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    Sunfire TGA-7401 7-Channel 400W/per
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    Rega RP10 turntable
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    Samsung UN65JS8500FXZA 3D
    2002 Klipsch La Scala pair Birch lacquer
    1999 Klipsch La Scala pair Birch Raw
    2016 Klipsch La Scala pair Australian Walnut 70th Anniversary
    2x Polk Audio 150W Subs
    1984 Boston Acoustic A150 pair
    Sansui SP-3200 pair

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  1. If they would have said glue used by NASA and not Elmer's wood glue it would of comforted me as well. Elsie just doesn't have the marketing power of say NASA namebrand. If the NASA glue can hold up in space there is no doubt that it can hold up to decades of yearly ragers with the LS's at maximum load and movement from inside to out.
  2. Left and Right 70th Ann. speaker of #24/70. Closeup of lower Australian timber Joeyhouse.
  3. Schu, most excellent on the matched pair. PWK is rolling over in his grave seeing twins split up at birth. Maybe someday they will be reunited. One with cig burns on top and the other with potted plant marking; but no matter they will recognize each other and bond.
  4. Nice, glad to hear ying/yang made it. Fyi, I found where #2 pair is located(serial no. 0003 and 0004). They are up in Pennsylvania. Asking price $13,999 for the pair.
  5. We all need to be schooled every once in awhile. Get yourself a pair of LaScalas and let the other noise be drowned out by the audio excellence of Klipsch.
  6. Where I have them placed makes a huge difference. I have a couple pairs of 3/4 inch LSI's and I do hear the low end better on the bigger box. Also it really depends on what style of tunes you are listening to. If you are a techno-rapper. Additional Bass is a must with these animals. Sure I have a couple sunfire BC Subs to give it an extra kick when needed for movies. But the style of music I listen to along with the placement gives me what I need on the low end. If you are looking for a little more on the low end look at some K43 drivers. I roll these out for all my block party's. You could always look into a pair of cornscalas. The CW's have slightly less sensitivity but get that low end you are looking for while the LS"s have a higher sensitivity with a minimal low end of ~50 Hz. Combine the best of both worlds.
  7. Interesting. I checked with a dealer and he has pairs 05 of 70 thru 16 of 70. He has 12 pairs alone. I am not sure of how many Klipsch dealers there are but I suspect there are quite a few . Adorama most likely have(had) 24 through 34 , So they had at least 10 pairs. 70 LaScala pairs of 70th Anniversary's sounds pretty cool. An excellent sales slogan that pulled me in............... I may be in pursuit of the holy grail 69 of 70 . I'm on the hunt.
  8. Hayden Fry once said, "scratch where it itches" Get yourself a pair of La Scalas and let the world(neighborhood) know who's home tonight! fyi, if you live in a gated community even better, gives you a buffer prior to the fuzz knocking on your door for disorderly house and noise ordinance tixs.
  9. Don't be sorry, live life like there is no tomorrow and buy a pair of 70th's.
  10. Because of the early hefty price tag on the 70ths, most were sitting idle. When mine finally made it, all had loads of bird shite and dust on the boxes. All on pallets. No digs or dents on the merchandise. Good thoughts for Schu and his ying-yang arrival. .
  11. I'll drink to that! Adorama are a band of bumbling idiots. The pain can only be contained by JD and laxatives. I can only have happy thoughts for Schu and his procurement of some very fine high end, limited edition audio speakers.
  12. I think Schu is pretty calm, especially since he is waiting for these bad boys to come into his possession. There are speakers on the line here, so cut him some slack. As far as your interests of the sonics. The cabinets are designed to spec. We're talkin' 1 inch MDF with Walnut veneers. The crossover for the high, mid and low ranges are tuned at the factory. Accept that these are a badass speaker. The LSII heritage sound great, but these 70th's look and sound so much better IMO. Stay thirsty!
  13. Book matched wood veneers. The Queensland Walnut leaves are kept in order to provide a mirror image. " – like turning the pages of a book. This gives each speaker an aesthetically appealing, completely unique appearance of its wood veneer." The crossovers are identical, Of course the passives used in the circuit have to meet tolerances and would be difficult to detect any differences by ear, but one could put on a scope to verify. The 70th Anniversary are the last to be made with Queensland Walnut: This complimented with the silver luster cloth make for a spectacular looking speaker. Left and Right Just to be different I put my left on the right and the right on the left. Doh!
  14. Fairly typical. The Freight company's work with numerous warehouse drop centers. Standard middleman setup. They come on a semi and then they move them to an over the road truck to haul residential. Most neighbors dont like semi's coming in and out. You could but I would let them do the work. Just setup a time and a date and you'll ordering a blooming onion and dropping beats.
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