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  1. which bookshelf speakers match my rf-7 iii rc-64 iii combo(5.1.4)
  2. eco mode off, ill try the enchancer settings
  3. rf-7 iii, 2 xpa-1 monoblocks. Room is 25x11 yamaha rx-a2060, it does it with ypao on or off
  4. once my avr get to certain sound level it seems to back off the sound quality. Is this normal?
  5. in the same boat but with rf-7iii, Ive come to conclusion that it wont matter since the rears only play sound effects. Only way it would be an issue is if you listen to music with all speakers. I was set on thx but they are pricey and ive decided to go with FP series for 1/4 the price of thx's
  6. sicario 2: the guns battles popped the breaker in my panel
  7. good deal for 1st link which rear speakers(in-wall) are best, i have rf-7iii and rc-64iii with 3 xpa-1 amps👊 also have pb16💥 i have rx-a2060 but will get cx-a5200 soon
  8. looking for the in-wall surrounds
  9. did the thx lineup get discontinued
  10. I think the 3rd xpa is overkill, the meters only move when playing music, meter is not existant during movies, oh and it’s loud but in a good way, rewatching movie collection and I’ve been listening to music lately, almost feels like I’m in high school again, these speakers rock i wish Yamaha would release th spec of new pre amp if they are going to release, I need to know how many more channels I’m going to need, can’t decide to continue with emotiva for surrounds or pickup Yamaha power amp, the emo will of course match the other emo but the Yamaha will match looks with avr or pre amp, if no pre amp this year then rx-a3080 is in my sights pb16 keeps up with the rf-7 iii effortlessly, I spend most time flipping between 60 and 80Hz on the avr, 80 puts bass in your chest but 60 has a more natural sound running 3.1, need some rears to step up to 5.1 and reconnect ceiling speakers for 5.1.2. Also have 8 big buttkickers in couch on 2 1000w buttkickers amps so I guess technically 5.2.2
  11. picked up the 3rd xpa-1 for my center channel, ups scheduled for delivery tomorrow. this hobby is addictive and slightly expensive🙄
  12. building air conditioned equipment closet, space shouldnt be an issue, i have 2 2post 7ft racks side by side
  13. can we say dedicated breaker
  14. i dont think i need another xpa-1 for my center channel, maybe a 5-ch for center and surrounds and run the atmos off the avr or get 2 5-ch for the remaining 9 speakers
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