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  1. I’ve taken the liberty of posting a photo sent to me by Jon, the OP.  It confirms the squawker driver does not break the plane of the rear panel. I bet these sound as good as, or better than, they look.


    I’m impressed with the attention to detail.  The construction that will be hidden is still elegant, such as the round over of the board to which the squawker driver is attached.



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  2. What driver do you use for the squawker?  Do you have a photo of the driver attached to the horn?  From the attached photo, it appears to break the plane of the rear panel.


    They look very nice.  I hope you find a buyer willing to pay a sum you are willing to accept.  GLWS.



  3. 42 minutes ago, robyroadster said:

    great, thanks for the information!

    Is the Klipsch nameplate located on the site or on other sites?



    Authentic Klipsch Heritage nameplates are hard to locate and are expensive when found.  Reasonably good looking knockoffs are available on eBay.

  4. FWIW, DIY is my middle name, but I would NEVER devote the time and materials to such a project for the reason stated by Michael @Schu.  Neither would I discourage anyone else from doing it.  Most people think I’m wasting time and money fooling with audio.



    8 hours ago, RandyH said:

    Actually ,all that is original in these Cornwall Vertical 1973 speakers are the cabinets/ grilles /badges /and the  K600 mids metal horn ---- the woofer/mids/highs/crossover B3 are from a pair of  late production Cornwall II speakers -


    They look nice, and RandyH is correct about the updates.  While true originality would be preferable, they’re still worth the asking price.  It would be nice if the original components were available and included, but I doubt it.



  6. Apparently they’re gone,  although the listing still says, “Pending.”  What could be pending, the results of the seller’s competency hearing?  Add a zero and the asking price would still be reasonable.



  7. Don’t  see this often enough where original networks are left intact and in place when new networks are installed.


  8. On 5/29/2020 at 9:43 AM, Edgar said:


    Nah. This is the first vehicle that I've ever owned that I considered to be an "appliance". I don't modify it, I don't wrench on it, I don't care about it. I just get in, push the button, and drive. I guess the years are catching up with me.


    I’ve felt that way with all my vehicles after selling the one in my avatar.

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