them anytime soon.  When and if I do,  I got every penny's worth of enjoyment from them.



  13. Ok, so I had no intention of buying new speakers.....I just went in to buy my daughter a sound bar.... Really , thats the only reason......   Then we started talking about the Heresy 4...  I listened to them, they were great.  Then I listened to the Forte III and had to have them.   Unfortunately they didn't have the finish I wanted.   So put a deposit down on the not  yet announced Forte IV....   I picked them up today and they are AWESOME ! 

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